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  1. Regardless of how they might actually receive it, high level amateurs in virtually every sport receive free equipment from manufacturers. I'm sure there are rules governing what it can be and how it can be distributed in various sports, but amateur athletes get free gear whether that be golf balls or skis or basketball shoes. Much of the time, OEM's will carefully monitor what they give out and some of it may have to be returned. In a lot of cases, you can get in trouble if you get caught selling stuff you've received on the open market. But, in certain sports it is ass
  2. I use the line on the ball to aim, so I am obligated to mark my ball on the vast majority of putts. I always try to do it in an efficient and inobtrusive manner. If I'm the first the putt, I get my line, mark the putt to manipulate the ball to aim the putt, remove the marker and hit the putt. If I'm closer to the hole, I'll mark and wait until its my turn to replace the ball and line up the putt. As long as people pay attention and are deliberate in what they do, I can put up with a lot.
  3. jholz


    Quality come-back. You really got me there!
  4. jholz


    Sorry for having a contrary opinion everyone. As an Army brat and competitive shooter, I find y'alls approach to firearms rather derisible.
  5. jholz


    Yes, absolutely. Semantics are an indication of mentality. People who know about firearms don't refer to them as "guns." Only children do.
  6. jholz


    It was the part where you said you have "a couple guns at home."
  7. jholz


    I'm sorry. I've got this weird hang-up. I believe that people should know what they are doing and what they are talking about. Do you think you would get any different reaction if you posted a topic in the Equipment sub-forum where you were talking about needing a new "tee-ball club" and having trouble with your "sand-hole" play? By the way, if you guys are really jonesing for ammo, have you ever considered reloading? Great hobby and all the ammo you can shoot for a fraction of the price.
  8. jholz


    Anyone who's talking about needing to get "bullets" for the "gun" they have at home so they can go to the "range" is clearly someone who should not be handling a firearm.
  9. You know who was the sponsor several years ago? Nike. Didn't work for them either.
  10. Titleist figured out how to build a reputation - simple as that. As other posters have indicated, Titleist supports the competitive game at a low and grass roots level. They sponsor tons of local club pros and people who truly know about the game. Any young, serious player who comes up through the ranks is going to know Titleist products. That early influence leads to long term rewards. Other manufacturers have tried to do the same thing, but they failed.
  11. My father played Browning 440s and 440 Plus for most of his miserable golfing career. I kept trying to get him to go Ping, but he was always a contrarian. In any event, you can see the design concept used in the 440s in a lot of various clubs produced over the years. I would even argue that hybrids owe something to this design. I've played my father's old set of 440 Pluses on a few occasions and they hit the ball fine. I just can't stand looking at them.
  12. I've never understood putting that much thought into your golf tee. Wood is clearly the way to go and I just pick them up on the course. Haven't even thought about the concept of buying a golf tee in at least 30 years.
  13. Interesting. I've never come across this approach before. I've always ascribed to the "back in the stance and abbreviated follow-through" method myself. Works good for irons in particular. Might have to fool around with the Elk model at the range some time. He does get crisp contact. The impact on the first one he hits is crazy.
  14. The upgrade was the clear turning point. A number of high volume posters left, and then a lot of the regular traffic diminished. The discussions over the upgrade itself were pretty crazy - some criticizing, others defending. It was a mess and unfortunate. I can't speak to any one reason why any individual member left, but a lot of the exodus happened around that time. Since then, we've obviously come to live in a slightly different world and a lot of people's habits are different too. So, I think a lot of factors are at work keeping the traffic down. All
  15. It's a new trend. Thank you internet!
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