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  1. PGATSS in Downers Grove. Tour Van Experience with Danny. Worth the fitting fee. Super knowledgeable fitter and won’t upsell you on anything that doesn’t fit you. Got me an extra 10-15 off my driver this year I didn’t even think was possible!! I won’t waste my time writing about any Club Champion. As Ronnie said above, stay away.
  2. Take a razor blade and gently run it on an angle to etch it off. That will get most of it. Be patient and go easy. Any little parts you can’t quite get will come off with some acetone.
  3. Srixon ZX UT #4 bent weak to 24* with Graphite Design IZ 95x
  4. MD5. Spin and grind options are phenomenal.
  5. +1! Would recommend this as well. Easy, controlled way to get it back to the rusty, raw look for $10.
  6. Srixon 785’s were finally what I switched to. Loved the ‘13’s!! Had played them since they were released and was very hesitant to finally move on. The X forged had a good amount of bounce and thats what fits me best. The 785’s were an easy transition with the V sole. They feel just as good, if not better, than the ‘13’s. Very happy I finally made the change.
  7. Wow indeed. Bought clubs off ebay and expect tour like build specs because you have a serial number? And you bash the company by starting a thread?! Sometimes this site can be so disappointing.
  8. Graphite Design AD-IZ was a game changer for me. Smooth and stable with high flight and consistent numbers. 85x allowed me to go at it hard when I needed and is smooth when I don’t need to. KBS hybrid shaft felt like fiberglass in comparison of the GD.
  9. Doesn’t the winner get to keep the original Claret Jug for a full year? I’m pretty sure Francesco has the real deal in his possession. Brilliant golf by him this year!!
  10. that thing has more cooties than a toilet seat in a adult movie theater. It’s not the real claret jug, it’s a copy. The original one is in St. Andrews.
  11. Kuchar’s shafts are 95 grams. Confirmed by Kim Braly at the Honda Classic.
  12. Sadly, there is no weight kit available for any Jailbird. :( My buddy has had his new mini for a while and the weights on the bottom are strictly for show. If you look closely on the sole of online pics you can tell there is no thread to the screw that would allow the weight to be removed. I was super bummed to find this out.
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