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  1. [quote name='tarheelrx' timestamp='1343937878' post='5397834'] Good luck with the move! Where in NC are you moving to? [/quote] I have only lived in VA for about a year. I am moving back to Raleigh.
  2. I have a gift card that has $400 on it that can be used for greens fees at the prestigious Queenstown Harbor Golf Club in Maryland (Right next to the bay bridge) at anytime before November 1st. It was won at a tournament last year sponsored by the Brick Company. I am moving next week to North Carolina and will not get a chance to use it. I am letting it go for only 1/2 price! $200 will get you $400 worth of golf! I will ship the gift card for free as well. I have included the link to the golf course website below along with the rate schedule and pictures of the gift card. http://www.qhgolf.c
  3. The Ping Pioneer Cart bag will hit it. Its putter tube is much bigger than the Latitude
  4. My PW is 48* then i do 52,56,60. If you want your wedges 2* stronger, you dont have to buy new ones, you can just get all of yours bent 2* stronger
  5. Great to hear. I think I am going to pull the trigger on the combo then. How long have you been playing that bag setup with the dividers. How do you like it?
  6. Hello new brothers. After reading all these posts, I just went out and bought a V-Steel to join the club. Now to find the perfect shaft combo. What have you guys found to be particularly great shafts combos with this head?
  7. I can put my putter with a jumbo grip in the club dividers so you should have no issues. I have the exact same grip on my belly putter and I am considering getting the 2012 Pioneer to go with a Clicgear 3.0. The only thing that is holding me back is the fear of a belly putter getting in the way of pulling out all of my other clubs (like having to reach around it to get all my irons would get annoying after awhile). Can you please comment on if this has been annoying. Do you find that you end up normally keeping your belly putter in the bag slots in the bag of the bag or the side whe
  8. Again it depends on the weight. If you dont pack your bag with a bunch of stuff inside of the case, you should be fine. Also, you could opt for a soft travel case which is still very protective (this is what I use even on airplanes) and put as much in your bag as your want. But either way, if I remember correctly, there is still an upcharge for any bag over 36". But I am NOT sure about that. It has been awhile since I have traveled
  9. I have head that steel shafts must be shorts than graphite shafts for swing weight purposes. I have seen some companies that say steel should be 1/2" shorter, and some that say 1" shorter. I am specifically looking at making a Sonartec HB-001 with a steel shaft and I can find graphite lengths, but not steel. Is there a general rule of thumb for this? Is there a rule of thumb that also applies to making fairway woods with steel shafts?
  10. Today's standard are literally insulting for golfers that actually know about golf. The only reason that OEM's have started making stronger lofts with irons is to be able to say their irons go the furthest (cough cough ). Many good golfers still prefer a 48* PW and then 4* gaps ALL THE WAY DOWN. It is very easy to get this done. Go to your club builder and he can bend them very easily and quickly.
  11. If you have standard 3 and 5 woods, there is NO WAY your have a 30 yard gap in between them. Maybe you think you do, but I can assure you that you do not unless one of them is custom length or loft. Buy yes I think the gap between 5 wood and even 4 iron is too big. You sound do something more like D, 3W, 19H, 4-PW, 52, 56, 60. You are making the game WAY to hard on yourself with only 11 clubs
  12. I20 > 910D > R11S >>>>>>>>>>>> Amp
  13. I would hope so considering the shaft length is close to a driver. You may only be able to hit it in the fairway 3% of the time, but at least it is 3 yards longer than anything else
  14. Pick up a ruler, look at the first inch of it, and the look at the 1st hash that dictates 1/4". It would be very hard for me to believe that it would make much of a difference
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