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  1. Very nice find on the MP58's. You are a very brave sole going into the "Bins"
  2. My wife's HCP is 22 Girlfriend's HCP is 15 Oooooops.....did I say that out loud?....Is this mic on?....... :stink:
  3. That was my very first thought. Shipping a golf bag is bad enough - shipping skis would be problematic, I suspect. Craigslist is...disappointing you could say. So many flakes on there - people calling at 2:52 in the morning, agreeing to meet and then never showing up. My experiences on CL have been so poor that I've almost given up on it. Yeah you're better off probably passing completely.
  4. Finding proper shipping boxes might be an issue. Some of those brands (that I can see) could flip for real good money (Fischer,Rossignol) Some not so much (Olin). If they were asking sub $20 per set you should have bought most all of them (depending on condition of course). Again, shipping boxes and protecting them during shipping is a b**ch!.
  5. Depending on the level of MINT you're talking about and especially if it is all original shaft/grip you should really consider picking that up. Negotiate a little but getting it for $10 bucks cheaper is not going to change your lifestyle.
  6. The Villages.........not joking............ :stink: ok yeah I'm joking.
  7. Mr Miyagi covered this a couple times already...... :stink:
  8. Maybe play both courses at OCN. Traffic is still pretty dead over the next couple weeks.
  9. Jaybird X2 or X3.... Can be had for decent price.
  10. May be old news but FYI Quite a few different colors of the Nike Classic 99 fitted hats (Koepka, etc) at various Ross. $12.99
  11. Gxgolfer asked me to contact a mod in this forum about a bad monetary situation involving a WRX member. Can a MOD that is up to the task shoot me a PM and/or let me know best way to contact. Appreciate it.
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