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  1. You can get on a list at RD Santa Ana. Got the last of the seven headed to RD in Seal Beach.
  2. I'm with RacerX. The offset was horrible on full shots for me so the no offset with straighter leading edge is welcomed. I just hope it feels more like their regular JAWS wedges.
  3. Contact Callaway to see when they’re traveling fitter is headed to in your area. Here in SoCal, Henry told me there hasn’t been enough advertising by shops that they have the two TD heads to demo. At noon a couple of Saturdays ago, I was his only appt. Went in there with a lot of skepticism since I was disappointed with their line. Walked out with a TD LS on order. More surprising, the stock MMT 60x outperformed my 2 exotic shafts I brought in. The numbers were just as good or better than my old faithful Epic Flash DD TC-serial but much more forgiving. So much so I’m ready to put my EF DD up f
  4. Wow, I've sent a few emails now to KBS asking if they will be offering a .355 tip but no response. Guess I'm going to have to go with a stability.
  5. In search of the best mat for a garage set up so ressurecting this thread.
  6. What, no .355 tip size?
  7. That’s what I wanted to hear. Looking forward to trying this out. Thanks!
  8. Interesting. So would you equate responsiveness to better feeling than the CT Tour? Can’t deny it the CT performs well but made my Byron GSS feel harsh and dead. I’d like the same performance but with some more feel.
  9. Few items for sale to fund some a new purchases. Thanks for looking and Happy New Year! - price includes shipping in the ConUS - not interested in trades Tour issue Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Double Diamond 8.5* | TC serial head | - pretty rare loft / head combo and in great condition. $OLD UST Mamaya Attas Coool 6x w/ Callaway tip | 44 1/4" from tip to grip butt | - in great condition and could be mistaken as new. $120 NS Pro Modus 3 105x shaft pulls | 4-PW | extended 1/4" | - too
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