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  1. I played today at Fraserview....16*C....lol. Considering all the recent rain...it was fairly dry...though it was difficult to find balls in the rough. The greens were lousy....slow and winter kill...night and day compared to the greens at McCleery. Blah...played in the afternoon....4:40 hrs to play...oh well...public golf.
  2. Nice pic. I had to work today. :( Vancouver Club? WhiZ Looks like hole #2.
  3. Hmmmmm.....K-Drama Fresh off the press from ss.com Anyway, here's the "scandal/rumor": when In Gee fell on the escalator at the airport, it allegedly was inadvertently caused by Jang's father. I'm not sure I understand this, but it sounds like he was ahead of her on the escalator, dropped/released a suitcase, and when Chun tried to move it out of her way, she fell down and injured herself. Chun's reps apparently have issued a statement that they do not feel a proper apology for what happened was given by Jang or her dad. The fact that it was Jang's dad who seemed to cause this seems shad
  4. Where? Under what basis is your approval for residency? I assume you need to buy private health insurance...how much? I went in Jan/2012....3 nights in Bangkok....7 days golfing based at Springfield resort.....likely my best golf vacation.
  5. Thx Arg...I see CHEESE's thighs and upper arms being a bit more slim. I wonder if Gerina reads post here? :taunt: ....hmmmm...maybe not....she's doesn't play blades.
  6. Did you attend in the heydays when Safeway was the sponsor? With such a compressed sked this year and a week before the USWO....I wonder if there'll be a strong field in Portland....the saving grace is both are on the west coast. If there are no conflicts...I'll attend the KPMG in Seattle....I think if you have time you should attend too...it's a major and Sahalee is truly awesome.
  7. I'd love to see SNaP and Ha Na in a playoff....and then The Hulk drains a 50 footer for an eagle and the win on 18....then see Ha Na do her new secret dance finishing it off with...."That's the Spirit". :taunt:
  8. Arg...pls post a pic of the slimmed down CHEESE....thx
  9. I think you need a new wife. :taunt:
  10. A ball retriever....the money I save not buying balls gets reinvested into green fees to play more often.
  11. Not that I go out and watch MW play much....but I've seen her enough outside the ropes at quite a few events.....she really doesn't seem enthusiastic at the course.....kinda going through the motions. Often scribbling her name to complete the autograph signing ASAP. I just think she's getting tired of tour life....but realizes it an easy lifestyle vs, being bored in a real job making 1/20/30th of what she can make beating a white ball. If you attend events...you'll see what I mean....I think you live in Portland....I've been to the Portland event 5 times....it was fantastic when Safeway
  12. Oh....I'm a poser cause I use some TM clubs and Cobra irons...and I'm over 50 and sometimes wear a white belt. :taunt:
  13. Only young people walk? what about having a stand bag because that fits in the trunk better.v Never heard of having a stand bag makes you a poser. I said if you walk with a carry bag. In Australia almost everyone walks but most of us use pull buggys. I have a stand bag myself, but it's on a pull buggy. If I'm curt, I apologize. Huh....you guys in Oz must be a bunch of Nancy boys...oooops....I meant Sheila's :taunt: I just turned 55....have played golf for 48 years and started using a pull cart at 52.....but do carry my bag once in a while.....I can't stand using a pull cart....I also ha
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