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  1. I sold my ping i210s, fully committed to 0211s, MMT 80 stiff now. As I worked on my swing, 4i made its way into the bag which surprised me. Thinking about the 3 iron 0311xp now. Anyone hit it? I’m 60s not getting younger, iron ss mid 80s but these things are easy to hit, consistent distances, nothing to complain about.
  2. Fwiw I’m playing the exact same irons and shafts as you, 5-GW. My sand/lob wedges are ping glide 54* with recoil 95 stiff and PM grind 58* with stock steel. Working terrific so far. I like sensing a smidgeon more heft on sand and lob wedges. The recoil 95 is only a little heavier than MMT 80. Recoil oem shafts are excellent, just $50, modest experiment. I’ve been using them in wedges for years. The recoil 110 is nice also. The PM grind is a specialty club for me, never hit it over 70 yards, mostly little pitches and sand shots, steel is fine. The 0211s
  3. Age was 58, right rotator cuff, probably chipping at 4-5 months, playing carefully at 6-7 months, approaching full strength 8-9 months. Most painful PT imaginable. Have partial tears in left shoulder now, have done PT, swinging more carefully and smoothly - determined to avoid surgery again. I’ve probably developed alternative muscles I’m using more now. Good luck, research papers I read said tossup between surgery and PT unless full tear and you’re younger. Tossup to me means PT...don’t underestimate the risks and impact of surgery.
  4. Terrific irons. Came from i210s with recoil 95s to MMT80 stiff, easy adjustment. Had lofts and lies checked today, everything spot on. Forgot to check swingweight but based on feel I’d guess my usual D3 ish...but I play +3/4” (plus mid sized grip). Incredible deal on their eBay store, supposedly used but obviously had never been hit, 4- GW, $520 iirc. As others have noted, the design dna very familiar to Ping fans. Honestly just about perfect clubs for someone like me with decent game, pretty solid swing, but aging and looking for a little help with an attractive look. Progressive d
  5. Anyone playing the new jaws wedge with catalyst 80 shafts? I’m trying new irons with 85ish gram shafts - I’ve mixed 95g irons with steel wedges ok in the past, but at this point inclined to go all 85g and the Callaways look interesting.
  6. MGS rated the Honma #1, way down the list here. Any thoughts? I am a little suspicious of voting polls where the vokey bias can kick in (don’t get me wrong, I like vokeys).
  7. Oh well no i510 this year, in fact no new iron sets until 2021,
  8. Hope you're right about i510. I have a strong source who's told me there is absolutely no i210 replacement coming this summer, but we'll see. My source doesn't answer my questions about the i510, so the lack of denial suggests something is perhaps coming.
  9. The G710 demo I'm hitting is fantastic, but want to see an i510 before pulling the trigger. Does anyone have strong intel that there will be a summer 2020 release for the i510 (whatever it is)? I like the i500 except for the sound., it's plenty forgiving for my current game (probably more forgiving than my i210s) - but I'm aging and won't mind playing something easier going forward. I'm told the i210 is definitely not being updated this year based on the Ping concept of not releasing a new version until they have something better.
  10. FWIW I have maybe couple mph higher numbers than you and play the 9 degree G400 max, tour 65 regular usually dialed to - for cut bias.. I started with the tour 75 regular but picked up a few yards dropping to the 65 with less work. The tour shafts play firm, don’t assume you can’t play regular in them. I auditioned various other drivers Including the G410, Callaway, TM etc. at the same time I evaluated the new shaft and found nothing consistently longer. At this point I might play with slightly higher head weights and play a little shorter shaft (butt or maybe tip trim) but that’s about it.
  11. I’m not going to defend Haney - but have to say IMO the pga should worry more about the golf channels (both tv and radio) becoming about the biggest snoozers in the history of broadcasting. Golf is (hopefully, on a good day) just entertainment. Who’s the biggest star on Sirius xm? How is his political correctness trending?
  12. Perfect storm, nature of Reed plus nature of drinking culture and male bravado in Australia. But Reed’s caddy has to just take it unless Reed is physically threatened.
  13. I did a clinic and later got the excellent videos. Could not get to socal for a private lesson. I think a private lesson or two to get his breakdown on where you need the most work combined with the videos would go a long way. Takes time to make big changes so allow time in between private lessons. The videos are a bargain.
  14. > @justasgood said: > I'm 5'9" with wingspan of 6'2" and my swing plane is very flat. > > > > How about your upper/lower arm ratio? The Law folks have you stand straight up, arms by your side, fold up at the elbows with thumbs up - do your thumbs point above or below your shoulder? Above (longer forearm than upper arm) suggests higher hands/plane at the top, below suggests lower/flatter (according to them).
  15. Thanks Golf Scientist, I remember the Laws book and probably have it in a box somewhere in the basement. I found an old youtube video for Width (probably what I am). Regarding high/low backswing plane, they measure your forearm to humerus length by folding your arm up by your side while making a thumbs up. My thumb is easily 3 inches above my shoulder which means high hands at the top - which is working for me. I think they view the Width lateral movement as stemming from two hip pivot points. I suppose if that's it, then it's not really sliding, just rotate back on right hip, bump to lef
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