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  1. Up for sale are the following: 1. Scotty Cameron Napa 34 inches with grip master grip and microbell shaft SOLD 2. Piretti 801 34 inches ping blackout grip SOLD 3. miura cb 501 4-pw two degrees flat, true temper dynamic gold x100 tour issue shafts and golf pride tour velvet grips SOLD 4. miura cb 301 4 and 5 iron two degrees flat, dynamic gold x100 tour issue and golf pride grips. Sold pictures tell the story, any questions feel free to ask! Also if you need more pictures, I’ll be happy to send more.
  2. I would say the launch is similar. The super hybrid may come out a tad lower. It definitely comes out with less spin
  3. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. But here is the updated witb Callaway Mavrik sub zero 10.5 with ust attas cool 6x Callaway super hybrid 17 degree turned down with matrix black tie 105x callaway apex 20 hybrid with matrix black tie 105x miura cb 301 4 and 5 iron with dg ti x100 miura cb 501 6-pw with dg ti x100 Callaway md4 raw 52 and 56 with dg ti s400 titleist vokey sm8 raw low bounce k with dg ti s400 piretti 801 raw
  4. Just had this surgery done at the end of May. Finally out of the immobilzer. My best advice is get a pregnancy pillow and put it in your bed. Props you up and makes you unable to roll over. Best of luck in your recovery. I know my patience have been tested thoroughly so far!
  5. If you ever come back to pa and want to play sunnehanna let me know!
  6. They can always try the Euro or Asian tour...any experience is good experience I understand that there are options. But with money being a limited factor in many mini tour players lives, some of these options are not feasible. Experience is great, and there is nothing like teeing it up for money. But think about how many less tournaments players can play if they have to fly from America to Asia or Europe to tee it up. Purses are smaller and you would have to win a whole lot to not lose money.
  7. Its a shame that if an American wants to try and reach the web.com tour, he has to go outside of the country. I understand growing the game, but considering the web and pga are based in America, they would have a tour (like Canada or Latin America level) that would give top five on the money list web.com status. I understand q school is still around for the web, but give some of these guys a break. Americans who go play in Latin America or Canada, do it for one reason, to try and get to the web. Its a shame that the PGA has made it so hard for Americans to advance.
  8. For people who are having trouble off of tight lies. You can grind down the back edge of it and works great. It didn't effect the bunker play like I thought it might. I have a 58 and it won't leave the bag anytime soon
  9. Some updates: Titleist 913 d3 9.5 fujikura tour spec 7.2x Titleist 915 fd 15 diamana s+ 80x Titleist 915 f 18 graphite design tour ad di 8x Titleist 712u 2 iron true temper x100 Titleist 716 4-5 CB true temper x100 tour issue Titleist 716 6-p MB true temper x100 tour issue Titleist sm5 raw 54 and 58 true temper s400 tour issue Edel tourque balance Went back to an old driver that I felt I hit more consistently and straighter. So far the irons haven't been much of an adjustment. Very similar to my old 714s. Maybe a tad more offset in my eyes, not sure if that is true, just how it looks to me.
  10. I think I remember reading somewhere, that you had the 712u 2 iron as well. What are your opinions comparing it to the 716 tmb iron. I have both, both with dg x100 tour issues. Im thinking I might actually like the 712U better in terms of feel, but I cant say Ive really hit the 716 tmb a lot. I was just curious as to what your opinions are between the two clubs.
  11. So this past week, I got the opportunity to help out the golf program at st Francis and started the shaping of a chilling green. My dad owns a construction company and we offered to help them with the shaping and grading of it. It's pretty hard to tell from pictures, but we put in two bunkers, a grass bunker, two run off areas and built up a bank behind the green. Irrigation will be the next step and after that is complete, we will come back and do final grading so that it can be seeded and sodded. Also put some new clubs in the bag, put in a titleist cb mb combo set (3-5) cb and (6-pw) mb
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