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  1. I have one of the new Insight A3 XTD drivers. It is low spin and straight. This is one hot driver.
  2. Drivers I have owned in the last 3 years Tour HiBore 9.5 Tour HiBore 10.5 Tour TM R580 Tour TM R5 TP 10.5 Tour Launcher 400 9.5 Tour Adams RPM 420cc Quad Tour FT-3 Tour 8.5 "H" Mark Brooks Tour FT-3 9.5 Tour Tour Nike Ignite 460 9.5 Tour TM Burner TP 8.5 V1 Tour Adams Insight BUL 5000 10.5 HiBore 9.5 HiBore 10.5 HiBore 8.5 Cleveland Comp 9.5 F-Speed 9.5 Ignite 460 13 Ping G2 10 Ping G5 9 905R 9.5 J33R 460 9.5 983K 9.5 2 HiBore XL 9.5 3 HiBore XL 10.5 Big Bertha II 415 10 Redline RPM 10.5 Nicklaus 430 10.5 FT-3 9.5 Tour TM Burner 9.5 TM R7 460 TP 10.5 TM Burner TP 10.5 Adams Insight BUL 5000 10.5 Nike SUMO 8.5 Cleveland Comp 8.5 FT-3 8.5 Tour These are in no particular order.
  3. The driver feels good and sounds solid. It doesn't have the tin can sound. I only hit it on a launch monitior. It felt good, but the tee was really low, and that caused me to hit every shot on the bottom of the face. I really cannot say how hot the face is. It is supposed to be hotter than the BUL by 10%. The stock DVS 55 will not work for me, it is way too whippy.
  4. His name was Dave or David, something like that. I don't know him personally, I just ran into him in a store.
  5. The green shaft is a c-note and the grey shaft is a c-lite. I have a prototype c-note that is painted like a grafalloy blue shaft. It is in my Tour Adams Idea Pro hybrid and it is by far the best hybrid setup I have ever owned.
  6. I have thought about this many times. I have a TM Bag, but I have TM irons, so it works for me.
  7. For me, the Grafalloy Axis 75x is the best combination with the BUL 5000 head. It is extremely long and forgiving.
  8. does anyone know the release date or price point?
  9. I have purchased many times from them, but I always pick up my shafts because I live in the area. I have never had any issues, but it might be because I am able to inspect the order before I pay for it. On a side note, I have never purchased Iron shafts from them with labels already on them, they always give me the sheet of 8 labels to put on myself. Just let your credit card take care of the situation. They have a lot more pull than a person that might be angry.
  10. From first hand experience, stay with your HiBore XL. The XL is much more forgiving and easy to control compared to the FT-3. As for distance, the FT-3 is long but so is the XL. I have not hit them side by side. If the FT-3 is longer, I don't think it is enough to offset the control and forgiveness of the XL. Hope this helps you out.
  11. Rob Aekin (not sure on spelling) He is the pro at Spring Creek Ranch in Collierville. He is ranked in the to 50 in the Golf Digest poll. He is probably the best in Memphis. I know several others that are excellent and less expensive. If you are interested send me a PM and I will give you their contact info.
  12. I saw a shaft today at the range. It was a Graphite Design Prototype 2451, it was painted like a Pershing but said Tour Only Prototype 2451. Does anyone know the bend profile on this shaft? Thanks.
  13. My best experience tends to be on Tuesday night around 9pm CST.
  14. That is a good place. They have some retails stores as well.
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