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  1. Seen alot of spectacular scenic views from different courses in the rockies online. Keen to know where I should play first when me and the boys take a golf trip out there when things are back to normal
  2. I might be travelling to Manitoba with work in Spring/Summer 2022. I'll be bringing my clubs with me in the hope to get some golf in while I'm there. My work schedule with be something like 4 weeks on 2 weeks off so I'm keen to travel around on my downtime. Can anyone recommend any great courses in MB?
  3. I am going to Slovenia this year with my work and ill be taking my golf clubs with me. I keen to travel around in the hope to get a few rounds in. Could anyone recommend any great courses with scenic views?
  4. My dad to this day still uses his 1967 Ping Anser Putter and is one of the best putters of a ball I've ever seen. Curious to know if anyone else still uses a classic putter as their gamer and is performing well?
  5. Recently came across a commercial advertising Seed Golf Balls and they are marketing themselves as tour precision golf balls at a fraction of the price. Any one been using these and have any feedback? I might pick up a couple of boxes.
  6. Are there any companies, online outlets out there that make to order custom headcovers. My son has wants a different headcover for each wood he has but im struggling to find any out there.
  7. I'm about to start work on the build of my own home golf room just for fun. Theres alot of simulators out there such as Trackman, GCQuad, Skytrak, Flightscope, Foresight etc... I know prices vary from simulator to simulator but for what im building does it really matter which simulator I choose?
  8. Recently just broke my Bushnell V5 which I had only just purchased, smh. I was wondering if there is any good app alternatives that you guys know of?
  9. I have recently purchased an Oil Can Finish Scotty Cameron 009. I know that these have to be regularly oiled but im new to this area. Can anyone recommend a particular oil to use, how to apply, what to apply with and how often to apply to the putter head?
  10. Now that the weather has improved it has allowed me to incorporate playing bare foot (Or at least with socks on) during my training days on the course. I read an article years ago of the benefit playing barefoot has in ones golf swing. After trying it for several practice holes I do feel more connected and I feel as if im able to utilise the ground better. Any one tried playing barefoot and seen the benefit in their game?
  11. I'm wondering as someone interested in Collegiate golf in the US, as someone that lives outside what is the process? Do I just email coaches at different universities and share with them my scores?
  12. I'm looking for specific drills to stop a flip of the hands after impact. I tend to 'spin out' of the lower body pretty quickly from the top of the backswing to start the downswing leaving my arms and hands to far on the inside, and as Im swinging pretty fast the only way for them to go to try and catch up to out, resulting in a flip of the hands that sometimes causes a horrific snap hook
  13. @ 66/1 Garrick Higgo must be worth a wager this week. Coming off 2 quick wins on the European tour, surely he has it in the tank to replicate that success on the PGA tour. Thoughts on Garrick or another outsider for this weeks US Open?
  14. My favourite golfer of all time has to go to John Daly. 4 marriages, 4 divorces, multiple children, a failed suicide attempt, gambling addiction, diet struggles, health issues, money issues the list goes on YET he is still at the elite level competing against the best in the game week in week out (Albeit on the Champions Tour). I love how colorful he is and how much positivity he has. He's one of a kind, an absolute beauty! Keen to know what everyone else's favourite golfer of all time is and why?
  15. I have used a Scotty Cameron Napa Valley Putter since 2006 when it was released. I'm thinking about changing it up and have come across pictures of the Fujimoto Ryouhei Putter online which I absolutely love the look of. Does anyone have a Fujimoto Ryouhei Putter?
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