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  1. Very solid condition. Gamer Betti BB-53, 36" 395 head weight. I just put a brand new Winn mid-size grip and bought a brand new cover to go along with the putter to the new owner. The original cover is pretty tattered. Condition of this putter is good. Face and top good. Some minor rusting in cavity. Doesn't bother me at all. $165 shipped to the 48's all in, OBRO. Please ad $5 west of the Mississippi. Thank you
  2. I'm admiring all the background pix. Awesome collection of TM 300's, Miura Mac's, Steve Pate bag, crap ton putters..... The list goes on and on! Awesome post
  3. Looking for a blade cover. They're some on the bay pretty cheap but would rather support a WRX member. Please PM me. Don't want the fancy collection or high end. Just a solid thick cover. Thank you
  4. Good evening WRX crew. First up...MODS...the putter has waited 30 days so I'm all good now. Tour Edge Exotics Center Shaft 35" with new SS 2.0 red. Putter in excellent condition and saw one round only. Paid over 125 for it but needs moved along. SOLD shipped. Next up EXCELLENT CONDITION as well PXG 0211 GW with C-Taper Lite 105R. Standard length and excellent PXG mid sized grip. $80 shipped Thank you! P.s. Callie not for sale. She's a beaut!!
  5. Good evening WRX crew....one late night posting that will entertain you....PXG 0211 Dual Core 4-GW, with professionally installed C-Taper Lite 105 REG Flex. Standard LLL off a 38" 5-iron. These are in fantastic condition, just had these built from a highly respected member on this site who's been here for years. Someone will be more than pleased that's for sure. Grips are brand new PXG midsized. Please PM me for anything else you need. Thank you. $750 shipped to the 48's on Tuesday. Thank you!! Feel free to text me for faster reply.. 330 495-9848
  6. Ok folks, one toy on the block today. TM Mini Driver 11.5* with Haz Smoke stiff. Plays at 43.5" and you can smoke bombs with this thing! Condition is great and no pops or scratches. I have the Mini 13.5 and both are almost the same so this one is leaving my bag. Has Titleist cover. $215 shipped to the 48's on Tuesday. (Monday holiday) Thank you all.
  7. Good afternoon WRX family. Up for sale a one of a kind custom build. Mizuno JPX 921 Hot Metal Pros, 4-GW, with KBS Limited Tour Series steel shafts in white regular flex. Standard length, loft, and 1* upright. I had these custom built from a very reputable member on this site who has dealt with plenty of members here. His work is fantastic. Built to D-2 SW across the set . Let the pictures do the talking. These shafts play stiffer than normal. They play to a perfect soft stiff or a perfect firm which I absolutely love. I am playing regular flex in my irons, and these are awesome. I know someone will absolutely love these. The serial numbers match, except for the GW, that is a different number. Grips are multi-decade gray and black in good condition. The overall grade of these irons is an easy 9-10, they are in fantastic condition. Please look at all the pictures and send me a PM or a text for anything else you may need. SOLD shipped to the 48's in the Mizzy box. Please add $10 for shipping west of the Mississippi. If you would like to make a legitimate offer, please be respectful, you will not find another setup like this. I am in no hurry to sell these. Have a great day 330 495-9848
  8. Good afternoon WRX family. This one is flat out gorgeous. Evnroll ER8 mallet, 35", with new SS Pistol 2.0 grip. I bought this from the original owner who got it from the tour, however I have no proof of that, and quite frankly I couldn't care less. Tour issued gear does not mean much to me personally. This is a murdered out flat black putter from the factory all original except the grip, and it is in absolute pristine condition. Very slight toe hang, cover included, the feel is fantastic as well. Someone will absolutely love this. $255 shipped to the 48's only. I cannot ship until Monday as I will be out of state today through Sunday. Trades for other putters considered. PM me for a potential deal. One final thing... Lately on other items I've posted, I've been getting a lot of offers and PMs, stating "I'll take it" and then people end up ghosting on me which I find absolutely incredible, but it still happens. If you want it great, if you don't, do not waste anyone's time. Thank you everyone for listening to my public service announcement
  9. Absolutely gorgeous putter. Evnroll ER2CS, Custom Built. 34.5" with brand new Apollo Gloss black shaft and brand new Rosemark 1.25 Argyle RWB grip. Very slight toe hang. Feel is outstanding. Condition is absolute MINT. You will not find a cleaner putter next to new. Cover included. Take a look at the pix. $300 shipped to the 48's. Thank you
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