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  1. Srixon have knocked it out of the park where price is concerned. Here in Aus JPX 921 forged and P7MC both retail at $299 per club. The ZX7 is $215 - that is a really significant difference
  2. Golfbox will help you out. Great service
  3. I have been having exactly the same issues as you with the Modus 120 s. Went for a Mizuno fitting and it’s a toss up between AMT Tour White X100 and LZ 6.5. I am leaning toward the AMT for ease of launch in the long irons
  4. You might want to look at PX LZ. Profile is very similar and it carries extra weight but doesn’t feel heavy. Don’t be afraid to try the 6.5
  5. The stand bags always look short to my eye with lots of club sticking out the top. Can any owners comment?
  6. Thanks Howard - you provide amazing service to members of this forum. Best regards Dave
  7. Is the X100 softer in the tip than the S300? thanks Dave
  8. Your results may vary but you might want to consider this
  9. Thanks for the insights. I think I will give the 105 a try - I can pick that up for $70 as opposed to $300 here in Australia. Happy to try and fail at $70
  10. Any chance of you posting address photos , particularly of the shorter irons. Thanks
  11. I'm surprised you manage the stiff shafts at that speed. I presume you are very smooth tempo and not late release. I don't think you will have an issue with the x given your driver speed even if you are smooth
  12. MCA are members on here so you can message direct
  13. 8, 9, W and G if you have would be great. Thank you
  14. Hi is there any possibility of address photos of the set. I have demoed the 6 iron but have not had the opportunity to see the shorter irons. Interested on how they compare with something like Mizuno MP 18 SC if anyone can comment. Thanks so much
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