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  1. I sliced the ball when I first started playing too and learned quickly that the more I wanted my ball to start left, the more leftward I would swing, which resulted in me slapping/cutting across the ball. I figured that it would have to be the opposite effect if I aimed and aligned myself and swing out to the right the more left it would go. I started playing 6 years ago and my handicap is now a 6 index. Do you usually tee up your ball on the right side of the teebox and aim to the left side of the hole? If so, just to tee it up on the left side of the tee box and aim right and swing right.
  2. GLWS--sorry to hear about your daughter. Wish I could take these off your hands and pay the entire asking price. I don't think you'll have any trouble selling these at your listed price. What a deal.
  3. Wow...the driver is still there? Wishing it was 10.5.... but if this is still around by this afternoon, I may just have to buy it.
  4. I'm going through the same exact issue right now. I worked all winter long on ball striking and my driving now seems to be inconsistent which results in standing over the ball too long and freezing because I'm jumping from swing thought to swing thought. My objectives to a solution for right now is to nail down a pre-shot routine for all my tee shots that is unique to the pre-shot routine for an approach, coupled with a tempo that gradually accelerates from address to finish. What is your current miss off the tee now?
  5. I have a set of 712 CBs with CTLs if you're interested in a trade! But it sounds like you want to go more the forgiving route of a club.
  6. I own the original Rukket Rucknet which is easily collapsible/foldable and the ball return is great. If you have any questions, PM me and I can help answer any questions as well as provide some insights. I also know the owners of the company on a personal level.
  7. My "ah ha" moments are the following in combination, but no particular order: -Realizing that hips and torso are rotating and that arms move up and down -Keeping my biceps connected to my torso (initially) as I turn away from the target in my backswing, and then "lifting" my arms vertically not across my torso. -Light grip and good tempo -Bending at the hips in my set up rather than hunching/curling my back
  8. For what its worth, I usually assess the situation and determine the benefit and risk of going pin hunting. Also, I liked the analogy and strategy that someone used earlier about a Red, Yellow, and Green zone. I predominantly hoof it for every round if possible, so on my walk to my approach shot I ask myself a few of these, but not limited to, questions on my way. Here's just a few ideas of what goes on in my assessment: What was my goal for this round? If I birdie/par do I end up helping achieve my goal (e.g., breaking 80, hitting X number of GIR)? If I miss, will I be short siding myself?
  9. Wow...its like you have/had an art gallery. That Holiday Release one is dope....
  10. 2015 will be my 6th year playing golf, and I just took my first lesson 2 weeks ago. I play to an 8 index HC and was always worried to take a lesson because my scores improved every year. I'll start by saying that my scores were always improving bc my short game and putting have always been the strength of my game. That being said, my swing was average, ball striking was below average, and driving the ball was very much the most inconsistent. That being said, I always believe that my short game improved every year because I had more short game shots in front of me throughout any round. I d
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