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  1. He keeps selling them and relisting them. Reported new listings for counterfeit Miura and Honma irons.
  2. FedEx has hiccups lately for me too but I still use them as they are the cheapest option for ~$20 cross country clubs shipping. However, my delays were due to employee shortages where the trailer sat for days/week without drivers. Maybe two packages out of 10 suffered extra week delays instead of the normal 7-10 day average.
  3. XV fly further anyway. Golf Spy article has it right any hard ball gonna perform the best.
  4. Reported seller to ebay. Everybody please report this listing. Let's shut down the scammer. The Honma 747P look fake too. Reported.
  5. This guy was pretty dreggy. Seen one seen em all.
  6. The irons look iffy to me. The wedge looks okay but not certain. The TaylorMade font doesn't look very sharp, nor does the "FORGED" font on the irons and those TW have been faked.
  7. I did a local deal with a wrxer who I trusted so not a stranger per se but he paid me half cash and half pp f&f on the spot. But yeah dealing with a complete stranger I'd want the full amount in cash (or pp f&f/ venmo whatever). Do you have them listed on ebay too or bst? Really never had an issue there accepting pp g&s and then hit with any shady returns, or lost money/items etc. I just eat the fees and shipping too but pretty happy overall with the selling experiences (and the prices they sell for pretty quickly).
  8. File pp dispute and hold out for seller to pay return shipping. That bag prob cost $50 to ship.
  9. No stripper gram delivery unfortunately but I received 5-PW XF & P set (stock everything, 38 1/4" 5 iron) from DD in about four weeks. PXG received order 7/12. Everything checks out, no issues on length or build quality. Ferrules turned. Grips straight. I'm a little worried I didn't go full P or XF or have them adjust the lofts to blend better. I've read some comments about guys getting lots of fliers and dispersion inconsistencies so I'll have to see how it goes and I could adjust at the shop if needed though.
  10. Ouch. As others mentioned you just need to pack yourself and use smallest box possible. Never use their packaging or "services." Cut down to size as needed. Typically iron sets FedEx Ground cross-country and USPS Priority for single clubs/wedge sets both ~$20. Stand bag USPS Parcel post ~$40. Add shipping cost into price or charge buyer extra. Snag a few boxes from a golf store recycle bin.
  11. Both USPS and FedEx have been my goto shipping for years Rarely have an issue. Last year went through the COVID fiasco w USPS during the holidays (45 day delivery on priority packages) but fortunately my buyers were patient and everything worked out. Not a fan of the new FedEx *adjusted shipping cost shakedown through ebay where they charged me extra after the fact on my prepaid labels (*measurement/weight). All of a sudden a bill on ebay shows up a month or two later.
  12. The shipping covers the stripper gram delivery, KABOOM BABY!
  13. Taxes on winnings? I'd take $400 straight cash homie from someone at your local course.
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