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  1. Ok not drunk but a huge country fan and this putter cost me first place today and yes, some pops here and there wants to make me sell it NOW. She's a beaut...yeah right...maybe to someone else with NO beer googles on and no 3 putts. I'm done with her and I LOVE CENTER SHAFTED PUTTERS.....so here you go....Tour Edge Exotics C/S David Glod Center Shaft at 35" with newer SS 2.0 in red. Cover too. Great shape. Lead tape on sole and yes I have some OCD. Buy it for $110 with a new sleeve of BStone Divide balls that are awesome or without. Thank you!! $105 with balls $97 without
  2. Good afternoon. One quick one today. Great condition Oddy 2-ball Ten Tour Lined 35" with brand new SS Flatso 3.0 and the colors match perfect. Head cover too and kudos to Callaway for making an excellent cover. Anyhow $225 shipped to the 48's. Please add $5 west of the Mississippi. Thank you
  3. Two awesome flat sticks needing new homes. First is an Odyssey Tank 1W at 34" with 3.0 Flatso in great shape. Top line and face is excellent. Cover too. $105 shipped Next is an immaculate Mizuno M-Craft V at 35" with brand new Tour Sensr blue 140cc. Has cover and weight kit. Feel and balance so good. $220 shipped Both shipped to the 48's only. Please add $5 west of the Mississippi. Thank you
  4. Excellent condition. No pops. No dings etc. Used seldom. Sat as back up and time to move. With cover. Hit some mad bombs with this one. Very fun to play. $180 shipped to the 48's. Thank you
  5. Great set up here for sale. 4-PW, standard length off a 38" 5-iron. Lofts standard. Lies are 1* upright. Factory installed Recoil F-3 (Reg/Firm) Grips are BRAND NEW Tour Wrap Mid Sized white. Serials match. Grade 8+ for sure. Kept very clean. No browning or rust. Someone will be pleased for sure. $450 shipped to the 48's. Grips alone cost me $80 alone last week. Please ad $10 west of the Mississippi. Please PM me for anything else you need. Thank you
  6. Good morning WRX crew. I have a 100% gamer Scotty on the block. Would be an incredible refinish candidate for sure. 35" with original bomber cover. The cover has a hole in it too. Again....total gamer or get her redone. She sits beautiful as is in my opinion. I also set the flash on the pictures at the highest level to show every imperfection available with lighting. I've been around for way too long to try to pass off something that is not accurate. Sell for $400 shipped to the 48's via FedEx or USPS depending on the location. Thank you all. Enjoy the Open Trades for other putter
  7. Good Sunday morning to the WRX family. Four putters looking for new homes. All are in excellent to next-to-new condition. Always kept in fantastic shape. All have original spec covers too. Scotty Cameron Phantom 6 STR, 34", in absolute fantastic condition. Not a mark anywhere. Very slight toe hang. $SOLD shipped. All original factory grip. Best in show here. Taylor Made TP Balboa (#9 style). Another absolute gem. 34" with KBS black shaft and brand new SS 1.0 Pistol and headcover is brand new. Complete package here of a sweet #9 style. $185 shipped. Odyssey
  8. Some beauties to unload. Two putters to start. Custom built BG Mac C/S with brand new Apollo Gloss black shaft and brand new SS 2.0 Pistol. 34" and a Beautiful putter. Strip of lead tape wrapped around her. Cover too. Putter is so solid. $75 all in. Gorgeous and PRIME condition Bettinardi BB1 at 35" with cover. Finish is awesome and all original. Cover excellent too. Also, as a bonus, a brand new in tube SS 2.0 in lime green that accents this stick amazingly. $220 shipped. You'll be hard pressed to find a cleaner BB. Finally...great condition set of Mizzy MP 25's
  9. Two flats looking for new homes. First up Odyssey White Hot RX in red finish. All factory standard at 35" with cover. Condition is MINT...totally a beauty. $120 shipped Next up a Scotty Cameron Futura 7M, factory 34" with cover and just today installed a brand new unused Super Stroke Arm Lock installed at STANDARD install, not the armlock on side. Lime green color pops for sure. This putter is a gamer for sure. Some marks on her but rolls a great ball. Grip install today was $40 alone. $205 shipped. Take both for $305 shipped. Both to the 48's only.
  10. BOTH putters sold to one owner. Thank you all for the interest in them
  11. Good afternoon on a Saturday of the USOpen. Gotta love it. Selling some gear that is sitting around. As always, feel free to text me for any additional questions or offers. On to the goods: Scotty Cameron Futura X, 34" with cover and brand new SS 3.0 and this putter truly is MINT condition. I don't like to use that word often on this forum, as my opinion of mint is very different from others it seems, but you will be hard pressed to find another one like this next to brand new. Someone will absolutely love this, the cover is just as clean too. SOLD shipped Oddy Tank 7,
  12. Good afternoon WRX family. I have the ultimate combo set of Mizzy irons on the block. Here's full scoop: Custom built set of 921 long irons, 4-5-6-7 in Hot Metal. The 8-9-P-G 921 Hot Metal Pros. The owner I got them from had them rebuilt and properly spec'd. Shafts are PX 5.5 LZ's. The swing weights were all over the board, and now they are correct. D3 and D2 for the split. The 4-5 are 1* flat. The 6-7-8 are standard, and the 9-P-G are 1* upright from Mizzy Standards. They are standard length and factory grips. Condition of this set is excellent. They have approximately six rounds total o
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