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  1. Great shape. 15* TM M-2 3wood with Motore Speeder VC 7.1 stiff at 42.5". Face and top clean with no pop ups. No stock cover but will definitely send one from the backups. $125 shipped to the 48's. Please add $3 west of the Mississippi. Thank you
  2. Done for season, and moving her along. TM M-5 Tour 10.5, with Speeder Evolution 661 Stiff. Driver is in outstanding condition. Top and face are perfect. Very few balls have seen this club. Plays to 44.25" and a pure bomber. I've had several of the TaylorMade lines, and this one has the most solid "thwack" sound at impact. Awesome combo. TM cover too. Sell for $240 shipped to the 48's. Please add $8 west of the Mississippi. Yesterday I sent a set of irons to Oregon from Ohio, and it cost me $45. Unbelievable Thank you, please PM me for anything else you need. UPDATE....
  3. Really cool set I acquired to have refinished in all black but not gonna be able to proceed. Health more important so passing these along. 3-PW, Cally X-Forged with badges removed and they look awesome. Great shape for their age. Zero browning or gouges. 3 iron has PX 5.5 Flighted, 4-PW have PX 6.0 Flighted. All factory original and stand LLL. Grips on the 5-PW are new Plus 4's. Anyhow, sell for $160 OBO shipped to the 48's. Please add $8 west of the Miss. Thank you all. PM me for anything else you need.
  4. Good afternoon WRX community. Two easy ones to off load. First up TT XP 115's stiff, 3-PW, in good shape. Taper tip. Measurements are below: 3- 38.25" 4- 37.75" 5- 37.25" Etc etc with .50" increments Has 3 extra new grips to add. $75 shipped Next up is a very nice TM Ardmore TP 3 putter with factory black shaft, 35", with good shape SS Claw grip. Has newer Oddy head cover. Face and top very nice. No issues. Lead tape on sole. A little OCD with it as always. $85 shipped Please add $3 west of the Mississippi for shipping. T
  5. So like many of us on WRX, things change often with clubs. Mine changed with my diagnosis so off these go. Mizuno MP-25 irons in EXCELLENT CONDITION. Just had these built last week. Shafted with brand new PX 5.5 Flighted shafts, Soft Stepped 1x, with brand new white ferrules, and brand new GP Plus 4's in blue. Gorgeous combo. 5 iron shaft is 37.5", standard loft and lies, and these have NOT been played since picking them up from the build. Small nick on the sole of the 8 iron. (Srixon certified club builder made these for me) his work is incredible. I will also add 2 additional gri
  6. Lou, your ads are always top notch with pix and details. Beauty of a stick!!
  7. Last of the purge for 2020....Oddy Tank #7 in great shape. 35" with cover. Super stroke 2.0 in good shape. Top and face are solid. No issues. $110 shipped to the 48's only. Please add $5 west of the Miss. Thank you
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