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  1. Morning guys. I used to have perfect feedback here but looks like it’s gone since the update. This add is a bit lazy so if you want more pics just let me know and I can text them. All babied but used. Big discounts if you want to put together a whole set or bundle. I can swap out heads, shafts only, etc.. Can ship out Monday. 1. SLDR 430 9 degree - all stock - Motore Speeder Tour Spec 7.3 X - $50 shipped ***SOLD*** 2. 2017 Tour Issue M1 430 - 9.5 - actual around 10 and 1 open. Xtorsion Copper 70TX - tipped 1/2” and plays 44.75. $120 shipped. ***SOLD*** 3. Titleis
  2. Hello. I need all this stuff out of my life! LOL! Let me know if you have questions or would like more pics. 1. Diamana Blue Board 103x - bought this on here last week brand new. Had Titleist 915f adapter installed and a tour velvet grip this Saturday. 2 range sessions only. Tipped 1” and played 41.75” in a 915f 5 wood. The collar on the ferrule slid up. I can’t get it back down with my hands. $60 shipped 2. Diamana D+ 80x Driver shaft - tipped 1/2” and plays 44.75” in a 2017 m1. No name tour velvet type grip. Just bought new in early October and played a couple rounds and range sessions.
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