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  1. He carried the ball 249 on the 16th. Do they really change speed that much from hole to hole? I didn’t see much wind affecting the ball on either hole.
  2. Didn’t see it being mentioned here. The Swedish golf site Svenskgolf (http://www.svenskgolf.se/artiklar/artiklar/20170830/fotbollsstjarnans-forsta-rond-72-poang-fran-54-till-45-pa-en-manad/ ) reports that a 19 y.o. football player has become a 4,5 HC after playing 1 month! His first round on 19th of June, got him 72 point (stableford) and he played from white tees and scored -1 four weeks later. The article states that he is very long and in the top three longest drivers in the club. There is no mention of if he has picked up a club earlier in his life, but it would be very interesting to hear him talk about his technique. I will assume that it’s not overly technical... Anyone else seen anyone pick up this game this fast?
  3. Remember this guy? https://www.google.no/amp/s/www.golfdigest.com/story/a-pro-golfer-is-halfway-to-cashing-in-millions-on-the-greatest-golf-bet-ever/amp That’s probably the closest anyone has ever been, especially when three of the bets were very long shots. And Fowler ending nr. 5 in the open as well...
  4. Steph Curry just shot 74, 74 on web.com. He is a scratch player and Augusta probably plays 4-5 shots harder than that course. So 80 should be possible.
  5. Here is a fact: Jordan Spieths scoring average in college in 2012 was 70.92, he also played 5 event on the PGA tour that season and had a scoring average of 70.639. If the PGA tour is so much harder than what the rest of the course we play, shouldn't there be a difference the other way? Almost every good player who comes on tour from college takes the "challenge" with ease (Rahm being the latest player to do so). I know they are world class and plays a whole other game than us, but I do think playing on the PGA tour gives you an easier game than many here thinks. The setup with no lost balls, hard and fast fairways for extra roll and perfect fast greens makes up for many of the harder problems they face.
  6. The biggest reason I can see is the globalization of golf. I don't think the PGA tour had that many viewers outside of USA in the 90ths and early 2000 (?), but now they are attracting viewers from from the whole world. And even though less people are watching in America, more people are watching from the rest of the world to make up for the decline. Which leads to more revenue and therefore more money for the players. And economic inflation yields more money. And of course the Tiger effect ;)
  7. I feel the Rory boycot need to stop, he is 6th and we have seen 4 shots from him?? Not even showing his birdies and 18 hole?
  8. What kind of madness is this? 15 y.o. Struggle to break 100? Do you really think the best 15 y.o. In America betters his game with 6 strokes a year, to shoot 70 when they are 20? And we had a 14 y.o. kid who made the cut. Look at Karl Filips, crazy talented 14 y.o., hits it 300 yards and is +3 or something like that and wins tournaments for college students.
  9. I recently made this swing change and I've seen more consistent contact, stronger flight and workability. My only swing thoughts now, are simply just using my lead side, swinging hard and keeping my trail heel "planted" at impact. This keeps My right knee from blocking my clubpath. The weight isn't planted it's still moving left. This is a swingers swing. Keeping the right side out of it allows for it to extend through impact properly. With golf, no position should ever feel forced. Majority of RH golfers who slice, need to just take the right side completely out of play. Are you me?? Exactly the same as I have done and have the same effect. Gone from weak fades to much longer draws. Same swing thought as you, the only thing I need to think about is getting weight more on the heels at setup (to make it easier to have the left heel planted at impact.) Using a bit of Malaska theory of "throwing" the left arm close to the body also stops me from coming over the top.
  10. Is there a reason why YouTube is streaming this tournament? Is it something they will continue with?
  11. Wow !!!! really? That is amazing... The effect is not guaranteed :) but I could not aim or trust the line at all, so I don't think I made a put over 3 m for the first half of the season. Kept hitting greens like a motherfocker, but when my 9 y.o. son outputted me, I would almost rather chip than put the ball. Tried it on a whim and started to actually capitalize on my fairly good GIRs immediately.
