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  1. XC is an update on BB (BB is still current). It’s essentially filling the same profile, as others have shown with the EI curves, but with newer materials - hence the different feel, but they’re the same profile. It’s exactly the same as IZ being an update on DI. They’re essentially the same profile, but IZ uses newer materials so it feels different (less kick) to DI.
  2. Trying to establish the shaft diameter of an Odyssey O-Works Black 3T for a Stability Tour install. Anyone know the spec?
  3. Thanks. Could you detail why you prefer the LBK over the standard K in terms of actual situations on the course and what the LBK helps with Vs the standard? Thanks for your input, appreciate your info
  4. Out of interest, how do you play delicate greenside trap shots out of firm or wet sand? Your WITB has a LBK and a relatively wide-soled 54 with a full grind.
  5. Out of interest, how do you play delicate greenside trap shots out of firm or wet sand? Your WITB has a LBK and and relatively wide-soled 54 with a full grind.
  6. This is exactly why I'm torn. I very, very rarely open the face on my 58 unless I'm severely short-sided and need to flop. Every other shot I play with the square face technique, including bunkers. I also rarely hit a full shot with a 58, I use it for partial shots 90% of the time. The shots where I feel I struggle with the standard 58K are firm or wet sand shots, particularly if it's extremely close range to a tucked pin, there's just too much bounce to nip it out in those conditions. But I also don't want to remove so much bounce and am wondering if a
  7. Thanks for the reply, appreciated. Does the trail edge relief help the leading edge sit lower to the ground?
  8. I love K Grinds and play a 54K and a 58K. But, I'm keen to have a lower bounce K option in the 58 for tighter lies and firmer sand. I'm wondering which is the best option between ordering a Low Bounce K, or, ordering a standard K with trailing edge and heel relief. I suspect at 6* effective bounce the LBK could be too low bounce (my bad shots come from too much shaft lean). But, I'm wondering how much bounce a standard K with trailing edge relief will actually take off? The handground option seems thge most sensible, but at a $75 upcharge, it's also not a ch
  9. it could be an optical illusion because of the amount of illustration on the face, but the face of the TSi3 looks suuuuuuuuuper deep
  10. Slightly different but Callaway credited Ruger (Sturm, Ruger & Co.) on the early versions of the original Great Big Bertha driver.
  11. SJP1

    Vokey SM8

    How are you getting on with this K Grind? I play a K grind in both 54 and 58 but am wanting to trim a bit of bounce off with a new 58 so I have a lower bounce option in 58, and a higher bounce option in 54. I'm thinking the low bounce K is too low bounce at 6*, so wondering if the standard K with trailing edge relief is the way to go. I also like he idea of more heel relief to help through sand. I play with the square face/low handle technique in the sand. If you could provide some feedback on how you're finding this wedge, that'd be great - particularly if you'
  12. Any more feedback or longer term review? Rare tour sighting last week with Doc Redman: https://www.gettyimages.com.au/detail/news-photo/doc-redman-of-the-united-states-lines-up-a-putt-on-the-news-photo/1266643034?adppopup=true
  13. What should a standard 917 18* fairway head weigh (total weight with cartridge in)? Considering a head the seller has described as “Japanese spec” so am wondering if that means it’s light? It’s at 213g. Any help appreciated ?
  14. Which is all true. Additionally, engineers have so many more options of how to do that better with carbon. It's a bit like, why are shaft companies interested in outfits like Torayca continuing to develop new grades of carbon fibre? Why don't they just call it a day at T1100g, move on and call it a day? Because new materials allow them to do more things and do more things differently. Why? Cos it might be better for some people. I don't think anyone's expecting the world to spin the other way from all this, it's just the nature of the beast really. It's just R&D in motion, it's what happe
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