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  1. His are pretty old. He spoke about them on a foreplay podcast and I’d summarize but I don’t want to butcher his story or be inaccurate but pretty sure he likes that sole and asked to have them made on a 4 because it was his dream shoe
  2. Im fairly sure that’s only if it’s desperately needed. Mortality and morbidity rates from what I recall for lower leg amputees are quite poor
  3. As an old-er member Sure people have loved golf but you cant be serious to think golf would be what it is today without tiger
  4. and the irony is this site probably doesn't exist if its not for what tiger has done for the game
  5. They’ve had camo pants yes. I have a pair and then Plenty of camo joggers as well. I’ve never seen them have anything exclusive to them
  6. They’ve had it from time to time and pretty sure the most recent is out already. With that being said it’s the same apparel and colors sold by lululemon but with a different logo for the collab. It’s nothing special
  7. Yea did same on a 13. Just not worth the risk or hassle to save a few bucks. These will end up going for more than that down the line anyway. Take advantage now if something you really want. And if you’re concerned about it then try for a second on drop day. Hold and sell in 6 months for way more n
  8. There are only 500 sets. Some sets are going to other retailers. Cobra will obviously have most stock but it’ll be sold out in an hour on their site. That’s not a lot of money to a lot of people
  9. I made same remark few months ago in jest and he had a little hissy fit. Said he would never share any info again lol I don’t know what anyone will do without knowing two days before some other random person leaks it on IG
  10. That’s a team catalog. Far from their 21 line
  11. Anytime someone has the same headcovers you can find on Ali express or dh gate it’s pretty good sign they are fake
  12. Yea those were definitely the ugliest of the bunch haha to each their own
  13. holy thread revival batman, but they have sold fitted in the past. best bet it ask MMO golf what they can procure come next year or make friends with someone who is going
  14. They’re not even Nike sweaters if I recall someone saying. They are just sweaters Nike puts their logo on
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