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  1. [quote name='wldchld22' timestamp='1441063758' post='12242002'] [quote name='kratt11' timestamp='1440986534' post='12237018'] Can you post some pics of the lenses on the gray flaks? [/quote] Sorry Flaks have been sold. [/quote] Damn
  2. [quote name='CCUgolfer23' timestamp='1437270984' post='11975840'] Mini sold. [/quote] damn knew I should've been on earlier
  3. [quote name='besawj983' timestamp='1437230707' post='11972642'] What's the loft on udi [/quote] Looks like it says 20*
  4. Let me start off by saying this is my first BST ad/selling ad ever, I have bought quite a few things off this site and majority of the stuff I'm selling came from here and just looking clear some stuff out. Anyway if you are nervous about buying from me I understand but if it helps I have been in the USAF for 12yrs and pride myself in honesty/integrity. All prices include shipping to lower 48 only and feel free to send offers. Paypal only Trades consist of: Scotty Futura X or X DB Odyssey Works "face balanced" putter Cobra Amp Cell Pro Irons Stiff Flex possibly a 12* Mini Driver First
  5. [quote name='Undaunted' timestamp='1435699985' post='11864804'] Don't military/police get Oakleys at a discounted rate under the premise that you don't re-sell them? [/quote] Yes ur correct we do get discounted Oakley's usually through usstandardissue.com but they dont come with any other lenses besides the basic grey and black, and yes there is a clause that states we r not suppose to re-sell them for a profit...we can also get a discount through Oakley for military I know that much but dont know about Govt Personnel...anyway Im still thinking about grabbin one of the half jackets lol
  6. Wish I would've thought about buying them retail from Nike or wish I had size 8-8.5 feet since those are the only ones still available, but I guess I need to keep up with golf apparel news...nice sale and profit ?
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