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  1. To maximize distance you need to hit a little bit upward to get the high launch low spin. Scientifically proven. Golf is not all about distance though. tour players & low HDCPs need to at least keep the ball in play, if not in the fairway to score well. A slight negative AOA adds a little backspin, which helps negate side spin leading to straighter drives. Also keeps the ball from bouncing through the fwy into the rough. everyone is a little different though.
  2. Vijay Singh basically had his right hand off the club at impact
  3. I remember Joel when he was playing on the mini tours in AZ like 8 years ago. He was always good but I dont think many of the guys thought he would make the tour one day. He worked hard and made a couple tweaks to his swing then it clicked. Good dude and great story. As far as pros lighting up muni's...we had a skins game every Tuesday at the club i worked at that would bring in mini tour guys like Dahmen, Harkins, Jimmy Gunn etc. along with guys like pat perez, jeff quinney, scott stallings, Colt Knost, even a major champ Geoff Ogivly once. One of them shot +4 one day(i think it was Stallin
  4. my 58* 3/4 swing goes 75yds for reference. for 50 yards: narrow stance with ball slightly back in stance(similar to all my wedge shots) and as soon as i feel my wrist start to hinge, i stop and start the downswing. goes 50-55yds when hit correctly. Definitely one of the harder shots for me. I can use my chipping motion up to 30-35 yards, and am very comfortable at 75yds. In between there is tough!
  5. a 60* for sure. Get a 60 and use it around the green for trouble shots that need to land soft. No need to full swing it really. no point in adding a *15 most likely if you cant hit it high enough. Being a "shorter hitter" odds are good that 17* is the right loft for your fairway wood to maximize carry and distance.. If you really want a 14th club, you could consider a phil mickelson style 2 driver setup. Considering you dont hit it too far, you could get a longer shaft driver for par 5's and wide fairways. Might add a little fun to the game as well!
  6. 58* forged wedge from callaway a few years ago. It felt heavy, and had a tendency to dig. I hit 2 chips with it and went back to the standard model. Just didnt fit my swing!
  7. I have both and others may have differing opinions but i never hit the Rogue SZ well. I dont even need to do a side by side because you wont gain any knowledge from it. I hit the Epic Flash SZ and Mavrik SZ significantly better than the Rogue. I use the same shaft every year as well. Diamana Blue 60S.
  8. The Mavrik replaced the Rogue. Callaway has 2 lines of clubs, each on a 2 year plan. The Epic Flash is still listed as a new club and is still available on the Callaway wholesale site. The Epic Flash is still more expensive on the website than the Mavrik as well so I would say its not a replacement, otherwise the newer one would be more expensive. That being said, I find no difference in distance between the 2, but the mavrik has seemed to be a little easier to hit for me(i have the SZ of both and the Rogue as well, all 9*). Mavrik feels better on slight mishits and goes straighter overall,
  9. Its totally the GCquad and how it derives distance based off the ball stats. Like other have mentioned above, the GCQuad inflates the distance of low spin high launch shots. I have had one for 2 years now and have an avg ball speed of 153-155. I can hit it on the flat foresight range at sea level with no wind 300+ with a 155 ball speed. In real life that is not attainable, I hit it around 270-280. The GCQuad is very accurate with irons though..
  10. I have had a hip issue for the last few months but received my Mavrik SZ a couple weeks ago and am finally hitting balls again. Ive had the original epic SZ, the rogue SZ, and the epic flash SZ as well. Here are my ranks: Mavrik SZ Epic Flash SZ Epic SZ Rogue SZ The mavrik has been really, really easy to hit. I dont think im any longer than i was with the epic flash but everything feels like a sweet spot. It also feels a little lighter, possibly due to the lack of slider weight. Time will tell I guess as I get to hit balls more often hopefully but definite thumbs up so far.
  11. Average thumb? I dont even think about it unless im in a funk and looking for a different feel. I just let it sit how it wants to sit.
  12. third for papago. Lots of good options around there. try mountain shadows resort for a sweet par 3 track that brings pros for a skins game every tuesday. We Ko Pa's 2 courses are top notch but it will cost you. Greyhawk? Gold Canyon if you dont mind a little drive into the superstition mountains. Legend Trails as well up in Tonto reserve. skip TPC its nothing special unless they have the stadium stuff up. Also Cool Clubs and Hotstix were the 2 most popular clubfitting/custom club shops in the area.
  13. Im guessing there will be a number of different answers here. Kind of depends what you are good at and what you aren't. For me its Driver and 3-5 footers. always been good with a wedge so i never have fear when its in my hand. Not like driver...and everyone should have a healthy fear of the 3-5 footer. you should make them all, but you certainly wont... And yes i practice those specifically, and try to find a go-to move or feel that can be relyed on in adverse situations.
  14. > @larrybud said: > IT (Information Technology) is a great field to be in for golf. I can start and end my day pretty much any time I want. I often work 6-3, and have plenty of time after work to play 9 or 18. Get the right gig and you work 40 hours. > > CPA is a great one too if you're in the northern half of the country. once tax season ends in April, hours drop just in time for the golf season!
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