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  1. I'm just like you except about 3-4 strokes worse. Terrible off the tee. Close with irons. Great chipping. Sketchy putting. 78 -82.
  2. Wow, that green has come along amazingly! Really unfortunate about the dog spot. You are a lucky man!
  3. This sounds like every round of golf I have ever played - although an extreme example of it.
  4. Yeah, teaching college is indeed a ton of fun. I loved my time in the classroom. I wish I could have taught something less subjective than English, perhaps. I was always so jealous of the math and science profs feeding the scantron sheets into their automatic grading machines. And when an answer was wrong - it was simply wrong. Not a matter of opinion. I could see Econ being somewhat in the middle as far as that is concerned. I too, still do some adjunct work at the local college when the spirit and my finances move me. And it is crazy, my former colleague (and roommate) actually
  5. At least in my experience, the term "scalping" has most often been associated with event tickets - but I suppose we can broaden the term to include the reselling of goods, services, or whatever if we want to. Like anything in life, I think that scalping can be done in a way that is beneficial, and in ways that are detrimental. As @BlackDiamondPar5mentions, the use of bots and other methods to corner the market seem unethical to me. Not much different from the guys who would wait in line at JC Penny or whatever for Motley Crue tickets, buy out the first two rows, and then sell them
  6. Interesting, I never really bothered to find out anything about him, as I was young at the time I was reading his stuff, but it makes sense that he has an academic background. I was an English prof myself but never at anywhere even close to the prestige of even Iowa. I do have a former colleague who works there now, actually. The industry has changed drastically since the time Morrell would have been teaching and I could never make a viable living at it. But, the skills I acquired have served me well in other professional endeavors.
  7. I've got some of those. Excellent irons!
  8. I hope you guys will take note of the fact that I used the work "cook" in my reference to my past culinary career and semi-pretentious talk about food. I was no chef. No even close. I was a line cook. Big difference. I worked in some fancy places, but a lot of bar food as well. I don't have the culinary knowledge to create a good menu or run a professional kitchen, but I can cook a mean hamburger. I also spent an inordinate amount of time on my hands and knees in dirty kitchens trying to fix fryers and fish tongs out from under the oven. There's a reason I'm not a prof
  9. Having experienced Sam/Goobers from her previous time on WRX, it's impossible not to remember her. So glad to know that you are still out there and working away at things, Sam. Can't do anything but wish you the best of luck and all my hopes that you are able to reach your goals. I'm also a fan of Slicefixer's approach to the game, and believe you are in good hands there. Keep focused on your goals and dedicated to your work. You will get to a good place.
  10. Those do look good. Oven ribs are one of my favorite things to prepare. I like to finish them under the broiler. I've been doing a lot of rib tips like that lately. Beyond rib eyes, rib tips are also where it's at. This is obviously a nuanced topic (the discussions we get into here, right?) and you are entirely correct that there are lots of places to find or instill flavor into meats. But, you recognize that those ribs are about 10-20% fat and connective tissue don't you? Ribs are so tasty and juicy because of that fat. When it comes to leaner cuts of beef, or the bi
  11. Finally, a voice of reason - at least about the Kyle Berkshire issue!
  12. Well, you are just passing off the work to someone else. Beef filets and NY Strips don't trim themselves. Also, blue cheese has mold in it...
  13. Ribeyes are where it's at.
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