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  1. Exactly. The LB version in the previous model was hard to find and if I remember right, only in the 60.
  2. @eagles88 dont get down on yourself. I'm 36 years old, 6'1 285. And I average about 275 yards, with the occasional 300 yarder. And since really working on my swing I've dropped my handicap down from 18+ to 5 in 20 months now. But this is the beauty of golf. No person with my body type is winning the 100 yard dash, or playing PG in the NBA, or scoring from a bicycle kick in the world cup, or lifting the Wimbledon trophy. Not going to happen. But look at guys like John Daly, Stadler, Cabrera, Tim Herron, Lowry, Beef Johnston, Claydon, Aphibarnrat, Carl Petterson that have won on tou
  3. I like hybrids in that loft range. Very versatile, although I might look at a larger profile hybrid. I prefer more iron like hybrids when replacing an iron in the bag, but when replacing a wood, something more like a g425, ts2, super hybrid, still gives you that extra forgiveness and launch. That being said, hybrids tend to miss left for many players. So trying to fix a left miss with a hybrid is like trying to dry off with a wet towel.
  4. I dont disagree with Monte, but in that clip, I think he is exaggerating the extension by standing a bit taller. You do need to extend the right side, but extension and height are different. In his full speed swing his head is at the same height or actually lower at the top of the backswing.
  5. sometimes the same monitor will read 2 heads different. so ball speed should be the focus in a fit. dont choose one because your club head speed was 2 mph so it must be better. now if you are getting 2mph more ball speed, then that is something to explore.
  6. forward shaft lean at impact. hands higher at impact than the were at address. pulling the handle and club up and to the left. the body has to lower to return the clubface to the ball and also helps to shallow the swing.
  7. Hit the 425 hybrid for a good 15 minutes on the launch monitor. looks great, feels great, only likes to go straight. going to be a winner.
  8. most good players have some sort of trigger to the motion. it's hard to start from absolute stillness. Matt Wolffs open hips, Dufners waggle, Jacks head drift, Sergios grip pump, Stenson's forward press. I prefer just to step into the lead foot and start back from there.
  9. the arm action isnt terrible. your hip turn stalls to early and makes the arms look like they are drifting for too many frames. you need a little steeper shoulder turn. trying to feel like the left shoulder is made to point at your right foot. its okay if your center of gravity feels closer to the ground. this will help with your takeaway which is a touch inside. you should feel more left side bend and like the right side is really extended. you are right about the hit impulse. you stand up and stall a bit and flip at it. you need to sit down more, shallow more, and hi
  10. more bounce, less loft. couple abnormally cold and wet days in Phoenix has me going back to an older set of CG14 mid bounce wedges. Finding much more ease with the 58/10 set up versus my normal 60/6 around the greens. doesn't quite have the feel of those precise shots from a tight lie, but its safe everytime.
  11. I do have an Adams XTD hybrid in the bag. going to give cg14 wedges another run. i have a 54/58 set that was hardly used. and i've been thinking of swapping out my Apex hybrids for something a little easier to launch. The F7 hybrids might fit the bill. How are you getting along with them?
  12. cp2 pro. looks good with the srixon color way.
  13. i usually dont get chances at long putts because i always chip in or hit within 8 feet from 150, so i'd have to say long putt would probably be a better feeling.
  14. is your handicap going up/down/stable? if you are an improving ball striker, i'd go zx7 8-w. You aren't giving up as much forgiveness as you think in those lofts, and the feel and consistency is improved.
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