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  1. A lot of you folks around here get to play golf all the time. I used to get to play golf all the time. For about 5-6 years, I've been able to play golf a handful of times a year. I have a sweet bag right now. Been working for six or seven years to put it together. New irons (little over a month in the bag). Game has been so promising. This week, on like Tuesday, my wife said "well, I figured you would play golf on Saturday..." I've been a nervous wreck since. Added some extra lead tape to my irons... Help me contain my excitement!
  2. Like anything else, I think irons of all types have improved over the last 20 years. Year to year the improvements are subtle typically, with big breakthroughs here and there. Twenty years is enough to show significant improvements. Take Ping for example. In 2001, the i3 Blades were their better player's club. Compare it to the i210. I'd argue the i210 offers a much more refined and appealing product. Lots of progress in terms of manufacturing and design. Now, could I shoot the same scores with i3 Blades and i210s? Sure. But who cares?
  3. At least in my experience, if someone is really struggling and not having a good time, the chances of unsolicited swing/strategy advice having a beneficial result are pretty slim. Most of the time if guys are pissed on the course, it's because they are embarrassed. Unsolicited advice just adds to that, generally. It can be misinterpreted as pity or even making fun of them. In certain situations I may, however, try to help with some sympathy or perhaps a statement like "it beats a day at work" or something along those lines to try to provide some healing perspective. Most of the time I just leave people alone.
  4. Obviously lots of good options out there these days. Ping is always a solid choice. Lots of models to find the right level of forgiveness for your game. I recently got some i210s and can't complain about them at all. The Modus 105 shafts (one of the stock options) are definitely easy swinging. I'm just a bit older than you have have a similar game - if slightly sharper - FWIW.
  5. jholz

    2nd stage Q school

    Glad to see them using the RTJ sites more this year. Capitol Hill, Magnolia Grove, and Highland Oaks are all really fantastic courses.
  6. I'd have to go with the "even though you didn't ask I'm going to give you a diatribe on the unique character of my golf equipment" option. I'm an insufferable bore. Can't help it.
  7. Oh crap, you're right. You can see how my life is going these days. Fantasies fueled by delusions bolstered by senility. At least I've managed to keep my kids are alive and haven't burned down my house yet.
  8. Damn, one of those "nobodies" is Auburn - who are a schizophrenic team that isn't having the greatest year...but they ain't no slouch either. In an annual grudge match like that, anything can happen. Having said that, I agree that UGA is looking like the team to beat.
  9. Yeah, this "hole" debate (ha ha) hinges on our definitions of words like "fair" and "tricky." Those can be hard terms to nail down. I deem a cup placement to be fair if the conditions of that cup placement remain consistent across all players. The cup could be in the "dumbest" place on the green, but as long as everyone has the same experience trying to hit their ball to it, then it is "fair." In the case of the word "tricky" cited in the USGA rules - I would argue that they are talking about a hole placement that would give different experiences or results for different players. Now, I'm having trouble thinking of a scenario what that might happen, but nonetheless, that's what I think they are referring to. Ultimately, I just think it is lame to blame the course or grounds crew for a poor score. One might as well just say: "If I were better at golf, I'd have shot xx score today."
  10. Growing up in Colorado, I used to think it was fake - or to put it better, it never sounded like that on the golf course when I was playing. Then I moved to the East Coast and found out there are a lot of birds that go along with all of the trees. It can be very noisy out there on the course.
  11. Yes, and I can make sure I place my ball below the hole. No difference in my opinion.
  12. There are a couple of different things to parse out here. First is the notion of "fairness." According to the rules, and what we have gathered from this discussion, if a cup/pin position is on the green, then it is "fair" according to the rules. There is no room to argue about that. Now, we may argue that a pin/cup placement is "stupid" or whatever - but that's a completely different, and highly subjective, discussion. I'm not sure anyone is going to reach consensus there. Finally, I have played a variety of courses where the greens are the primary defense against par. I'm talking greens on the sides of hills - no flat spots to be had. Where is the "fair" pin placement in those situations? I don't see difficult greens or pin placements as being appreciably different from fairway bunkers at 270 or water to the left. It is a feature of the course that dictates how you play it. Ultimately all of those features are there to make the game more difficult. We all have course types that set up better or worse for us. I can certainly point to a lot of courses that I just don't play well. But, I don't blame the architect or the greens keepers. It's me who has to contend with the course as I find it and post the score. When I fail to post a good score, the only person to blame is myself.
  13. I love the way most of the stories about bad course set-up or pin placement tend to start with a statement like: "I was on my way to breaking XX score for the first time..." - or analogous. It then proceeds to: "I reached this really stupid hole that messed up my score..." Concluding with: "If that course had been set up properly, I would have posted a 62" (or whatever). I mean seriously, if the story were truthfully told, it would go like this... "I had a great round going, then I got to the XX hole and the difficulty of golf and my lack of ability finally showed itself. I made a 12 and ended up with my average score." Conclusion: "Golf is hard, and I'm not as good as I think I am or as I want to be." Amazing how a shift in perspective brings us closer to reality.
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