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  1. Has anyone ever compared the QB 6 vs the new QB 8.... I currently have the #6 and wondering if there is much difference in feel, sound and forgivenesses to the newer #8. Is it worth the upgrade?
  2. Not that I have used him before but from threads I have read Slighter golf does good work.. You can see some of his refinishing work on his site. http://www.slightergolf.com
  3. I am seriously interested in purchasing a Piretti. I just dump my Scotty over a Bettinardi Queen B #6. Just wish there was somewhere near me where I can roll a Piretti. Just not sure I want to purchase one at that price without rolling a few.
  4. WOW... That is surprising. Does not even look close from the picture.
  5. Over the years I have had plenty of putters. I am a putter ho!!!! However can't see myself collecting them and just sitting there collecting dust. I enjoy more pricey milled putters and just sell them to fund my next impulse.
  6. Lonestar thanks for the response.. Forgot to mention have gamed a few Pings in the past.. Interested in others feedback. Would really like to find that one putter I can stick too.. As I mention I am kind of a hoe and seem to be buying new putters on a yearly basis. Would be so bad but I kind of fall in lust with the expensive milled putters.
  7. I am in the market for a new putter. I am really interested in Piretti primarily for the 2.5 loft and heavier head weight. I have pretty much played every retail market putter out there as I am somewhat of a putter hoe. Scotty Cameron (Golo, Newport 2), Odysseys, Nike, Taylormade and now presently gaming a Bettinardi Queen B #6. I am pretty much into milled putters with no inserts but like a soft feel. I love the feel of Scotty Camerons but in my last putter fitting it was suggested I go to a less lofted putter.. I feel the Bettinardi Queen be with the Micro Honeycomb face is just a slight tad harder than the deep milled Camerons. I would love to try out Piretti but would hate to sink that much cash without testing out but unfortunately they do not carry them in my local golf shops. I swore PGA Tour Superstore carried a few of them last year but took a drive over there this past weekend and there were none on the floor. Question: How is the sound and feel of a Piretti Putter compared to Scotty and Bettinardi? I have read several threads as they have a unique clanky sound that some people do not like. However do not know if that was on just some Piretti models or older versions. I like the sound of the soft thud of either the Scotty or Bettinardi. Would like to hear peoples opinion.
  8. I really like the stronger lofts of these clubs to make them longer. I currently play the G25 and love them.. Was about to consider upgrading until I read that they have wider soles. Now I have to think about it...
  9. Is the NP2 DB heavier than the Futura X? I thought the specs were the same. I have one on order as well can't wait for it to arrive.
  10. I actually went to the pga superstore today hoping that the golo 3 would be on the shelve. According to their web site they should have been in the stores today. I currently game a golo and love the head shape but looking for more toe flow. Unfortunately they did not have them yet but they did have the odyssey metal x milled #9 ht. I really like the soft feel of that putter. However I am going to hold back until I can compare it to the golo 3. Don't want to spend $300 dollars foolishly on the odyssey before trying the golo 3 out.
  11. I am not sure if this is mentioned anywhere in this thread so apologize if I am repeating this question... Do you know if scotty is coming out with some counter balance options in March/April? Just happened to go to new pga tour superstore and was putting around with the taylormade spider blade and Scotty's new futura x dual balanced putter. I liked the feel in theory about counter balancing the putter as it did feel I was putting a stabler stroke. Howerver on the TM did not like the plastic feel of the ball coming off the face and the futura x is just too big and busy for my liking. Wondering if either the golo, fastback or squareback will have any dual balanced options.
  12. I know it is early but do you know if the toe flow will be similar on the FB+ and SB+.. Today's fastback is what Scotty would say has minimal toe flow and better suited for the SBST Stroke.. Since I have a slight to strong stroke path would prefer something in a medium to maximum toe flow... That was the beauty of the older fastback 1.5
  13. Man that SB looks like a beautifull Ballet.. perfect mix of a blade and mallet.. Is it me or does the SB look a little stubbier than the FB?
  14. I really like the looks of the "pop paint" on the new fastback and squareback.. Kind of looks like a Swiss army putter...- Really hope they come out with some varied neck designs vs just a single bend shaft.. I would take either a plumbers neck or flare neck on that squareback in a heartbeat.
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