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  1. Good Saturday to the WRX family. Two Putters looking to go quick. Both are from Covid free home. Shipping USPS insured. Taylor Made Spider Ghost, custom built with black shaft and brand new SS XL 2.0 grip with cover. Excellent condition. You'd be hard pressed to find another one this clean. Someone will love it. Length is 36". $125 shipped Oddy Tank 7 35" with cover. Jumbo Oddy grip. In excellent condition, again, hard pressed to find another this clean. $105 shipped Both to 48's only. Please add $5 west of Miss. Thank you all
  2. I'm an old crafty veteran in the gear game, and can spot fakes all day.... but this one has me confused. I did NOT buy it yet....it's a rebuild of what many guys do with this model of detour. Anyhow, some spots on the putter raise my concern. First one being the bottom of the hosel cup. Just doesn't look right. I took some pictures the best I could to show you all what I'm looking at. It looks like a half a** manufacturer process, and a Cameron does not do anything half-a**. Also the plumber's neck looks a little bit sanded down, that could be an error on the guy who refinished it, but it just does not look correct. I'm just wondering if this is a fake, or if this is just a modified job that did not turn out that well. On a side note, the feel of it is fantastic. As far as the pictures.....thoughts? Love to hear some. Thank you all
  3. One quickie for today. Excellent condition Scotty Cameron Roundback at 34" with original cover. Jumbo Scotty grip. Putter is so good. Face and top excellent. Hard pressed to find a better one. $265 shipped to the 48's only. Thank you P.s. putter shipped from Covid free home and Vaccinated. Thank you
  4. Fantastic add!! Need to shave off 4 items. There's a 10 item max on selling. Just FYI....GLWS
  5. Two quickies for tonight. First up Cameron Newport 2016, factory 34", correct cover, in excellent condition. Face and topline clean. Grip is Winn 2020, with the following extras: Scotty Cameron nylon cover in excellent shape, Velcro tight. Not a mark anywhere. Brand New Superstroke Pistol GT 2.0 in the international colors line they offer. Won't find this on golf shelves anywhere. Scotty pivot tool. Good shape too. All in for $300 shipped to the 48's. (Anyone want to negotiate a price without the extras just send a PM.) Cleveland CBX-2, 50*, all original. Has hit SIX balls indoors, so as new as it gets. $90 shipped. Both items shipped to the 48's only. Please add $5 west of the Mississippi. Thank you!!
  6. 10 items for sale. Shipping on Monday USPS priority with tracking information. Combo deals always appreciated. Apparel: Vineyard Vines tee. L, never worn $13 Antiqua BStone Vest. L. Worn once. Royal blue in color. Really cool looking. SOLD Peter Millar Vest, L, lime green, worn twice. Very warm. SOLD Charles Rivers pullover. Salmon color. L, brand new WO tags. Never worn. $20 Two long sleeve microfiber shirts. Brand new never worn, XL, both for $30 Putters: Scotty Cameron Detour C/S 34" all factory original in excellent condition. Cover very plush and clean. SOLD Oddy Milled Black Series 1. 35" and in great shape. No cover. SOLD Oddy Tank 7, 35" with cover and jumbo Oddy grip. Excellent condition as well. $85 TM Spider Ghost custom built with black shaft and brand new Superstroke XL 2.0 in 36" length with cover. Fantastic shape. Hard to find this good. $100 All items from smoke free, COVID free home. Please feel free to PM me for legit offers. Thank you very much!!
  7. Good afternoon WRX family. Two gorgeous flatsticks on the board today. BNIP Bettinardi QB-6, at 35" with cover. Head and grip factory sealed in plastic. Debated on keeping and rolling next year, but sticking with mallets. You will not find one priced better brand new. $365 shipped Next up Oddy C/S WH RX V-Line Fang, with factory installed Black shaft at 35" with Tour Sensr 140cc with cover. Condition is excellent, I was told originally this was tour issue, I have no way to verify that, nor do I care, it just is very unique and I have not seen another one like it. Someone will love this thing. SOLD shipped Both putters will go out Monday morning USPS priority insured, from Ohio to the 48s only. Please add $5 west of the Mississippi. You can thank our friends at the government for the ridiculous shipping out west. Not interested in trades unless it's something that absolutely blows me away. Preference is sell. Thank you all!! Go Bucks, Go Browns!! Feel free to text me for much faster reply... 330-495-9848
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