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  1. Rory has always been one of my favorite players but that surprised me. I honestly thought he got some bad news off the golf course.
  2. After doing a little more research I called and changed to the Gen3. Even at $149 they seem to be a good deal with the MMT. The consensus is the Gen 2 was the clickiest (if thats a word) or all of them.
  3. I thought the point of the high toe and the full face groves is so when you open it up and hit flop shots you still have groves to work with. Why would you need this on anything less than the shortest wedge in your bag, maybe a mid wedge if that's what you use out of the bunker.
  4. Ordered up my old man clubs, 5-7 in the P, 8-P in the T, all with MMT, Kind of looking forward to trying the 80g shaft.
  5. In true WRXer fashion i was looking at the PXG site and saw you can still get Gen 2 with the MMT shaft for basically the cost of the shaft. I do know i love the fairway wood and hybrids I already have. Ordered 5-7 of the P and 8-P in the T. If they dont work out they will just turn into a back up set. Kind of hard to pass up for $600
  6. I have the 4 iron so I’m tempted to soft step them, weaken the loft a touch and flatten them a few degrees. That way i can gain a little distance and take what offset there is out. Also wouldn’t be a big deal to put them back they way they are if it doesn’t work out
  7. Went to Roger Dunn for the first time in probably 9 months to hit some stuff and couldn’t believe how low the inventory was. I did hit the Callaway CB with the MMT in it as well as a zx7. As much as i hate to say it I’m not seeing any reason to go away from my MMC’s. Guess ill just have to work on my golf studio!
  8. Calllway has some pretty good deals on the pre owned right now so the Apex21 is on the list to hit.
  9. So the end of last year i picked up some MMC’s. Not long after that I changed jobs and didnt have time to play. Im closing in on 55 and want to play some senior amateur events next year so i think im about ready to get back at it. Ive also always been fairly physically active until this last year as well but this year has really slowed me down. Long and short of it is i want to keep playing but really have much less desire to work on my golf swing. Did that for 40 years and my body is starting to pay for it. Anything new coming down the pipe as far as a GI/ Players iron, (more emphasis on GI now.) The catch. Is my miss is hard left so minimal offset is going to be a high priority?
  10. Neither did Rors and he made an all world 7 on a shorter line
  11. A 350 yd forced carry isn’t when you are 1 shot back. Damn, if thats not risk I don’t know what is.
  12. To me the most impressive thing was the position he was in when he went for it. It’s not like he was 6 back. I have to admit his reaction brought a smile. I hate the celebrations in football when they do what is expected. This time it just seemed to fit.
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