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  1. Good afternoon WRX family. Two gorgeous flatsticks on the board today. BNIP Bettinardi QB-6, at 35" with cover. Head and grip factory sealed in plastic. Debated on keeping and rolling next year, but sticking with mallets. You will not find one priced better brand new. $365 shipped Next up Oddy C/S WH RX V-Line Fang, with factory installed Black shaft at 35" with Tour Sensr 140cc with cover. Condition is excellent, I was told originally this was tour issue, I have no way to verify that, nor do I care, it just is very unique and I have not seen another one like it. Someone will love this thing. SOLD shipped Both putters will go out Monday morning USPS priority insured, from Ohio to the 48s only. Please add $5 west of the Mississippi. You can thank our friends at the government for the ridiculous shipping out west. Not interested in trades unless it's something that absolutely blows me away. Preference is sell. Thank you all!! Go Bucks, Go Browns!! Feel free to text me for much faster reply... 330-495-9848
  2. Two goodies needing new homes. Great condition Oddy Black Series Milled 1, all original at 35". Face and top good. No cover but will be shipped tight. $79...now $70 TM Hi-Toe 52 copper wedge with factory installed Black Onyx S300. Standard specs. Half dozen rounds. Solid shape and patina looks great. Newer white mid sized grip. SOLD Both shipped to the 48's. Please add $3 west of the Mississippi
  3. Had one on this site and sold it. I know..... we've all been there.....well maybe not all....but you get my point. Looking for heel shafted PXG Bat Attack. Must be clean and cover. Thank you!!
  4. Just took this in and realized my season is over here and don't have the patience to sit on it over the winter, Haha, so someone else can enjoy her. She's a beautiful stick. 33" KBS shaft, with no grip so you can regrip to your choice. Headweight sold to me at 365, 4:00 toe hang. Putter is in EXCELLENT CONDITION, milling soft on face and no over stamping anywhere so you can customize it on your own terms. Carbon finish, and looks so good. I emailed the owner of GW and he's a solid guy to work with. I will include a brand new wicked smiley cover from CNC golf. The Goodwood quality is superb and quite expensive. Check out his site and reviews. His products are awesome. Sell for $300 shipped to the 48's. Please add $5 west of the Mississippi. Will go out USPS with tracking. Thank you all.....putter trades considered.....mostly want to sell. Text me for much faster results. 330 495-9848
  5. Two quickies. Both brand new. No issues. No worries. Smoke and Covid free home. Thank you Ham & Egg driver cover. Brand new never used. From Pins and Aces site and currently sold out. Yours for $35 TM Spider White. Same as above. $18 Both shipped to the 48's. Thank you
  6. Absolute beauty of a putter. Just had this custom made from a reputable member of WRX and his craftsmanship is excellent. TM Spider Ghost, 35.5", with new SS Flatso XL 2.0 and new matte black shaft, 68* lie angle and cover. Cover is in decent shape but works well. You'll be hard pressed to find one this clean. I have two 16-gram black TM weights in the wings and works great with the 50-gram counterbalance in grip. I have over 170 in the build, but needs to go. $145 shipped to the 48's. Please add $5 west of the Mississippi. PM me for anything else you need. Thank you!
  7. Good Saturday morning to the WRX family. Two amazing flatsticks on the block. First is an absolute MINT condition Evnroll ER2 CS with brand new black shaft and brand new Rosemark argyle grip. 35" with cover. You won't find another one like it. It's so pure. $280 shipped. Next is an Oddy 7 Tank, 35" with Winn Odyssey jumbo grip that I love. Has cover. Again, so clean and you'd be hard pressed to find a cleaner one out there. $115 shipped. Both shipped to the 48's only. Please add $5 west of the Mississippi. USPS insured for full amount. Feel free to text for anything else and faster reply. Thank you very much. One final note....sending a PM saying "I'll take it" and then waiting to send PP doesn't fly. You want it, pay it and it's all good. 330 495-9848
  8. Excellent condition set of Mizzy JPX 825 Pros. 4-PW. Matching serials. Elevate Tours in REG flex and shafted off a 38.25" 5 iron. Grips are Plus 4 standard. These irons are in fantastic condition, you will be hard pressed to find a set as clean. This is the last generation before they went to the chromoly Forged, and to me these feel a lot softer. Someone will be very happy with this set. $285 shipped to the 48's only. Please add $10 west of the Mississippi. Sorry you west coasters, shipping's a mother anymore. Not really looking for trades, however I could be tempted if it was something I like, so feel free to send a PM with something good. Please nothing old and junky. One final thing.... Please do not send me a PM stating you will take the set, and then take over an hour or two to send payment, and then get mad because somebody else stepped in ahead of you. If you want the set, then pay immediately. I hate to say this, but it has happened far too often this year. Thank you again.
  9. And you can PM me if you have issues instead of making a dumb comment
  10. Two quickies tonight. BOTH shafts measure 43.25" in each and play to 44.25" in respected drivers. First is Evenflow PX 6.0 in the PXG tip. Grip new Tour Wrap Mid white. $65 shipped Next is Speeder Evolution Tour Spec 661 in the TM tip. Stiff with new Tour Wrap Mid white. $65 shipped as well. Please add $7 west of the Mississippi. Thank you.
  11. Very solid condition. Gamer Betti BB-53, 36" 395 head weight. I just put a brand new Winn mid-size grip and bought a brand new cover to go along with the putter to the new owner. The original cover is pretty tattered. Condition of this putter is good. Face and top good. Some minor rusting in cavity. Doesn't bother me at all. $165 shipped to the 48's all in, OBRO. Please ad $5 west of the Mississippi. Thank you
  12. I'm admiring all the background pix. Awesome collection of TM 300's, Miura Mac's, Steve Pate bag, crap ton putters..... The list goes on and on! Awesome post
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