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  1. I am gonna be in the area working i was wondering what the best courses are around there. I am willing to travel a few hours in any direction. Thanks in advance
  2. I live in the bismarck area play lots of golf, if around send me a message.
  3. I have played Erin Hills, and kind of fat and could easily do it. Great course.
  4. I have played dino mountain a few times this year conditions are superb.
  5. Dinosaur Mountain is a fabulous golf course.
  6. jcleve

    Poston Butte

    Let me know how it is
  7. jcleve

    Poston Butte

    Anyone played here lately. Was wondering if it is normally in good shape.
  8. Set of Bridgestone j15 mbs 5- p Shafts are steelfiber i95 in regular flex. They are around half inch short and could use new grips. Very nice clubs. Asking $230 shipped Set of Nike vrPro blades 5-p Shafts are DG r300. Asking $230 shipped Set of Vega VM-02 5-p Heads only. Asking $137 shipped. 46*titleist sm6 f grind asking $33 shipped 54*titleist sm7 s grind asking $44 shipped thanks for looking
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