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  1. MG22

    2020 US Open

    Loved the moment between Bryson and his parents. Like him or not, you’ve all just witnessed greatness. Can’t take anything away from him with that performance. NCAA champion, Walker Cupper, US Am champion and now US Open Champion of 2020. Pretty special stuff.
  2. MG22

    2020 US Open

    Great job, Bryson. Played like the champion that you now are. Great job USGA for hosting this tournament against all the odds this year. Winged Foot was spectacular. I think everything worked out perfectly for this US Open.
  3. MG22

    2020 US Open

    Course looks amazing, USGA’s setup of this final round looks amazing. Nothing unfair about today, just a good, solid US Open
  4. There are so many factors that change the trajectory throughout golf careers that are not Jordan-specific. He’s an amazing golfer. At any point in a professional golf career: - age. Younger golfers tend to be fearless. So many physical changes, club head speed changes, etc also come with age. - ebb and flow of the game. Most careers are not linear -changes in coaches, caddies or team (for the better or worse) - small injuries, which can lead to small compensations in a swing - pressure/expectation to consistently succeed (external or internal) - the grind
  5. The US Open coverage is now on NBC. They bought out Fox’s remaining contract.
  6. The trees here haven’t gotten that memo, they’re already starting to turn. Winged Foot will be beautiful
  7. The USGA setup team personnel changed a bit starting with Pebble last year. I personally think the USGA is going to do a great job at Winged Foot, and Winged Foot set in fall is going to be spectacular.
  8. And in nine short months after Winged Foot, the US Open will go back to being played as it always has, qualifying included. Nothing in 2020 is as we know it. Good for golf for moving forward given limited options.
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