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  1. The Speeder TR is my favorite Fuji shaft but look forward to the new Evo VII. I love to try different shafts but always return to the TR which I believe is an older "recipe" with updated materials. Just finished experimenting with the Ventus Black and although it's a fantastic shaft developed by the Carlsbad team, I'm back with the TR.
  2. Anyone happen to know the tip diameter for the DHY? Never mind, found it (.370).
  3. Yes, thump 90. Guessing the DHY was designed for a lighter shaft and maybe why heavier shafts are SW'ing close to C7-C8. Will definitely look into both the GOST and KBS hybrid shaft. Thanks for the suggestions.
  4. I have a SIM DHY and don't care for the Thump hybrid shaft in it. Would you recommend the Ventus hybrid shaft or go with the Fuji Pro95 graphite shaft which I have in my irons?
  5. Great, looking forward to your thoughts. Was wondering if a hybrid shaft would be good or standard long iron shaft.
  6. Ok, starting to think the Diamana Thump shaft is part of the reason for the lack luster feel of these new driving irons. I first had the SIM UDI and now the SIM DHY with the same Thump shaft. Really dead feeling and no feel. Before I spend anymore money on this thing, did anyone find a better shaft that worked for them in this thing? Since I have Fuji Pro95 graphite shafts in my irons, thinking of giving this a try in the DHY. Also had to throw on some lead tape to see if a heavier SW would help (and it did). Just looks crappy on there. Anyone notice a trajectory change switching
  7. Where did you order your weight from? Any SIM fairway metal weight will fit?
  8. Definitely clacky like you mentioned Cody. Not quite clicky and not quite a buttery forged feel either. The last driving iron I had was a Mizuno FliHi and recall it had a much better feel.
  9. Yeah, my UDI looks super sexy but not so impressed. I ordered the DHY with the same Thump shaft and hope it will be better.
  10. A lot cleaner and closest to how it was before the initial change. Keep it up!
  11. Great to hear. Been on the fence about trying the black but now going to do it. Just unsure about the flex. Did you find the black 6x to be stiffer than the blue 6x?
  12. Thank you for your suggestion, J13. If I wanted a lower flight, Would 105s hard stepped route be the better option? TX worries me a little because I recall the TX being firmer than the X in MCA driver lines.
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