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  1. My gamer is leaving the bag: 910 D3 (9.5 degrees). The shaft is a Aldila Phenom 70g stiff (red eye) with an orange Lamkin I-Line grip. Chatter on the bottom and well loved sweet spot, but the crown is super clean. Comes with the wrench and headcover (no additional weights). Club measures 45 inches. Let's go with $99 shipped.
  2. [quote name='Funkey' timestamp='1358302594' post='6236533'] Has anyone had a chance to compare both of these putters? They look to be close the MC04W has a face insert. I think the width is about the same. Big difference in price 129 vs 299. What's your opinion? Thanks [/quote] I'm a little late to the party here but I rolled both last weekend and I can tell you this - the Scotty felt 100x better than the Nike, however I was testing them on a SAM puttlab and the Nike fit me much better. Moral of the story, get fitted if possible; you'll learn a lot about your stroke.
  3. I'm with you Irish - I spoke with Ken Flannigan and almost went to see him for a fitting and a putter... the only reason I decided to go to Miles was because I was a complete headcase; I had no idea what was right and I wanted a large section of putter styles to work through. I left the fitting with a few things I may work on this year that could impact the loft I need in the putter. If I do work on those changes I'll setup a SAM session with Flannigan next year to see if a loft tweak is needed. Also, I wouldn't hate picking up one of his clubs - he makes some beautiful putters!
  4. [quote name='GoIrish17' timestamp='1396721519' post='9026959'] [quote name='saltfish' timestamp='1396664211' post='9023851'] Going for a putter analysis/fitting tomorrow... I'll let you gents know how it goes. Looking forward to getting this season started! [/quote] Where are/ did you go? How was it? Any surprises? [/quote] In a word, amazing. I went to Miles of Golf in MI this morning and got a fitting from Ken Johns - he couldn't have been anymore helpful. They have a SAM puttlab and we started with "my" putter to baseline everything. My miss is to the right, and sure enough I kept
  5. Going for a putter analysis/fitting tomorrow... I'll let you gents know how it goes. Looking forward to getting this season started!
  6. [quote name='cschamber' timestamp='1391907451' post='8626141'] [quote name='drve(in)acc100' timestamp='1391906262' post='8626021'] Whole bag looks great, but love the look of that putter in particular! [/quote] Thanks! I'll tell you that putter looks a million times better in person. Really cool experience working with Ken Flanigan. He lives like 5 miles away from the club I work at. He comes out a couple times a year to do some fittings and he seriously knows everything there is to know about putting. He brought out the Sam putting lab and in less than 30 minutes he had built me a putt
  7. [quote name='GoIrish17' timestamp='1393265801' post='8735318'] What's with the name list? Am I the only one here not in the witness protection program? [/quote] You're not the only one, I gave an alias - my real name is Carl Manneh... I just don't want anyone to know that.
  8. [quote name='Hellstorm' timestamp='1392853542' post='8704747'] 1. Brad Schultz 2. Brett J 3. Joe M. 4. Matt A 5. Bryan M. [/quote] You can count me (devin) in too - I'm 95% in (unless travel for work comes up) and I'm cool with Ellsworth or Brookledge.
  9. [quote name='GSXR330' timestamp='1393017259' post='8717558'] Alright so just to figure out at least where we're playing let's decide between Brookledge (in Cuyahoga Falls) or Ellsworth Meadows (in Hudson). If no one has a preference we'll just randomly decide. On a side note, for those who have played Firestone Private, would you choose to play the North or South course? I could do both but for the cost I'd rather choose one to do first and possibility do the other if I went again later in the year. [/quote] A vote for the North here - that's what I'd pick for my first trip there but yo
  10. [quote name='cmrl1986' timestamp='1391737099' post='8612975'] After rolling a few more different models, we determined that face balanced was they way to go for me, which made sense considering the Versa that I had putted so well with the year before is also face balanced. [/quote] Thanks for sharing - like most here a Studio B trip is on the bucket list. I was wondering if they used your Versa to baseline you fitting or did they just start from scratch? Also, did you give any thought to taking your Versa to a place with a SAM system (completely understand just scraping the current model
  11. Just got a PM from GSXR330 (thanks for the heads-up!) and I'd be game too. At the moment April 19 should work (as long as it isn't snowing). I play a season opener that's typically the last Saturday of April -- so this day should work us that gets pushed back (I'll look into it, but I don't think it will).
  12. [quote name='GoIrish17' timestamp='1389676107' post='8456723'] [quote name='erock9174' timestamp='1389674408' post='8456593'] I went to the golf show the past two years. year 1 i was sort of impressed given i hadn't attended it before. I was trying to scour every vendor and had my buddy and brother with me and they were giving me the "hurry up" look. felt rushed and left before i wanted to. Some of the better vendors...RBG, Dallas Golf... many of the others I haven't heard of before. Some vendors just had old garbage and wanted top dollar. Not sure if these people are willing to wheel
  13. Hybrid and putter sold - thanks guys! Driver shaft still available... also, fantasy team lost again last night... by 2... thanks 7 sacks from St. Louis DST. [quote name='saltfish' timestamp='1382965310' post='8067975'] Payment pending on Adams hybrid... [/quote]
  14. Hello, I figured I might feel a little better about my miserable fantasy football team if I sell some stuff I'm not using. Three items up for sale today, cash is king as I'm not really looking for any trades but, as always... I'll listen. Item #1 - adams a12 pro hybrid (18 degree) SOLD The headcover is in great shape, the face has the expected wear of being in bag for two seasons (the crown is in good shape). Shaft is a Matrix Ozik - Stiff with an orange Lamkin r.e.l. 3gen mid-size grip. Items #2 - Project X 7b3 shaft 6.5 76g with Titleist Surefit adaptor $75 OBO This shaft
  15. saltfish

    KZG Irons

    [size=3]Not sure what set you're looking at, but I picked up a set of the [color=#000000]ME-I Chinese forged irons (little cheaper than the Japanese heads) with BTR shafts and I love them! It's definitely a quality forging, but the community is right that resale value leaves something to be desired... but I was hoping to slow down my iron-ho'ing ways so I'm okay with that (for now). I think the biggest thing for me was just getting a really solid fitting so I'd stress that over any brand, but I've been extremely happy with the irons (no KZG anywhere else in the bag so can't speak for their o
  16. I'm huge fan of the signature series 5...34 inches with the red cool aid cover from 09.
  17. All gone - thanks everyone Next up a Nike VR Pro STR8-FIT Tour Driver 9.5 - Sold Finally a Odyssey White Ice #7 - Sold Let the pictures begin... Iron soles Iron backs Iron faces Iron grips Iron ferrules... you can see how a couple aren't flush with the iron head 4 iron back 6 iron back 8 iron back 4 iron face - probably least wear 8 iron face - probably most wear Let me know if you have any questions - thanks!
  18. Thanks for posting this - this is exactly the type of experience I was hoping to find here (great detail). I'm going to meet with a builder this weekend and was looking for some things to look for/avoid... I'm open to whatever; bend and re-shaft, complete new build, take up tennis... whatever. I am a little nervous because I'm not sure if they have the selection that you experienced at Pure Impact (I think this place does a lot of KZG builds) but we'll see how it goes. Either way, I know this isn't a silver bullet (don't let the "tennis" comment fool you) and I'll still be looking for the b
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