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  1. When my psychologist tested me on fear of rejection I showed her my masters tickets track record
  2. If you're into ping already I would never omit the i210, even though it's an older model the combination of performance and feel is up there with anything.
  3. Always wear it on my belt. Before getting a yardage I'll always loudly ask "do you feel lucky punk?" then proceed to quickdraw my rangefinder.
  4. I play single on vacation sometimes and have been paired with random people (or I was the random however you want to see it) and have had nothing but great experiences, also if someone is paying 125+++++$ for a greenfee I'm already assuming they are either atleast a serious person or a somewhat serious player (not related to handicap more about how they conduct themselves on the course) so that helps.
  5. IMO you should just be prepared to move on when you notice things aren't working. Obviously finding a good pro and "trusting the process" are important however when you put in the effort and see limited results it might be that your trying something that just isn't for you. There's people out there who will tell you you can fix anything with enough grit and a decent plan, but going from inside takeaway over the top to a Justin Rose-esque swing just isn't very realistic and has led many people to frustration and the brink of quitting the game . Finding someone who can tell you which parts of y
  6. Everyone knows the way to keep balls reserved is to leave your iron cover on the matt.... I'd just tell the guy I never heard of such a thing, apologize and offer him his balls back. Nothing much to do unless you are willing to escalate the situation, there's just a lot of interesting folks around
  7. Pings performance is awesome too bad their woods sound like someone just used a bottle of Moët to christen a new boat......
  8. If its a front pin 3/4 52 wedge (dont mind going long) If it's a back pin 56 (don't mind being short). MIddle I'd go with 52 since it's more comfortable.
  9. Find the nearest competent fitter, travel. Buy driver and don't overthink it, there is no shaft that will cure your right miss. there is no shaft that will turn your snaphook into a "butter cut". Try to figure out which part of your performance is you and which part is the club. Unless you have infinite time and funds and want to think about what you're playing all the time, then by all means you could go for trial and error.
  10. As disclaimer I'm using a 2018 database from golfstatlab (cameron mccormicks stat tracking site). At your current level 3putts are an issue for sure. It would help if you tracked avg score on par 3 4 5 so you can see if there are any issues there (mostly avoiding bogeys on par 3s and making birdies on par 5s). You also aren't tracking birdies/doubles this could be helpful when considering different options around the course (if your shooting 80 while averaging 2 +doubles a round for example). If you want to improve you should work on scrambling for sure, however only you are
  11. 73... lost to an LPGA pro by 1 shot. 4 handicap BTW.
  12. I'd just call your handicaping committee or whoever is preventing you from participating in events, tell them your golfing history and your issue and ask them for a resolution. In the current system handicaps mean very little anymore. When even lower caps can just register their score after a random 9 hole round does anyone even care anymore? I've seen people register scores from matchplay rounds where they played well for 15 holes, won and just register it as a 15 hole round......
  13. Good on you for canceling. Don't really get what peoples expectations are when going to a place like this? If you don't specify a budget beforehand or tell them you only want to be in stock shafts or w/e your pretty much commiting financial suicide in a place like CC or any "high end fitter". Kind of like going to Chanel looking for a gift and telling them you don't have a budget....
  14. Relaxing dress code has been fine at our club, atleast it shows too many people have no clue how to dress for their bodytype so theres that.... (yes I know authenticity is great everyone should express themselves in the way they like and we should all respect that etc.etc. etc.)
  15. Think this is also about picking pins/holes where shortsiding yourself isnt that big of a deal, obviously US open rough + stimp 13 means any shortside is dead but on a public/members course this will be very different.
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