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  1. I think that's what he's saying. They swap heads often but rarely swap shaft models.
  2. Thanks! I got the extreme in 10.5 turned down to 9.5 with ventus blue 6x. It feels really good indoors. I'm hoping to get some outdoor time with it later this week.
  3. HUGE thank you to Golfwrx and Cobra!!!! I got the driver in last night and have hit it a little on the LM. Im getting some really good ball speeds. I'll post a review in the review thread when I get a little more time with it and after I've gotten it on the course. It's a great looking club!
  4. What loft head do you want to win? 16.5 What gets you excited about the Sub70 Pro fairway? After reading the iron thread and how awesome the company and Jason are to work with, I want to try their clubs. This fairway looks awesome and I haven't had one I loved in 3 seasons.
  5. Kaymer with the eagle. Always entertaining.
  6. The midsized grip and lighter shaft weight is "tricking" the sw scale (if that's how you're measuring). SW is calculated with a fixed weight for a standard grip. I've been down this road before. @Howard_Jones said in another thread he is writing up a sw post to address alot of these posts. If it were me, I'd add lead tape until you get the desired feel not sw and then contact ping to see if they'll sell the weights equal to the weight of the lead tape plus current tungsten weight, or send them to ping. With the lighter shafts, the feel will probably be a lighter sw value on the scale than a tr
  7. Cool, I don't think I've ever seen one of their clubs in someone's bag. Hopefully it's nice. We will see. With the tiffany paint and short length (32.5), I was thinking it may be a women's club. I was able to find some pictures of this model online but most were bronze looking. No clue what this one is.
  8. Well I guess my bag needs to match... Lol, that's nuts. Hopefully it's a nice putter. Doesn't look milled, and looks like it's stainless so I'm thinking it's similar to an old ping. I guess I will find out. Maybe it's made of pure gold?
  9. I'm a sucker for an anser style putter with a top site line. They're hard to come by. I stumbled across this one right as the auction was about to end and it was so cheap I just bought it. Ive heard Maruman makes great stuff but never tried it seen any of it. Anyone have info?
  10. I have access to a commercial chamber with media so I'm spoiled?. Below was my first attempt a few years ago with glass. The wedge was from sand then glass. https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/1576766/first-attempt-iron-re-finish-bead-blast-mp-32-diy#latest
  11. Try an impact bag for the flip and just hit shots. You need to get a feel and not just thoughts. Personally I'd lay off the instruction for a while and take the advice many have given. Hit balls at target. Don't think. You can probably find a video of Vijay hitting an impact sock. There are many of these aids available. https://www.ebay.com/itm/sklz-smash-bag-golf-impact-swing-trainer/133477488101?hash=item1f13e0d5e5:g:2bcAAOSwDHxfIJ74
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