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  1. Monte.....is that video shoot publicly available?
  2. I suspect most AM's need a steeper angle of attack when the ball is on the ground. I don't know about the speed issue. I know that when Mac was on the Tour he was in the top 10 in distance but I don't know if he was anchoring left back then.
  3. It's got to make you wonder if it makes so much sense for chipping in moving low point forward why doesn't the same set up not make sense for the full swing (S&T).
  4. I watched the Be Better Golf video of you in the Long Beach Open from a few years ago. You said afterward you thought you were too steep but then corrected that but you were taking some pretty healthy divots.
  5. I've struggled with this for a long time. I've intermittingly pulled and then threw with somewhat consistent results. Tony Finau said in an article this past year that he didn't want to feel one arm moving faster than the other. This, to me, is like having two intents.....I don't know if I'm capable of that.
  6. John.......do you not accept the hitter vs swinger theory?
  7. I have a very good friend who is (was-now retired) the Director of Golf at Casa de Campo.
  8. Here we go......another attack on a poster that has contributed a lot. What's wrong with you guys?
  9. PING G400 Max - Atmos Tour Spec Red - STaylorMade Sim Max Titanium 15* 3-WOOD - Diamana - STitleist 818 H2 19*. Tensei black 90g - STitleist 818 H1 21* Atmos Tour Spec Blue - SAdams Idea Tech V4 5H 25* ProLaunch Blue 75 HY x-stiffAdams Idea Tech V4 6H 28* ProLaunch Blue 75 HY x-stiffAdams Idea Tech V4 7H 32* ProLaunch Blue 75 HY x-stiffTitleist AP2 716 8i 37* KBS Tour STitleist AP2 716 9i 42* KBS Tour SCleveland RTX-4 mid-bounce 46* DG s-400Cleveland RTX-4 mid-bounce 50* DG s-400Cleveland RTX-4 full-sole 56* DG s-400Cleveland RTX-4 low-bounce 60* DG s-400Odyssey Works Versa Tank 1W (bent to 76
  10. What I like about the above McNary video is how smoothly he coasts/surfs to his lead side while keeping the left shoulder down. A real eye opener for those of us that like to drop that right shoulder and aggressively slide the left hip.
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