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  1. I had Rose & Fire build me a custom headcover to fit a GoLo Mid Mallet center shaft a few years ago. I'm pleased with the product.
  2. Will program members be able to sell iron heads only? I’m looking to build a 5/7/9 and the Ben Hogan irons interest me.
  3. Any recommendations for a club builder in Northern Virginia?
  4. I've not played one of their courses this year in good condition. Am I the only one? Raspberry Falls was a disaster today - from tee to green. Bull Run pummeled their tee boxes in the spring.
  5. Blue seems to be pretty easy to get a tee time Sunday AM after football Saturdays.
  6. I imagine a few of these will be bought after seeing this link! Just caved and bought two!
  7. Can't believe the L/XL buckets sold out so quickly. Hopefully they make another run. Wasn't quick enough on the draw, and it's not like Titleist had these made and ready.
  8. I imagine a few of these will be bought after seeing this link!
  9. I sent them a tweet too.
  10. I'd be all over an Odyssey if they didn't have the inserts.
  11. Best bet is to probably set an ebay alert.
  12. Looks like ASU's course website has some for sale. https://www.cgmarketingsystems.com/onlineshop/index.asp?id=9413&courseid=2887 need to click Accessories
  13. Was it any of these? http://www.usgashop....pen_Hats_Bucket ETA: just read your post again, likely not.
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