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  1. Some great gear today. First off, I literally just got these yesterday and also got Recoils, so moving these along. DG S-300 105 Black Onyx shafts, 3-pw, pulled once and are in great condition. Taper tips and play to standard length. All measurements posted on the paper. Took the pictures on my workbench, where my two daughters have grown up writing quick messages to Dad. Haha. Ferrules are aluminum. It's hard to find these without nicks and scratches up the shafts. The 5 and PW have a few marks by the hosels but are not noticeable, so someone will be very happy. $125 shipped. Next is a
  2. An amazing set of sticks. Titleist AP3 Blacks, all factory original and factory standard specs in LLL. Set is 3-PW, and shafts are DG AMT S-300 Black. These were built in limited quantities and you'd have a hard time finding a cleaner set next to new. These are so hard to find without being beat up. These have less than 4 rounds total and no range time. Pictures do not do them justice at all, the black PVD finish is gorgeous and the shafts are perfect as well. All serial numbers match, and you don't see many sets with the three iron included. Check eBay for completed sets and you'll see what I
  3. One quick one today. Oddy Versa 7 CS with KBS black gloss shaft and brand new SS Flatso 2.0 at 34.25" with cover. Great shape and rolls a nice ball. Selling for less than paid for but whatever. $110 shipped to the 48's. Please add $5 west of the Mississippi. Thank you
  4. Great set and even better member to deal with. GLWS....shouldn't take long
  5. One quickie. Oddy/Toulon Stroke Lab Austin. 34.5" with a BRAND NEW SS 2.0 in Lime green. Grip was installed yesterday. Cover included. Grade easy 9-10 on her. Very little time. Small mark on sole. Someone will love her. Can't ship until Saturday. $195 shipped to the 48's. Please add $5 west of the Mississippi. Thank you
  6. Three items I have laying around. All brand new and don't have use for. Daphne's Caddyshack Gopher fairway cover. Won as a door prize last summer. Garsen Ultimate grip BNIP. USA mallet cover. All three together for $34 shipped. Thank you all.
  7. Happy Sunday WRX crew. Two quickies. First up TM SLDR Black 430 TP in 11* with standard stiff shaft and awesome matching cover. Condition is used. Not perfect. Not a beater either. Fun and solid to play. Have a spare Tensei 60 stiff along for the ride. Both at 45". If you've ever hit these the "thwack" at impact is awesome. Bomber too. $165 with both shafts $135 without Tensei $125 head only Someone will love it. Next is a Toulon Austin at 35" with an Oddy Works cover and a brand new CNC wicked smiley cover. Velcro very tight on the CNC covers. Very impress
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