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  1. The club I am drooling over.... A Ken Giannini putter. Especially when your initials are KG.
  2. This is a different argument. Can a shorter hitter beat a long hitter? Of course, we see that all the time. The question is, would Webb Simpson and Zach Johnson be better players if they could hit the ball 25 yards farther (assuming no swing changes, just more speed)? Of course. The further a player hits it, the better they will be at golf. Not that they will be better than someone else, or worse than someone else. They will be better than their previous self. All of us guys that are hitting 270, if you could hit 300 tomorrow you would be better. You will undoubtedly sh
  3. S300 is the heaviest and will help tip SW in the right direction. Lead tape may still be needed. This could results in a pretty heavy overall weight, so make sure you are cut out for it. If you are going with another shaft (depending on your swing speed), consider soft stepping an X flex. In the Modus or Project X that will add an extra 5-6 grams or so. And when you add lead tape to the clubhead, the shaft flex will be weakened as well. Could easily have an X play similar to the S, but take advantages of the extra weight.
  4. use something like smart ball my tour striker. a empty small range bucket works, or get a ball from the dollar store.
  5. I hear ya. Your swing needs a complete retooling though. Previously, I was rudely complimenting your ability to shoot in the 80's, because you look like me swing left handed. However, I'd be lucky to break 100 off hand. So you have some ability, and if you can unlock your swing you will see alot more distance and control. I'd listen to Monte and just go through all of his videos that you can find on youtube. Start with the basics. Do not ignore anything. What did he say first? Grip. Grip, Posture, Backswing (making a turn), Transition (using some legs). Look up videos
  6. i've got forged irons and occasionally I drive the ball 330+ into the wind and through the fairway and find myself in the desert. And unfortunately, even though my swing speed obliterates most rocks, sometimes you come out with a battle wound. That looks mostly cosmetic, and since you don't hit the ball there, is not an issue. If you feel like the sole or leading edge is compromised, you can gently hammer it or dremel it back down.
  7. I'm in your same boat. same current speed, same goal. just started a week ago. Doing overspeed as a cardio warmup, and weights afterwards. No idea if that is the best solution, but it has to be better than eating Arbys on my lunchbreak.
  8. for some reason, my nemesis (besides the obvious downhill lie) is a sidehill lie where the lie and shot shape align. Meaning, if the ball is above my feet, it should promote a draw. And the pin is tucked behind a bunker on the left side of the green, so a draw would be the desired shape. Perfect. Aim at the right center of the green, make good contact, ball should move right to left towards the hole. And that's the theory, but instead it fades several yards and I am in the right side fringe. Every time. Every time. Well then, eventually you would think to just aim at th
  9. For most, I'm willing to bet that huge swing library is more like different prefaces to the same book. and this is coming from the guy that needs to hit a small bucket before the round to find out if he is going to be hitting a draw or fade today.
  10. Sitck with a more players hybrid, and look for something with some weight in the shaft. More likely to keep the flight and spin down. Older Adams are great. I have one myself, but the ones branded Tight Lies are probably not the best option for you. Pro A12, 9031, XTD. But my ultimate recommendation is the 2016 Callaway Apex. There is a bit of a cult following of these for a reason. I'm gaming 2 now and have 1 in the backup bag. Very reminiscent of a Adams hybrid. Workable but forgiving. Plenty long. And doesn't want to go left as most hybrids do. One of the few that I feel comfort
  11. Ping G410+ Sim Max 3W Callaway Super Hybrid at 19* (5W replacement, thank me later) Ping G410 4 and 5 hybrid Srixon 585 6 iron 1* weak Srixon 785 7-PW Zipcore 50 mid, 54/56 mid, 58/60 low
  12. conventional widsom is FAST greens HEAVY putter. slows down the stroke. but different folks...
  13. agreed. Mostly use a GW as a full swing shot as well, so I don't feel that I am that picky about bounce and grind. Just want something to fly my number on a predictable trajectory and spin from good lies. I am constantly 100-120 out, but I can't get a club that looks and feels right. I'm quite sensitive to the weight or something as well. The search continues. Zipcore is next.
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