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  1. I'm less around 105. My tx never came in so I'm stuck with the X. I would go tx for sure, better material and probably feel
  2. Absolutely love them. Feel great.
  3. I tried to like the p770s but they just launch too high for me. I couldn't control them as much as I wanted. I went back and tried lots of clubs and ended up with Wilson staff CBs. They had an awesome feel and much better ball flight and control. Even though they are slightly weaker lofts than 770s I actually hit them further. I also went with kns tour 105s. First set of Wilson's and absolutely love them. Cost was better which was nice too.
  4. Any update on ping i210 replacement dates?
  5. I didn't like the feel of the head. Overall results are good. My miss is a toe miss and I've read that mp 20 mmcs are designed well for that miss. I will look at shaft changes but the mmc head just feels buttery soft. End of the day though I have to get results and I like the results of the 770s. We'll see. Trying to get another fitting in a week or two
  6. I need the group's input. I got a set of p770s with px shafts. I'm finally able to play them in a round. I love the distance, height, and spin. My downside is that I'm not a big fan of the feel. I am considering a different shaft, but also switching to MMC's or zx7. So far MMCs have superior feel but I'm not sure I'll get the same height. I have about 3 weeks left in order to trade them. Appreciate the group's feedback.
  7. Did you think the ZXs felt better than MMC's? I didn't but that was in a short session. I'll be doing it again when I can
  8. I currently have p770s with Project X. I'm starting to think that combo was not good for my bad wrist. I have recently been able to hit mp 20 mmc with aerotech and was super impressed with feel, and ball stats. I hit the zx7 with aerotech and less impressed with feel. I plan on hitting zx7 with mmt soon. I want to like zx7 as it gets so much love but the mmc felt amazing when hit well. Interested in the groups feedback on feel and also forgiveness of the two. My miss is toe side. I'll hit them again once my wrist is better. I have one month left to either keep or trade in my p770s. Thanks
  9. I've had p770s for over a month. Played one round and hit them off mats. Overall I like them, but feel isn't quite as good as I remember. I've tried zx7 and mmcs as options instead. I've really wanted to like the zx7s and I tried them with so many shafts. Only one I haven't tried yet is mmt 105. I liked them ok, but not different enough from 770s. I hit the mmcs again today, and when you hit them solid they truly feel amazing. I also tried them with steelfiber 110 and seemed like a good match. I'm going to try them both again over the next month.
  10. I have brand new p770s I haven't even hit yet and want to try the zx7/5. I've never tried the vertigo sole, but I am fairly steep so they have me intrigued. I also can save me money and get a 5 wood
  11. Did you switch to zx7/5. I'm interested in trying them. Wish I had during fitting but wasn't available
  12. Great detailed review.. What other clubs did you try before buying zx7?
  13. How high in set did you go 770? Any difference you see with 790 in long irons, if you have 770 long irons.
  14. Several changes and several mistakes along the way. Been an expensive last few months. The more I read the forum the more I want to try more Driver ping g400 to g410 lst Shafts: - ping tour x - sold - Aldila Xtorsion copper tx - sold - Ventus Velocore 6x - keep - va nemesys 65x - keep 3 wood GBB epic to tsi2 Shaft: av raw blue x Driving irons still looking, probably 5/7 wood next - HMB 3 iron - sold - u500 2 iron - sold Irons ping i20s to p770s - sold jpx 921 forged 4 and 7 - already looking at zx7
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