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  1. Still can’t get passed that face but max appears to be deep faced
  2. Anyone know if he's testing the current line driver or the new stuff?
  3. Reminds me of the old JDM Honma or Kasko hybrids. I will definitely give a 19* try.
  4. Just two items for sale here. Not interested in any trades but reasonable offers welcome. Price includes shipping. Naked GSS Byron Morgan DH89 - bought this thinking it would be my last putter but who was I kidding. Barely used and could pass as new. The length was originally 35” but had it extended to 36”. I can include the original shaft Byron installed if needed. $OLD Tour issued Callaway Super Hybrid (TC serial) w/ Tensei Orange 80HY S-flex graphite shaft - well used but rare TC serial head. I don’t believe they made too many of these as they are hard to find. Love this club but just moved onto a traditional 3w. $OLD pin 10/4
  5. You can get on a list at RD Santa Ana. Got the last of the seven headed to RD in Seal Beach.
  6. I'm with RacerX. The offset was horrible on full shots for me so the no offset with straighter leading edge is welcomed. I just hope it feels more like their regular JAWS wedges.
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