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  1. What happened with the amount of traffic on the classifieds? I haven’t not been here in a while, since they updated the webpage a few years back. It seems the classifieds are very slow. Is this normal? thanks
  2. Just posted a few items and not even 1 message. All pretty high end items at reasonable prices. Hopefully, this site will bounce back soon.
  3. Received my order from fairway styles. Have to admit was not impressed with the black hat. looked cheap in my opinion
  4. Fairway styles has the black and navy hats available
  5. Hopefully they workout all the kinks. I can’t even open up my messages on my iPad.
  6. Just received them and overall a great buy. Will be stocking up before everyone finds out about these.
  7. Just received them and pretty impressed. For $5 you can not go wrong. With the Under Armour bags and these I can not wait to see what else they have in their pipeline.
  8. I was hopeful with his last lotto. But did not work out in my favor
  9. Tyson Lamb Headcovers All new and only displayed. For some reason I am having a very hard time uploading photos. If you need additional photos I can always email or text them to you. Shipped with tracking and insurance. Smoke free home. Leather Quilted Headcovers $185.00 Stars and Stripes US OPEN $150.00 Not looking for any trades unless driver shafts with a Ping tip or possible Taylormade tip AD IZ 7X Tensei Orange or White Will add money on my end if necessary Thanks
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