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  1. I think the top is a little over 7’ tall. Hitting from 10’ away I’ve had no issues other than a 60” wedge hitting the top on occasion and some friends skying drivers into my ceiling.
  2. Can’t ship until first or second of May when my screen comes in. Only had since first of year. $600 plus shipping OBO
  3. I’m experiencing the same. I have 10’ ball to net and my stock baby fade is a big slice with the Mevo+ with driver. Starts on target and just peels right. I can’t put a swing on the ball that draws with the Mevo+ at all. I’m mostly using TGC2019 but when I use FS Golf I see the same.
  4. *False alarm. Working again* And now mine is dead. Won’t charge. I’d hold off if I were in the market till they sort these out.
  5. Mine was already at that firmware when it arrived. Must be for the first batch.
  6. I ordered 1/24 from Rain or Shine and got my shipping notice today. Arrives Friday.
  7. Wasn’t my video bro. Just posting for folks to see. Wish they would have showed it as well. Messaged to see if they could find that data in the app. Haven’t heard back.
  8. Here’s a good video with a link to the raw data of the Mevo+ compared to a Skytrak and a GC Quad. Performs amazingly well.
  9. Par2Pro posted some videos of the Mevo+ running on TGC2019
  10. I’m in. PXG Gen2 0811X driver Fuji Pro 2.0 PXG Gen2 0341x 3 wood Fuji Pro 2.0 PXG Gen2 0317x 3 hybrid Fuji Pro 2.0 PXG 0211 4-G C-Taper lite irons PXG 0311 wedges 55 and 60 PXG Gen2 Bat Attack putter
  11. Here’s a link of a guy hitting drives and comparing it to his HD golf sim setup. Spin is very close, within 200RPM’s or less in all 6 drives. Indoors with 10’ to screen.
  12. I don’t think he’s trying to be negative as much as curb some expectations based on the past performance of radar indoors
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