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  1. Limited flight balls are usually around 8-10% shorter. FYI, spin rates are usually much higher. For instance, it's not uncommon to see actual driver spin in the 3-4k range.
  2. I'll hit a 46-47o Pw about 135 while only hitting a 56o Sw about 105 so for me, it's imperative to have a 50-52o Gw which will go about 120. On the top end, I'm hitting my 25o 5i about 190-195 carry and my 21o 7w about 220 carry, so I'll stick a 21-22o iron or hybrid in there depending on what shots I think I need. Iron is preferable off the tee, hybrid off the deck.
  3. Ugh...see, I'd say the opposite. I had an M3 HL and hated it. Anything not on the screws felt like crap and always launched relatively low for me. Everyone's different, especially with fairways.
  4. Depends on what you mean by forgiveness. If you want ease-of-launch look towards Ping. I believe their 5w models tend to be about 17.5o and all of their fairways are shallow. If you prefer something with a deeper face that you can trap, head in the opposite direction. Not sure who makes the best deep-face model. I just picked up a 16.5o TS2 and it's fairly deep. It was on sale at PGA Superstore for $125 on the used rack (virtually brand new). If you like stability, I think TaylorMade is probably atop the heap of the major brands. You can hit most any TaylorMade fairway quite poorly and get som
  5. Also, for anyone that's interested, the SIM driver looks particularly small and compact for it's size. I upgraded from an M3 to the SIM just recently and was astonished to find the SIM's face is about 1/8" smaller in direction (hori & vert). The SIM is the smallest-looking driver I've played since, oh, probably my old 420cc Victory Red Tour which was classy as all get out.
  6. It's all relative to shaft length. I have a 460cc driver head but the shaft I play makes it every bit of 45.5" I've played 380cc and 420cc drivers as well. There's nothing wrong with those but I tend to like them around 44.5" What I don't get are these guys who'll put a 460cc modern together and then cut it down to 43.xx". To me, that's a wacky-looking club.
  7. If you want to keep your golf game reasonably proficient you cannot try and go so far that your basic hand-eye coordination is no longer governing the swing. Work on small tweaks and let them stack up over time. Do NOT try and re-learn how to swing the club from the ground up. Any instructor who's trying to overhaul your swing in a month's time or even give you every piece of the puzzle all at once needs to slow down. That said, YOU are the one who is responsible. Of times, an instructor will keep talking and talking and giving and giving so long as you let them. List
  8. Oh, man. The take-away is to be good early, LOL. Go get lessons and become as good as you possible can as early as possible. Most everyone reaches their potential by year 3 or 4 and after that it's all a letdown because the progress just stops coming. It's so easy to learn things and get better but after those first few years you're basically stuck being who you are. And that's what every one of us struggles against. I'm 34 so I'm still relatively young. I don't mind taking lessons now and incorporating new things to tighten up my swing. I don't mind practicing but ultimately, I'm
  9. The number of intellectual or otherwise technical conversations I've had on the internet dwarfs the number I will ever have in "real life." I'm not saying real life sucks in totality. Human interaction is healthy. But when I have a technical question or want to discuss something that requires a degree of familiarity the average person doesn't have, I don't / can't go to "real life" for that. So careful just what you criticize.
  10. Honestly, trajectory is one of my top priorities when it comes to irons. If you keep the shaft length where it is and start messing with lofts and you don't notice that, I think you're the unique one. Again, we're talking about clubs where virtually all factors are identical except for the loft. I think you're imagining a scenario where the loft is stronger but the shaft length is longer and the CG is lower and a bunch of things all come together to compensate. That's not really what we're talking about. These z785s have standard length shafts and a relat
  11. I agree. Still, that begs an obvious question--why are we seeing this trend amongst the better player's irons? This new step in the evolution of player's CBs surprises me. I'll throw my hands up and admit I bought this set of z785s thinking it was just a little larger in size. That's what I originally found appealing. I didn't realize it had stronger lofts. On the upside, it's been interesting to try that out. Nevertheless, the fact that this type of strong-lofted player's CB is becoming the new normal really surprises me. Titleist and Ping and I'm sure others are prod
  12. This is also something I've begun to think about--how is it different to land in something like a z785 if you're coming from a GI club versus say, a blade? I think the guys who are used to small heads, pure feel and limited offset have a MUCH tougher time adapting versus the folks who are used to larger clubs, some amount of offset as well as lofts that are somewhat stronger.
  13. This is a VERY GOOD point and definitely something that's crept into my mind. That said, the clubs in question for me are more player's CBs so 2o shouldn't mess things up too much. Plus, the conditions here in the south are often fairly plush anyhow.
  14. Re: THOUGHTS ON 716 CB I'm actually pretty pleased with the 716 CBs that I've had for the last couple years. I'm trying these z785s as an experiment. I purchased them on a whim because (1) the heads are a little larger and I'm imagining that I could benefit from that. I've used blades in the past and I'm not one to force the issue with overall small and punishing club designs. (2) These z785s are particularly popular with a few of the really good players at my club thus I'm wondering if maybe they might just be a winner in general. Some clubs are just good. Certain years companies
  15. I definitely appreciate your take and your participation but I wish you wouldn't be so quick to talk about emotions, ego and other tangential stuff like that which isn't part of my thinking. If I cared about ego I'd still be using blades like I was in the past. I'm open to small, traditionally-lofted CBs like my 716s as well as larger, more progressively-lofted CBs like these z785s. I'm trying to find a set that fits my eye and my swing and that allows me to hit the trajectories I know aren't too high or low. That's the very definition of proper fitting as opposed to the kind of e
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