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  1. What? These are two different clubs. There’s not a bonded version of Epic Super Hybrid.
  2. It’s actually the perfect place to put an adjustable screw for swing weighting. You can adjust the overall mass and swing weight while having very little impact on MOI or CG bias.
  3. I’ve been able to do some testing with this new Epic Super and it is definitely not draw biased. It was very stable with a pretty neutral dispersion. Maybe even a hint of fade bias, but nothing crazy.
  4. I bet it’s just a wood shaft that’s tipped a bunch.
  5. Since you mostly use it off the tee, you should look into the Callaway Super Hybrid 17°. That thing is a rocket launcher on a string from the tee box. I know multiple people who swear by them.
  6. If you’re looking for a good driving iron, check out the Callaway X-Forged UT. That club is so versatile, and a rocket!
  7. I’d love to have access to the parts, tools, and mechanics that NASCAR drivers do. But I don’t race cars professionally sooooo, maybe I’ll survive hitting up JiffyLube regularly and Discount Tire. What a stupid post! I gotta say, it seems like he’s saying the same thing you are, but his post was a little more creative than yours!
  8. I think the putter was one of the first things he tried out while still a free agent and made the switch before even signing a deal. So why not get paid for all 14 clubs?
  9. It’s just paint. It’s not like KA has anything “one-off” like Willett’s shafts that were made for him.
  10. Not in lefty if memory recalls. I'm trying the UDI route but it's just not as versatile. It's only good as a tee ball shot...which is maybe like 80% of it's use, but I do like to bump chips with hybrids from tight lies and they are just flat out better out of the rough. Figure if I find a flat low spin hybrid I can make that work. How does being lefty change ball flight? I think what the previous poster is saying is that if you want to guarantee lower trajectories than it would be better to go with the 18 instead of 20 degree head.
  11. That sucks. Looks like a good result though. I’ve had similar experiences with all the other OEMs and most provide excellent service. I will say that I was always impressed with Callaways help when I had issues with their clubs in the past. Here’s where it gets interesting. I brought my driver to my club builders today and he cut it down to 44.75” and built a grip up to +1/32 as I wanted. I asked him to measure the SW and it came in at D5.1.... I took off the weight again to check and it’s definitely the 12 gram stock weight. Now I’m interested to see if it’s just a heavier head they chose for me or if it was hot melted any? Standard 45.5 is supposed to be D4 so 44.75” at D5 is really interesting. Is it the SZ version? If so, did you check the front weight to see if they put a heavier weight there instead of on the slider?
  12. This conspiracy theory is so bogus. Yes the custom painted one costs the consumer an extra $70, but it also has to cost more to produce. Simple cost/quantity modeling shows us the less of a sku you make the more it will cost to make it per unit. It would be far more beneficial for Callaway to make one color option and sell the crap out of it. The notion that they want to push people into spending an extra $70 in some scheme to make more money is just out there. Like Area 51 out there.
  13. Rick Shiels isn’t the brightest reviewer on the internet, but he seems like a likeable guy so that’s probably why he’s been successful. He didn’t seem to understand that Epic was still a current driver last year and that Rogue wasn’t an Epic replacement. Just like EF replaces Epic and Rogue is still current. So basically that’s a long way of saying the name Epic never took a break or needed to be “brought back.”
  14. Sorry to rain on your parade, but there is no chance you are getting 300-310y consistently with a 102-104mph swing speed. That launch monitor is jacked up big time and I would question any results you get from it. For reference I have been at club champion a couple times recently and on a trackman I am getting 110mph average swing speed and my longest driver (out of many dozens) was 308y (that was on a 112.3mph swing and really good launch conditions as confirmed by trackman optimizer that said with every number perfect it could have gotten to 314y at 112.3mph). Average drives were more in the 290 - 295y range. And finally, all of my yardages are confirmed on the course in real world with laser rangefinder measurements. Sorry to rain on your parade, but Trackman is notoriously incapable of accurately measuring club head speed. So trying to figure out distances based on club head speed is almost futile. Trackman is great for ball data though, so talking ball speed, launch angle, spin (axis and rpm) would be much more productive.
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