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  1. I have brand new p770s I haven't even hit yet and want to try the zx7/5. I've never tried the vertigo sole, but I am fairly steep so they have me intrigued. I also can save me money and get a 5 wood
  2. Did you switch to zx7/5. I'm interested in trying them. Wish I had during fitting but wasn't available
  3. Great detailed review.. What other clubs did you try before buying zx7?
  4. How high in set did you go 770? Any difference you see with 790 in long irons, if you have 770 long irons.
  5. Several changes and several mistakes along the way. Been an expensive last few months. The more I read the forum the more I want to try more Driver ping g400 to g410 lst Shafts: - ping tour x - sold - Aldila Xtorsion copper tx - sold - Ventus Velocore 6x - keep - va nemesys 65x - keep 3 wood GBB epic to tsi2 Shaft: av raw blue x Driving irons still looking, probably 5/7 wood next - HMB 3 iron - sold - u500 2 iron - sold Irons ping i20s to p770s - sold jpx 921 forged 4 and 7
  6. Somewhat surprised on Srixon being third, but golfwrxers are not the norm and I hear a ton of positive posts. I haven't hit a Srixon before but look forward to hitting the zx5/7 irons. I just bought p770s so will be interesting to compare.
  7. I went with full set of 770s due to concern with long irons. I just got them so haven't had a chance to hit them. I'm wondering if I want to add mc in 9 thru w. I'm also thinking about zx7. I'm sure once I hit them I'll know. Does sound like 770 long irons are very nice and MC is little rough in top end as you mentioned
  8. Bringing this topic back up to see if any more comparisons between zx7/5 and 770/mc. I didn't get a chance to hit the zx7/5 before I bought my 770s. They recently arrived and I have 3 months to keep or switch them out. I have not hit the 770s on the course due to weather. Any feedback would be appreciated
  9. Did you go stick with heavier swingweights in your MCs. What is your swingweight range? Mine are: P770 - px 5.5 +.25, hsx1 A - D4 P - D4 9 - D2.75 8 - D3 7 - D3.25 6 - D3 5 - D3.25 4 - D3.25
  10. For those with a combo set or MCs in short irons and 770s in long irons are you happy with the MCs or do you wish you went full set of 770s or MCs? Also would you change where you start 770s. Reason I ask is I have 3 months to switch anything out. I will say the 770s look great in 7 thru A.
  11. I belive Cg is lower in 770 and more tungsten. 20 balls in same loft in same shaft rotating then I'm a believer. I didn't think you had a set of 770s, that was for your dad which is lighter flex, and you hit Xs correct based on all your distance posts
  12. So peak height and landing angle was the same? I have a hard time seeing that in 7 thru 4.
  13. I picked my set up today. P770 4 thru gap in px 5.5 hardstep x1. Its been so long since I've seen them I forgot how beautiful they look. Head size, top line, just a perfect looking iron. I checked swingweight and within .5 across the set. Length is perfect. I wasn't able to check lie but doing a manual check look good. It'll probably be a couple of weeks till I hit them. Wow, gorgeous. Sorry to those that haven't gotten yours yet.
  14. Thanks. Curious what your ss is with 7 and driver. Also what swingweight are they playing at? Did you try 105S or just prefer little bit heavier?
  15. I haven't picked them up yet. Doing that tomorrow. Will report after I get them
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