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  1. I caved and replaced my Cleveland CG7 Tours with i210's this year. But, I got new irons that were already two + years old - so that must count for something. Additionally, I've still got my Diablo Edge and Octane Tour 3 woods in steady rotation as well as my RAZR X Tour 4h and Callaway JAWS CC Slate 58* in the bag. All of them are 10+ years old. Great clubs that still work fine. Not planning on replacing them anytime soon.
  2. A relatively nice semi-private is exactly the place to expect to run into douchebags like this. Not to say they can't exist everywhere, but that's where it's most likely. I play the vast, vast majority of my golf as a walk on single, so I'm getting paired with randoms pretty much every time I go out. I've run into folks like this before, and you can generally tell on the first tee - when they are nonplussed by the fact they have to play with someone else. I mean, seriously, if you are going to get upset about that, it's a clear sign that you are just clueless. Now, I've never had anyone yell at me or hit into me like this, but I know I've put several people off their game before. I just try to be my jovial, easy-going self through all of it. More often than not, they disappear somewhere on the back nine.
  3. I keep score all the time these days, because the rounds I get to play are limited, and I need them for handicapping. Back when I was in high school and college, I had more free time and course memberships, so I could go out and mess around on the course all I wanted. I think it was very beneficial to my game, for sure. But these days, I leave practice in the practice area. The course is for serious golf. I try to make every round feel like a qualifier or something. For where I am in my game right now and where I hope to go, that's what I think I need.
  4. I've been just sloppy enough throughout the bag lately to put up some really mediocre/poor numbers. Also been playing in 40*, windy, rainy conditions. Weekend before last, I shot an 88 with a ton of pars, no birds, and a couple of blow-ups. Driver was going left, approaches were going right, and the putter could give me nothing but lip-outs. The guys I was playing with thought I was only a few strokes above par. Last weekend I managed to clean up my long game, and then for some unknown reason my chipping/pitching became a problem. Must have bladed three or four of 'em. Still a ton of lip-outs too. Had 5 birdie attempts and missed them all - even one from two feet. Ended up with an 84 with 4 doubles on the card. Ugh. But, overall I am encouraged and really loving the game right now. Just wish I could get out to play more.
  5. jholz

    Need help..

    Find an off season deal and buy 4 dozen. Helps to lessen the sting a bit.
  6. Seems like the 714s were the version that stayed in Tour Players' bags the longest - if that's any indication of anything. Anytime I see more than two or three staffers sticking with a particular model/year of iron, I suspect there is something special there. And that's not to say that the rest of the AP2 line wasn't great - they were. But the 714 stands as the best iteration of the line IMHO.
  7. I would make a similar claim. To get out of it, I had to quiet the wrists. I honestly adopted what is essentially a putting stroke for generic chips. Weight forward, shaft forward, and then a nice rocking of the shoulders ensuring acceleration through impact. Since my hands are dead, it comes out soft, and rolls out predictably. Of course, for some of the fancier shots - anything higher and spinnier - I do end up having to get the wrists involved.
  8. You should correct that typo in the title. Came here expecting a discussion on precious metal exchange, and am sorely disappointed. Is this a golf forum or what???? Why don't we discuss gold more???? How much do you have in your basement? What percentage of your portfolio is devoted to it? How much of it can you lift above your head? This is what I'm interested in....
  9. I may be wrong (I often am) but Phil's chipping technique always seemed to wristy to me, too many moving parts. He's skilled enough and has enough time to practice that it works for him. Most players, particularly amateurs, will most likely benefit from a technique that is simpler and has fewer moving parts. But, of course, these are generalities. There will always be some variance among individuals.
  10. Do I need a new driver? Probably not. Do I want more spam? Certainly not. But, too hard to resist. Signed up and in!
  11. I mean sure, Phil has golf credentials that - at least to the best of my knowledge - no WRXer comes close to matching. There's probably like 50 people in the history of the world who might. But that doesn't mean that his approach or technique is automatically going to be the best for everyone. It's like taking backswing advice from Jim Furyk. Sure, he makes it work, but would I recommend it for everyone? So yeah, I'm sure there are folks out there who use Phil's advice and mechanics just fine. But, it certainly doesn't work for me, and many others apparently. Doesn't necessarily mean he is wrong - just weird.
