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  1. Good afternoon WRX family. I have the ultimate combo set of Mizzy irons on the block. Here's full scoop: Custom built set of 921 long irons, 4-5-6-7 in Hot Metal. The 8-9-P-G 921 Hot Metal Pros. The owner I got them from had them rebuilt and properly spec'd. Shafts are PX 5.5 LZ's. The swing weights were all over the board, and now they are correct. D3 and D2 for the split. The 4-5 are 1* flat. The 6-7-8 are standard, and the 9-P-G are 1* upright from Mizzy Standards. They are standard length and factory grips. Condition of this set is excellent. They have approximately six rounds total o
  2. Hello all WRX crew....two quickies today. Oddy Stroke Lab Marxman EXO, 35" with new SS 2.0 Pistol with cover. Excellent condition. Easy 9-10 and rolls a solid ball. $135 shipped Oddy Tank 7, 34" with good shape SS 2.0 Pistol and cover. Good clean condition. Grade 8-10. $105 shipped Would love to sell as package at $210 Both shipped to 48's only. Please ad $5 west of the Mississippi. Text me for faster response. Thank you 330 495-9848
  3. Good Sunday WRX family. I have a set of PXG's, 0311 XF 4-GW. Built thru the heros program. I bought these from the original owner, and they have a total of five rounds max, and two of the rounds were me with nine holes. These are absolutely incredible, and an exceptional build. Here's the scoop: Accra graphite 90's, stiff, straight in 5-iron length is 38 Grips Lamkin PXG mid sized Standard LLL Shafts play to a solid firm, and perform incredible. Build cost 2k from PXG Comes with PXG box which is a monster. Selling for $900 shipped. Li
  4. Two sweeties for sale. Disregard the TE Exotic putter (she hasn't sat for 30 days yet post ad..lol) anyhow, here you go: Oddy Big T black shafted with new SS 2.0 and cover included. 34.5" and in excellent condition. $125 shipped Oddy O-Works 2 MCS black shaft too. 33" with good condition SS Claw and cover included. Condition is excellent as well. $120 shipped. $210 for both shipped. Both to the 48's only. Please ad $5 west of Miss. Thank you all.
  5. Ok gang....bored here and looking to buy a putter. Nothing extravagant, $200 or less please. Send me what you have, doesn't matter the style, or the brand. Some days I putt good with 8802 and #9 styles, other days I putt cross hand with mallets or long necks. It's always in my head that's for sure, anyhow, please let me know what you have and what you're looking for shipped to Ohio. I'm certain I'll get a few replies so if I don't answer that means I'll pass, so no offense ahead of time. Text always works well too. Been here for years and PayPal is ready for the right stick. Thank you 33
  6. Best of luck to you and your boys. I'm sorry to read this. Obviously I don't know your situation but I hope the best for you. Great gear too...wish there was something I could use there. God bless
  7. WTB....Oddy O-Works Jailbird Mini preferably black. Need double bend shaft no slants. PayPal ready to go. Black shaft would be HUGE!!
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