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  1. Glued it up and couldn't wait so i fired a few balls into the ravine behind my house. Holy crap! I don't know if it was placebo or what but its awesome and the ball flight was perfect. I went TX even though ball speed is down around 155 now and I am glad i did. You guys may not remember but Karsten used to put X's in everything. There is something to that.
  2. So the tour and the forged are the same composition right. Forged are just a little more forgiving? I just got my 919s but am thinking I want to give the MMT 105TX a try
  3. You do realize the basis for this wedge, one of the most popular in history, was a cavity back right?
  4. Yeah it dawned on me on the way home i know have a $900 driver. SMH
  5. My first true high dollar shaft. It being inside a separate tube was a pleasant surprise
  6. I dont know, the Vault 2 line up isn’t bad
  7. How did they sell any clubs with that ridiculous alignment aide.
  8. So does Morikawa get to claim the 2020 Grand Slam? He won every major. How long before they start touting DJ winning the Wonder Slam (all six majors next year
  9. Sorry guys, I’ve grew up in AZ and now live in SoCal so it doesn’t even cross my mind about not playing years round. It was actually 120 degrees the day i posted this. Just to show its not all great we haven’t seen the sun in a few days because some idiot burned 15000 acres setting off explosive for a gender reveal. Yes I’m serious
  10. Played with it Tuesday and honestly kind of confused. I want to tinker but i hit it so freakin good it was ridiculous. I’m afraid to even blow off the grip and rotate it to square since it lofted it down a click
  11. First night out with the USA SIM max. Cheap shaft or not this thing just works for me.
  12. Actually gotRid of my Pars and Stripes for this. Not really sure but the Ventus Blue/Speedzone was a hook machine for me. Even if it is a made for and what i would have thought would have been to light of a shaft, dispersion and distance were better for me, and really as good as anything i have hit. Go figure. I could do without the little flag but i really like the rest of it. I do tend to really like the merica stuff though. My current bag
  13. As a former golf professional and a life long competitor missing out on tournaments play, I’ve decided I’m going to set a goal to get to lowest handicap i have had by year end. My low was 2.3 back when I was in the business. Right now I’m a 6.6 (just joined a club for the first time so no actual trend but have been trending the wrong way). What i am proposing is a challenge to see who can improve the most by percentage byJan 1. I think it might actually be interesting. Going from a 6.6 to a 2 is going to be a 60% improvement but you also know how hard it is to save those last 5-6 shots. Anyone
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