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  1. nor'easter

    AP2 712s

    Outstanding irons - have now played about 10 rounds with them (KBS Tours) coming off the MP-60s and Tour Preferred 09s. Noticeably more forgiving than the MP60s and better feeling/looking than the TPs. Distance control has been amazing which speaks to the relative forgiveness of these irons.
  2. Currently playing the AP2 712s with KBS Tour stiff with a requested D2 swingweight from Titleist. Love this setup -higher trajectory and a bit softer than my TM TP irons with PX 6.0 softstepped. If you have a late release, you will probably prefer more traditional swingweights.
  3. I think it depends on how you release/load the shaft. With a modest 6 iron swing speed in the low 80s, you would think I would be well suited for a lighter steel shaft. However, I really disliked the old Rifle lites and DGSL shafts (currently play PX 6.0 softstepped). The DGSL felt hollow to me - plus the weighting / kick point always seemed off. I could never place where the clubhead was during the swing. But smooth swingers or early release guys may have good results with lightweight shafts.
  4. Octane Tour - hot face and great looking head.
  5. Will depend on how you load/release the shaft. I ordered this exact setup last year (10.5 SFTP with the TP SVS6 shaft). Mid/high 90 mph, late release, + AofA swing. It played extremely soft to flex at 46 inches (high hooks).
  6. Definitely a "made for" shaft. Finally pulled the trigger on the Tour PX 6.0. Great head, feel, and performance but the shaft was definitely weak. It frequencied out to a soft regular. It's being reshafted with an Ahina.
  7. Depends on how you load the shaft. If you load aggressively with a late release, the Devo 6-04 plays very soft to flex. Had it tipped to play at an SX (with my mid 90s swing speed) and constantly battled the smothered snapper. May want to go up a flex and start with the 6-05x.
  8. For those who have hit the PX 6.0 on the Octane Tour driver, how soft to flex does it play? How does it compare flex-wise to an untipped RIP 60s or the stock stiff TM SFTP HD6 shaft (which plays more like a firm)? My concern is that the stock 6.0 is really a tweener between Regular and Stiff and that the 7.0 plays like a true X flex. This seems to be the latest tactic used by the leading OEMs - create a Stiff that really plays like a regular for the retail market (similar to loft inflation). This leaves a wide gap for players looking for a true Stiff option.
  9. I have also found the Tour Preferreds more forgiving than the MP-60s. While very soft feeling on center hits, the MP-60 loses distance on slight mishits as compared to the TPs. The course I play at has deep bunkers guarding the front of greens. The MP-60 would cave into the bunkers more frequently than the TPs.
  10. I faced a similar decision and ultimately went with the PX 6.0. I would no doubt be fit into a 5.5x based on swing speed alone but have a heavy load (10/12 on the max out loading scale). The key difference for me was that the 5.5x felt noticeably lighter (115 grams) and tip soft (resulting in a higher flight). At least to me, the feel and dispersion was lacking relative to the PX 6.0. I would take tigher dispersion over slightly more distance (which I'm not sure is even the case for those with lots of lag in their swing...for me, flex generally affects feel and not distance).
  11. Still in the bag (10.5 digitally lofted with a DVS 60s). Have had extensive Trackman sessions last year and recently. Still produces the best numbers for my 95 mph swing (14-15 launch angle with 2300-2400 spin).
  12. Love the TM TP with Project X 6.0. Very smooth at/through impact with tight dispersion. Forgiveness is a key benefit. My course is long with many greens protected by deep bunkers. Last year, it seemed twice a round, my MP 60s would cave into the frontside bunkers on slight mishits. Same shots this year with the TP are carrying onto the greens, which has resulted in lower scores.
  13. On a Trackman, the 9032 (9.5 Voodoo stiff) had nearly identical numbers to my Ping G10 (Aldila DVS 60 stiff digitally lofted at 10.5, which came in a 9 degree head). So I would say it's a high launching 9.5 head. FWIW - found the stock Voodoo to play a little soft to flex. Compared to my DVS, the dispersion was a bit wider. The DVS has a tighter feel at the bottom whereas the Voodoo felt springier.
  14. The G15 comes stock in only 2 shafts according to the Ping website: Ping TFC 149D (60 grams, 5.3 torque in stiff) and the Aldila Serrano 60 (60 grams, 4.0 torque). The AXIVcore Tour Red 69 is available as a stock option for the i15 driver. So the question remains - if one were to upgrade to a premium shaft in the G15, how would Ping WRX (or any clubfitter) deal with the heavier head which was designed to match a counterbalanced shaft? Would using a non-counterbalanced shaft negate the benefits of using a G15? Thanks again.
  15. If the G15 drivers come with counter-balanced stock shafts and a heavier head (204 grams versus 199 grams for the G10), does this limit the ability to insert custom shafts? If you order a custom shaft through Ping WRX, would they adjust the head weight to account for swingweight differences? It appears the stock offerings are higher torque, soft shafts that are designed for a broad audience. Any insights would be appreciated.
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