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  1. There always seems to be a death in the family when an item hasn’t been shipped. Odd. That’s why I always ship promptly, so no one in my family ever dies.
  2. Carts are due back at whatever time the course states. I wouldn’t stay in any other business past posted closing time, why would a golf course be any different?
  3. I was never able to get any of their gloves to last more than a round or two...I wouldn’t even buy em again at this price.
  4. > @averysdad said: > Looks like this thread has been inactive for awhile, but I’d recommend driving off the mountain to Morganton for a round or 2. Silver Creek is super fun and relatively open. There’s also a private old school Donald Ross too...Mimosa Hills. But I’m sure if you told them you were looking to try it out for possible membership, which is a steal for $100 per month, they’d find a member to play with you. Awesome track! Silver Creek looks like a pretty course, I’ll have to try that one out one weekend!
  5. > @bostonbrahmin said: > > @shakey said: > > > @"Old Prospector" said: > > > Usually a fly on the wall in this forum but any know what these Nike’s are? New TP? > > > > Maybe a TP2? My rep said he’d be up to show the new line for Spring soon. I’ll see if that’s in the line. > > Looks more like a Nike training shoe to me. I may be hopeful of that as well because from that view those look way worse than the White/Black TP Yeah those don’t look like golf shoes.
  6. > @cbbaron said: > > @ckay said: > > > @cbbaron said: > > > > @Krt22 said: > > > > > @cbbaron said: > > > > > > @Krt22 said: > > > > > > Picked up mine as well. Tweedle dee and tweedle dumb at the register also gave me the purchase story, I also pointed out the entry form clearly says no purchase necessary. They sat there with their mouths opened as I tore one off > > > > > > > > > > Guess you showed them > > > > > > > > **** skippy I did. I may hav
  7. Wish my narrow a** size 13s would fit into those, great deal.
  8. > @jefmauke said: > > @MiniJ83 said: > > Weirdest looking AP2 I’ve ever seen. Must be fake. > > Typo, updated. Haven’t had coffee yet lol > Happens to the best of us ;)
  9. Weirdest looking AP2 I’ve ever seen. Must be fake.
  10. Style and accessories tips for Streamsong?
  11. > @texasdave said: > Just got my pair delivered and I’ll be keeping them...look a lot better in person, especially when compared with the first pictures that came out. > > In regards to size I usually wear an 11 and wear an 11 in the original TW71...I ordered an 11 in these and I think they are very similar. They are a bit snug but I think a wide would be too big and these should stretch a bit once I walk around in them. > > Finally, these are much easier to put on than the Tour Premiers...I had trouble putting those on even when using a shoe horn, these went on fair
  12. > @BigCountryStein said: > Wish they were 13.. beauty shoes! GLWS Yeah, I said the same thing lol
  13. Brand new size 14 Nike Tour Premiere, no box. Just a tiny bit too big for me. $200 shipped OBO.
  14. Those are actually the Lunar Control 4s. Great shoe
  15. > @devinh821 said: > someone better call when they go to waynesville cc! Haha, my visit is gonna be a weekend with my wife, she’ll probably frown upon me giving you her round! Lol
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