  12. If everything else fails you should check out Montes Voodoo putting. I have tried to describe it in an other topic, but people thought I was disrespecting Monte for giving his tip away for free. But he describes it in his short game video. The video is great for a lot of other tips, so you should check it out regardless. I went from having 38-40 puts to 29-34 using that method. And went from 7 to 4,5 I hc last year. It's extremely easy to learn and I still don't know why it works as good as it does.
  13. It seems like so many of you are a bit down on the FedExCup, but the last tournament last year was the most exciting tournament I have watched in a loooong time. Even more than the "breakdown" of Spieth in the Masters and the incredible duel in the open. And it was the perfect end to the season So I hope they keep the format the same going forward.
  14. The tigertracker Twitter account has him on -3 after inne holes. Two eagles and a bogey. Hitting very good irons. And short game is solid. A lot of wind makes the course fairly difficult.
  15. If you watch the Be better video he specifically shows how it also works for the 5-15 hc wipe slicer.
  16. Here is my concern, in my rounds I usually use my 7 to SW 80% of the time (taking putter and driver out of the equation), I only use stronger clubs on a couple of par 3 holes and as a second shot in par 5 holes. Doesn't this make almost every shot harder than they need to be (since using a longer club makes it harder to make good contact with the ball). Wouldn't it be better to have standard sizes from 7 to SW and then keep 6-5-4 the same length as 7 iron to make those clubs easier to hit?
  17. Don't think Monte even uses it in tournaments (looking at his video log from be better golf), so there probably isn't anyone else. Mcilroy probably should ;)
  18. Well then my memory must be very off if what I am doing is completely different. This was how I remembered the technique was, but I'll look it up tomorrow, to see how I am confusing people here.
  19. It gives the feel of distance, and line for me . I usually take my practice stroke as I'm looking at ball then hole. I find that walking straight up to ball with those final visuals makes me roll the ball with great pace. I have stopped doing practice strokes, so my time on the greens is extremely short now :) It gives the feel of distance, and line for me . I usually take my practice stroke as I'm looking at ball then hole. I find that walking straight up to ball with those final visuals makes me roll the ball with great pace. I have stopped doing practice strokes, so my time on the greens is extremely short now :)
  20. Then you aren't using the technique. Well I do think I am close enough, and for me this method works. And I look at the hole and the ball when I walk towards it.
  21. I do not read anything any more. I just position myself on point c, and then walk towards the ball. That's why I don't know how it works.. but for me it's been a revelation :) Edit: My point c is closer to the ball than the hole, so I come to the hole more perpendicular (if that's the right word).
  22. it's very easy, but a bit hard to explain. You position yourself like this. the ball is point a, the hole is point b, and you are point c in a triangle. You stand on the side which makes it so that you can just walk towards the ball and be positioned so that you aim towards the hole. I find it best if I am about half the length of the put away from line a,b before I approach the ball. From point c, you just walk towards the ball and look at the ball/hole. When you reach your ball, you put the putter down and put the ball.
  23. It's been a long time since I watched the video, so that is probably true. But I do need to watch where the ball is in order to get me in the right position to put, so I don't think I am that far of :)
  24. Monte talked about this voodoo putting in the short game video he made a couple of years ago, and I thought it was a funny, but a little wacky technique that I didn't really pay attention to then. Fast forward to this year and I have been atrocious on the green, using between 36 and 40 puts on average, and being a 5 hc that really puts the pressure on my long game. So after a round where I missed the hole by a yard from 6-7 yards out (with no break :( ) I didn't know what to do. I remembered the voodoo putting Monte talked about and just gave it a chance on the next round, and holy crap does this work, I have no idea why, but aiming is incredibly accurate, and the best thing is it works on any distance. In my last 4 rounds I have made more long puts than combined all this year. The second round I played with it I shot my first 72 round, and my latest round I finally got under 30 puts (13 on front and 16 on back) and that was on a course I have never played before. The technique is: you never aim behind the ball, but instead you just stand facing the hole and the ball from the downside and just walk up to the ball while you look at the hole. That is all. If your aim is a bit of I really recommend checking it out. How it works I have no idea, but I am riding this high as long is I can :)
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