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  1. Personally found the Vokey 46 goes through the turf SIGNIFICANTLY better than the T100 PW on a full shot. The Vokey just does not dig and lifts you out of the turf way more than the set T100 wedge. Likewise, I love chipping with the 46 Vokey when there’s green to work with.
  2. Don’t mistake the shaft for altering launch. It does, but to such a minuscule effect. Loft is what primarily dictates launch. Seeing DI and Ventus black suggested in the same thread shows how wildly people’s knowledge and personal preference ranges. Ventus black is a big boy shaft. Stout. If you’re smooth, you’re way more likely to be suited to a DI/Blueboard/Tensei Blue-type profile - something that has a softer mid section so you can load it, but still has a stiff tip so feels stable. This is all on paper. If you can, test.
  3. Agree. If you're going to spend so much on a rangefinder as a V5, just get an XE.
  4. SJP1

    ZX7 vs T100

    Agree with above. T100 feels better. But T100 also looks so much better at address. Thinner top line, less offest. The beauty of T100 is it performs like a cavity, but it looks and feels like a blade.
  5. That's a shame. The XE is absolutely amazing.
  6. From Graphite Design. It’s also what I’ve found in driver, that IZ launches higher than DI. Loft is 100% the biggest factor versus shaft for launch. I’m also trying to manage spin though, to not exceed 3000rpm.
  7. Bump. In a similar boat here. Play IZ in driver and DI in fairway. I love the IZ, it’s ridiculously good for me in driver and am wondering whether the DI has a touch too much kick in the fairway. My understanding is IZ in the fairway would give me slightly higher launch, all being equal, and a just a more linear feel/less kick than the DI.
  8. Any longer term reviews on the VR? I play and love IZ in driver. I have DI in 3W and am considering switching to VR or IZ in the fairway to get a slightly tighter feeling.
  9. Generally speaking, while the driver line of G400 was excellent, the fairways were really on the slow side. Ping’s fairway speeds were much improved in G410, but they’re even better in G425 due to the new face cup. In G425, Ping fairways are now very close to the speed of Callaway, Titleist and TM if not the same.
  10. Looking for feedback on the effect of flatter lie fairway woods (Ping, Titleist). I like to hit a cut with all clubs. My bad shot is a pull/pull-draw. I'm not trying to correct a hook, which is often what flatter lie angles seem to be associated with in woods. What I'm trying to achieve is to nudge my start line slightly further right. For those who have experimented with this, have you found a flatter lie in fairways affects start line?
  11. Looks like it’s been in the bag a few weeks, at least since Phoenix
  12. Louis Oosthuizen rocking a Stability Tour at the WGC Workday
  13. XC is an update on BB (BB is still current). It’s essentially filling the same profile, as others have shown with the EI curves, but with newer materials - hence the different feel, but they’re the same profile. It’s exactly the same as IZ being an update on DI. They’re essentially the same profile, but IZ uses newer materials so it feels different (less kick) to DI.
  14. Trying to establish the shaft diameter of an Odyssey O-Works Black 3T for a Stability Tour install. Anyone know the spec?
  15. Thanks. Could you detail why you prefer the LBK over the standard K in terms of actual situations on the course and what the LBK helps with Vs the standard? Thanks for your input, appreciate your info
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