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  1. Looking for this. Who has it…
  2. Hmm. Pics tell the story really. Used several rounds, but faces/soles are pretty clean. Not much in the way of wear. I can send you different pics if needed.
  3. More stuff to get rid of. Didn't use either of these very much. Irons and wedges ordered directly from Titleist. See pics for condition. Trade Interest: - Scotty Phantom X6 STR ---------------------------------------------------------------- Titleist 718 AP2 4-PW $750 - Ordered +.5" and 2 degrees upright - Project X 7.0 Titleist SM7 Wedge Set $250 - Standard specs - Wedge Flex
  4. Flat Vs. Curved Golf Driver Face (chron.com) I was way off lol
  5. I think with how thin the face metal is, you are going to get some flex no matter the face shape. With a convex face, the inward flex isn't pulling the face metal - it is compressing it towards the edges of the face. A flat face flex would pull the metal into the driver head as it flexes, stretching it in a sense, and would be more prone to metal fatigue/cracks? I'm only assuming here lol
  6. I would think face curvature also helps with clubhead speed and face spring (which in turn helps ball speed)?
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