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  1. I added this to another thread, but not sure many people look there.
  2. I'm looking to add shot tracking soon. I was going to go with Arccos, but with the 99 yearly annual subscription and with the recent release of shot scope v3 I'm considering the V3 instead. I like that the V3 has a watch and the trackers are just rfid. I like that Arccos has strokes gained included. Interested in the groups feedback. Thanks
  3. I'm curious what your experience is. I don't think they'll be trying to upsell you like CC. Please post updates on process and what you end up with. I'm really curious how you like the av raw models in TX with no upcharge.
  4. Note that pw thru 8 are made with 1025 e just like the tours. 7 thru 4 are made with chromoly. With that said you shouldn't see such a huge jump. I would take a close look at your spin numbers. What simulator are you using? I wanted trusted anything beyond track man or qcquad with club data.
  5. I'm sorry, but you hear too many stories like this at CC. Titleist offers some great shafts at no upcharge. The av raw white and av raw blue in TX are two good examples. I doubt they even had you hit those. You, or should I say we should collectively push back and have them show you the no up charge shafts as well. It sounds like there were close ones, but there was a sell to get the best. Unless you're playing for a living you don't need to spend that kind of money. If you want to pay, sure go for it, but you should first see what is available and how they differ.
  6. You can just call Mizuno directly and ask for an update on the order. That was easier than going thru my club. Number is 1800-392-9899. FYI - mine took total of 4 to 6 weeks, can't recall when I placed it.
  7. These are the most forgiving clubs I've ever played. Now I've never played a GI iron, but toe shots should be fairly minimal on yardage and direction.
  8. The material and forging are exactly the same. Maybe a slight difference in CG. I see where you're coming from, but from true feel I'd have a hard time having the vast majority of people feel a difference. If people don't agree, I'm open to it, just not seeing it myself. Ive hit 32s, 33s, 19s, so I can tell feel.
  9. Agree with what others have already said. 8 thru wedge are traditional grain flow forged, not chromoly. They will feel the same as the tours. Also offset and top have been reduced from 900 models. Im biased, but full set of forged hard to beat.
  10. I just received jpx 921 forged and they took a good 6 weeks. They are running behind and I believe its getting worse. Good luck with the irons, sounds like an amazing set. I decided with 921s as I needed a little more help on mishits.
  11. I couldn't believe how amazing the forged felt. What was even more amazing was on mishits wasn't punished at all. A bad strike still was good enough. Im a project X fan myself, and the PX Lz blackouts just look amazing. I keep sets in the bag for a long time, and I see these being the same. It is weird to not have a 3 iron though, and I'm adjusting to the new lofts.
  12. Per Titleist site, the Kuro Kage that comes standard are the 50 gram version. It depends what you're looking for, and what your game is,but 50 gram shafts are super light for fairway woods. You could get their standard tensei raw bluebat 65 stiff that is a mid launch and with the help of TDi2 probably be fine. Link and screen shot below https://www.titleist.com/product/tsi2-fairway/649C.html
  13. I would definitely go with jpx 900 forged if you're looking for a great set, but looking to save some money. I have the mp 32s, but honestly even at a 2 I prefer some help. I have the jpx 919 forged now. Wow, what an amazing club. Another good option is ping i20s. They're also an amazing set, and you can find a really nice set at a good price. S55s are another really good option.
  14. I just posted individual iron pics. The 7 and 8 iron have some wear, but in general the set is in very good shape. These pictures should help clarify how they compare to other mp 32 sets out there. Other than a couple sets that haven't been used, you won't find a better set for 15 year old irons. Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks and happy bidding.
  15. Haha, understand, brings back good memories when I good hit em in the same almost every time. I practiced over and over with the 7 iron as you can tell.
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