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  1. Haven’t actually got to game it yet but i have a feeling it will be in my bag for a while
  2. I recently went back to a very small forward press just as a trigger. I’m not even sure it’s visible but its enough to break the tension in my arms. I’m has really helped smooth out my backswing
  3. Well i got my 20 rounds in just under the gun. I need to have a low index to play in our clubs team play matches but now those look to be a fading hope. I’m at 6.6 and need to be at 4.5 or lower to play in the CA amateur tournaments so thats my next goal.
  4. Arthritis sucks huh? I went to $Taper 120 in MMC’s and then threw Pro softs and midsize grips on for good measure. I tried the MMT graphite but it really didnt feel any better than steel with the Prosofts. I’m seriously tempted on trying the MIM Cobras though. I hit a few 7 irons last week and although feel is completely subjective i dont know how anyone could say they are not rieally soft. From the top they look very traditional just a bit bigger. Also very little offset which is very intriguing. Glad to see you back on here. Ive also kind of given up on a 4 iron. I’m not to proud to say i
  5. Lightly used but in great shape. Only used a half dozen times. Added the double strap as well. Just a little small with midsize grips. Will throw in a new Vessel driver headcover. Sold
  6. I can vouch for this. I have a Sunday 2, I get it supposed to be small but anything more than 10 clubs is really not worth fighting with. Small seems to be the trend through the whole line.
  7. Ill chime in on that. I actually bought the mid by accident but i susally build up the +4’s a wrap and my arthritis isn’t getting any better. I notice they are bigger but it hasn’t been an issue. As far as the grip itself its awesome. Got to the lamkin website and they will give you one to try for free. If you have enough emails and dont mind working the system i bit they will cover most of your bag. Lol
  8. PXG Gen II hybrids have to be among the best feeling i have hit. They are also one of the few you can adjust shot shape with. I have a 22 in the 4 iron spot and a 17 set up for bullets for a driving iron. Stupid easy to hit.
  9. Vessel as long as long as they have a color you want.
  10. Ive lost track but it seems like they have used more of Charlies shots than Tigers. Hard not to enjoy this.
  11. Actually going to try the Vice Pro Plus. Sounds like some of the durability issues they had last year have been fixed.
  12. Title pretty much sums it up. Want to try a new ball this year and definitely dont need the spin of a TP5. I picked it solely on the feel of the putter. What should i be trying?
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