  12. Yeah, it's hard not to admire the man's skill, and I actually use a lot of his philosophy in my own short game... but I've generally found Phil's mechanical advice pretty useless - or even harmful. Hinge and hold? No thank you... YMMV.
  13. Sorry for jumping into the discussion a bit late (I assume your impending game has already occurred), but I do like to give these things a stab from time to time. Please recognize that I am merely an enthusiastic middle-aged man with an abiding love for the golf swing (al la Brian Fellows), and not a licensed teaching professional. In any event, what I see here is an armsy swing with little shoulder rotation. Your takeaway looks pretty good for the first foot or two, and then the shoulders stop turning and the arms take over. That's what causes your hands to be so low and your arms so far across your chest at the top of your swing. From that position, you have no room to swing the club and your body has to "come out of the swing" to make that room. This isn't necessarily something one fixes overnight and I'm not necessarily the one to tell you how to go about it, but look at the photo below, and compare the positions of the shoulders, arms, and hands to where you are at the top of your backswing: Notice how much higher A. Scott's hand are? Notice how much further he has turned his shoulders? Those two things go hand in hand. And, they help to create the space you need to swing the club properly - and not "come out of your swing." Good luck on your journey my friend. I once had a swing eerily similar to your own. Through knowledge and effort, it can be improved. Believe me.
  14. Well... we're waiting... If this isn't resolved soon, I'm not sure I will sleep tonight.
  15. Anyone happen to watch the Iron Bowl over the weekend? Hell of game IMHO. Auburn almost beat 'em with a backup quarterback on a broken ankle and virtually no running game. It's going to be a tough road for Bama moving forward, I think. War Eagle!
  16. I don't know man, the San Diego, sole plate, and heel medallion are all screaming Precision Golf to me. I'm no expert, however.
  17. If that's the case, I'd wager you'd like the feel of the Roll Control Face. It's soft but responsive. You don't have to put much effort into the stroke to get the ball to move. But, the softness gives you the ability to be a bit aggressive. Feedback is great once you get used to it. Beyond that, it just puts a wonderful end over end roll on the ball. The ball wants to follow the line and tumble in the hole. It is uncanny. The only thing I can compare it to is the old Yes! C-Grooves - but better. And full disclosure, I did get my Betti through a member review drawing here on WRX. But, I swear I wouldn't be talking it up if I didn't love it.
  18. Is it Precision Golf? They were producing clubs out of San Diego in that time frame, if memory serves.
  19. Yeah, that's how it first felt to me too. Took about three weeks of solid practice before I started really feeling the impact. But, once you get used to it, it's hard to go back to anything else.
  20. Mizuno FWs have traditionally been highly, highly underrated. Haven't played any of the recent offerings, but still put my F-50 5w in play a few times a year. Still a wonderful club. I've also traditionally been a fan of Callaway FWs - going all the way back to the Warbirds. I carry a 15* Diablo Edge Tour or a 13* Diablo Octane Tour (the Stenson Special) these days. They work wonderfully.
  21. I don't have the SS28, but I do play an SS7. The best thing about the 2021 Studio Stocks is the Roll Control Face. Excellent soft feel and really gets the ball rolling true. If you like the SS28 shape, I'd be surprised if you are disappointed with the purchase. Great putters.
  22. Oh, it's an imperfect comparison, to be sure. And would it be an incredible feat? Sure. But, I wouldn't put it past Tiger to do it. I also wouldn't be surprised if he didn't.
  23. Anyone else noticed all of the recent Ben Hogan comparisons Tiger has been offering? It would be crazy if he could do it. Anyone else see him winning a major in his early 50's? Stranger things have happened.
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