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  1. Looking for 2S14, C10 or E11 in X flex 4-pw Thanks
  2. I had the TZX 200 series in a fairway and loved it. Ended up with a new fairway wood and went RPG 300 series same weight and flex. Pretty similair in my opinion with the RPG feeling a bit tighter overall which I preferred. Easily the best fairway shaft ive ever used and i struggled for a long time to find one I like. I tried TZX 400 in driver but wasnt great for me.. havent tried RPG in driver yet though
  3. I recently got Mizuno T20s in 46 and 52 and then bent them to 49-54. Wasnt much offset to begin with but seemed to be a good decision as im hitting both really well and slightly better then the original lofts. whether its the added bounce, less offset or a combo of both im not sure but i think its worth a try
  4. wedges tend not to go as far as iron equivalents so I personally go 49 in my gap wedge. If you did that and bent your 52 and 56 1 degree weak then I think it will suit your needs nicely.
  5. M1 or M3 440 would be my suggestion for replacements. I love the SLDR and nothing really compares to how solid it is but those would be the closest match
  6. If they werent called "bridgestone" I think they would get more interest because branding plays a big part in the allure of golf clubs. Being virtually non existent in golf shops doesnt help either. Ive owned quite a few bridgestone clubs over the years and its certainly quality stuff
  7. I can certainly say they do feel great. One of the best feeling irons ive hit
  8. Assuming they are chrome then the best way to do it would be to strip them raw. Porting is going to look pretty bad and kill any resale value. 4 swingweight points is approx 8g so quite a bit of weight to shave from the muscle. I would strip them and either leave them raw or do a black finish if you really want to stick with that setup
  9. I played the 125's for a fair while and liked them. I found they still had plenty of feel for how stiff they are, plenty of spin but struggled a little bit green side with them. Personally I hate s200/400 as i really struggle to time them. I am currently playing the KBS 'wedge' shaft in 130g and its by far the best wedge shaft I have used
  10. Im still gaming my 745/945 combo and I cant even entertain replacing them. I have 8-p in 945 and 4-7 745 and they blend so well I often forget they are a combo set. Such a complete iron set that I couldnt ask for anything more
  11. I would give it a go. a fine grit on a belt sander will smooth things out nicely. Alot of the dimensions of the heads are already set in that the face height, topline and toe length are similar to oem heads they just need to be smoothed out to suit your eye
  12. Yeah he does great work. I initially roughed in the shape with a dremel and then he went to work smoothing everything out. Was nervous about how they would play but after a dozen shots with the 9 iron was really impressed They will stay raw for now as then I can make changes going forward if I decide too
  13. I think the key is to use a higher grit belt to get the feel for it first. That way you are not removing too much material. Its probably not as hard as you think just take your time
  14. Ive got a set in process at the moment. I sent to a friend of mine and you can see pics @wans_customs on instagram, so far ive only hit the 9 iron but I am impressed. Never had a set of blades that I loved but these look promising any questions feel free to ask
  15. As far as I know they are standard with the different finish and badging. I purchased from japan and havent compared to a retail set as of yet but believe there are no custom grinds
  16. 5-pw mp4 in satin finish with custom logos 4 iron is mp 66 In vgc with light bag chatter. very minimal face wear and no browning. Lies are 1up and lofts are standard UPDATE $350 posted
  17. Mizuno t7 would be worth a look if your looking for thinner sole and more compact
  18. They are great irons.. but my 745 setup is proving hard to displace
  19. 4-9 cb, PW is fourteen rm-11 at 47 degrees cb heads freshly stripped and are as new Nippon SPB X flex shafts with GP align std grips Standard length and lie $500 posted Can also do heads only. open to offers
  20. > @Nixhex524 said: > > @AC-Golf said: > > I too have tried other clubs and can't beat these. Just built my 2nd set with mint heads I've been hoarding. I plan to have the current gamers refinished at some point next season. For $40/head it makes no sense to buy new. Iron factory is great for that. > > > > 5-6 J15 DF and 7-PW CB is a great combo. Essentially the same as TM P760. > > How much weight is lost with a refinish? Do you have info on that? Cost wise, it does make sense but I'd hate to lose too much headlight. > > > @bunta said: > > some of you may disagree, but if they thinned out the sole and topline, maybe shrink the head a tiny bit, id preorder. in a heartbeat. > > The only thing I would change is the offset look.. it has a little more than I'd like to see but the top line is thinner already than most in this iron category, much thinner than my 745s were, and the sole design although meaty, is one of the reasons I think these irons play so well... Thinning them out may look better but I think the bounce and grind is really good from just about any lie. Blade length is a tad long, but I like the look of forgiveness. I'm finding the hosel a lot more than the center of the face lately so it may not really matter...LOL I lost about 5-6 grams going raw. I agree with your thoughts on how the sole width and grind make these irons great. Plenty of other options for a thinner soled CB but im quite enjoying mine so far
  21. picking up a set tomorrow that have been freshly refinished in raw.. cant wait
  22. I think he has done a really good job of them
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