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  1. I would be inclined to find a decent fitter with an appropriate launch monitor
  2. Fitter isn't correct. What is your swing speed with a 7 iron and what is the issue? Ball flight too high? Too much spin? Other than a mythical launch angle what is it you want to achieve? Shaft weight if incorrect can lead to swing issues but chasing a specific degree of launch angle isn't the way to go about this
  3. Haven't hit the Cobra but have recently added the 23 degree Srixon to my bag and it is incredible- going to be a game changer for me. So good I am thinking about adding the 18 degree and I have never played a 2 iron in my life
  4. It has been a long 12 weeks waiting after initially being told 3 weeks. But worth it
  5. That's weird - I was going by the Golfusamanhattan website https://www.golfusamanhattan.com/c20ty4cufipu.html
  6. Standard weight is 350 with a heavy version available at 365
  7. Hi - I'm based in Australia. Unfortunately PXG doesn't have a dedicated website for Australia, we are lumped in with Japan and Asia pacific. Can someone supply me with an email address for customer service in the US. The US website automatically redirects to Asia Pacific and the site is useless. Thanks in advance
  8. I found the Tensei Orange to be higher launching than both the Ping Tour and Aldila. I went with the Aldila at 95 grams stiff
  9. Looks great, thanks for taking the time to do this
  10. Any chance you can post a photo? Preferably with something next to it for comparison sake
  11. Having had 2 bags damaged by my Rovic cart I now place a folded towel on the cart before putting the bag on, then under the straps. No more issues
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