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  1. bought a three pack at a local shop for S&Gs. i got the cheaper two piece ball. ball flies straight. feels like plastic though and seems short. maybe the 3 piece is more playable, but this just is something to mess around with for me. definitely would never game it.
  2. [quote name='sallyboy7153' timestamp='1328060349' post='4188415'] Amp, RBZ, S3, r11, Razr x, burner 2.0 all the same range. Game Improvement [/quote] ive been looking at the amps. but the S3s are getting so cheap right now.
  3. whatever....bender....pimp....dollar dollar bill yall.... [left]this is why the amp line is orange. [/left]
  4. cobra makes some nice stuff. didnt think they had those amp pro prototypes in them though. great move to cobra though. just for the attention and power. wouldnt see titelist releasing a line of orange clubs. but cobra
  5. Mahan explains the deeper turn here. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tb47rMFf-J8[/media]
  6. hmm. i am probably a large but buy XL because they seem to shrink down on my fingers.
  7. [quote name='salt' timestamp='1327286984' post='4137581'] [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29fnVyAJJto"]http://www.youtube.c...h?v=29fnVyAJJto[/url] Her height is short (163 cm), and she developed this driver swing for extra distance when junior. She says this swing gives her extra 15 yards. What do you think? [/quote] seen alot of people take that step toward the target to start the downswing with a driver. that will give you more distance if you can hit it straight. but thats certainly a different backswing. dont see why you couldnt make that work.
  8. are you correctly adjusting your ball placement and weight distribution at setup for the longer iron?
  9. i am not a swing coach, but to my eye your distance from the ball looks fine. with a wedge, you just want the butt end of the club to be about a fist away from your zipper. you are coming OTT a bit. i believe that you are firing your hips too quickly. if you swing a little more weight onto the left side, you will establish a better pivot to turn around on. then you can let the hips go, and your hands will fall down behind you and attack from the inside. [quote name='qspilotcmh' timestamp='1327281253' post='4136943'] I worked on my 9 to 3 drill again today and focused on a connected takeaway. Again my 9 to 3 drill was more like a 10 to 2 drill but I use to have a very long backswing so this feels very short to me. My ball striking was better than yesterday and I am start to love my SW. Oddly I posted issues with 50 yard pitches 2 weeks ago but after working on this drill again they have went away. Today 35 out of 50 were very solid with a few fat and thin. I took two videos from DTL. They first video showed my lack of rotation and long back swing. My second video was better with a better turn but still to long of a backswing. After reviewing the video at home it looks like I am standing too close to the ball but it felt right at the time. Will moving away slightly help my swing plane? Using V1 software I can see my club coming slightly OTT on the downswing. Overall I think it is a lot better in 2 days. I did hit a few drivers and they were ok distance but very straight. Here is the video. Any advice is welcome. [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVgbCW0-Awo"]http://www.youtube.c...h?v=tVgbCW0-Awo[/url] [/quote]
  10. this may be a repost, but heres Hunter Mahans "wide to wide" drill. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eus0GYuddnA[/media]
  11. [quote name='shakey' timestamp='1327243529' post='4133885'] I can't wait for my set to get here. I have them ordered with DGs300's. [/quote] nice. let us know how you like them.
  12. That was a great contest. a decent chunk of that field has under 20 posts, so I do hope they give some feedback on these irons.
  13. weights are meant to lower the center of gravity.
  14. Monte is right on as usual. Hip slide, then turn. Most amateurs turn to quickly. That opens the face and its slice city. Slide them and give your arms some room.
  15. I am preparing for some lessons and made this swing sequence image as a study guide. thought this might be of some use to you guys. the 9 to 3 drill is basically the left 3/4s of the picture. and these were some of the golfers that were mentioned as having similar swings to what slicefixer teaches. edit - direct link if image is too large for the forum frame http://i.imgur.com/PVtx2.jpg
  16. those look a million times easier to hit than the forged pro combos.
  17. good to see Aiken involved. animals have it bad. theres a million organizations that are worthy of support, so people like me that are not partial to anything in particular do nothing. he's found something close to home and uses his stage to promote a good cause. thats commendable. i hope he is able to drum up support. [quote name='Stretch' timestamp='1327163865' post='4129947'] The hat this week is in support of Rhino Revolution, an organization that tries to combat the poaching of rhinoceros in South Africa for their horns. Aiken has his own charitable fund that supports these efforts. The problem is very, very bad right now. Because of the demand from Asia, where it's used in "traditional" medicine, a single horn can be worth $500,000 - $1,000,000. With that sort of money at stake, the poachers are able to deploy major resources. The latest trend is shooting them from helicopters, landing, hacking off the horns, hopping back in the choppers and disappearing into thin air. It's a foul business. [url="http://www.rhino-revolution.com/"]http://www.rhino-revolution.com/[/url] [/quote]
  18. $145 wouldnt be too bad, but id have to be sure that i am going to like them better than the $110 dollar clevelands. and im not sure how i could demo them, so its really relying on reviews. so thank you ingraha3. with the giveaway i hope to see a couple more reviews popping up here.
  19. for some reason i really felt that i was going to win these. wasnt in the cards. please guys let us know how you like them. i will be in the wedge market very soon.
  20. kbs in steel and matrix in graphite. awesome. really hope to demo these.
  21. some would be surprised how many drivers stamped 10.5 are actually 12 degrees. [quote name='square' timestamp='1327093585' post='4126173'] On a 460CC size head too much loft may be counterproductive, to both distance and accuracy. 10.5* is more than enough loft to offer exceptional forgiveness. With the current 460CC heads there is a point of diminishing returns at both too little loft, 8.5* or lower, where accuracy is compromised. And when loft becomes too much, above 11*, quality of ball contact and trajectory problems emerge. Manufactures have tried promoting 460CC driver heads at both ends of the loft range. For a time there were a few component makers offering 5* and 6* driver heads. Players found accuracy too challenging.And there was a trend towards "thrivers" (driver head size with 3-wood lofts), which were 460CC heads of 12*, 13*, and 14* lofts. That trend died down because it became apparent enoprmous heads with too high a loft create too much spin. So the sensible , playable lofts for the modern 460CC size heads are within the 8.5* to 10.5* range. Someone looking for a forgiveness-through-lofts club for tee boxes is best off playing a 15* 3-wood. The current 200CC or so 3-wood's are large heads, very forgiving, don't overspin the ball, and a good head size match for 13* to 16* lofts. [quote name='scooterhd2' timestamp='1327089346' post='4125833'] as a high handicapper, id definitely even argue that more loft in the driver provides more distance. obviously a skilled player could hit a 8.5 farther than a 12. but with an 8.5, i tend to hit low slices that run off into the rough on the right side. give me a 12 and i can hit a high penetrating straight shot that easily carries a tour style driver. [/quote] [/quote]
  22. definitely. im not implying that Trevino is the master of the draw shot. but the OP hits fades. thats his natural swing. now some people can change their grip, swingpath, tempo, pivot, weight distrubtion, etc, to hit a draw. most people arent skilled enough to have a cut shot, a draw shot, a knockdown shot and so forth. thats how you start hooking. its much easier for most players to make minor adjustments to an already successful swing. simply change the setup and/or ball placement. thats what Trevino did. bent his knee in and moved the ball forward - and theres a baby draw.
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