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  1. Wow. You put my head cover rack to shame lol. That is so fire. Love the green turf in the background. bag is fire too. GLWS.
  2. Thanks everyone, I appreciate the check
  3. posted this in the wrong thread. apologies, I'm a newbie. ;)
  4. yeah the "E" on the paintsplash for sure is a dead giveaway it's fake. the others i can't seem to tell. but yeah probably fake as well.
  5. Was blessed to play Shadow Creek in Las Vegas with the boys thursday Jan 17th. It WAS a $500 green fee, but I guess after Tiger vs Phil they have raised the green fee to $600. :angry22: I was able to book 1 room for the 4 of us at MGM, even though I have read that you need 2 rooms for a foursome. (2 players per room) It was raining in the morning, but mother nature blessed us with sunshine for the back 9.
  6. just came back from Vegas 2 weeks ago for a golf trip. Given you budget I would recommend this deal from Pauite Golf Course. Given the sunset, our foursome finished. Barely. We played wolf than snow. Sun was closed. Keep in mind there is no tree cover here. The wind was blowing 10mph and it felt like 25mph. GOLFAPALOOZA (INCLUDES 2 ROUNDS IN A DAY, LUNCH, 50% OFF RENTAL CLUBS)* *RATES LISTED ARE PER PERSON WEEKDAY (MONDAY - THURSDAY) SNOW MOUNTAIN OR SUN MOUNTAIN - $149 THE WOLF - $159 WEEKEND (FRIDAY - SUNDAY) SNOW MOUNTAIN OR SUN MOUNTAIN - $169 THE WOLF - $179
  7. probably fake, just needing confirmation. thank you
  8. i'm all in! GO KJ! thank you golf wrx and compu golf for this one of a kind giveaway. so cool!
  9. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Wow. Count me in! Go big or go home.
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