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  1. Already made the trip and played a course that I played back in the 70's in the Carolinas Open--Pine Lakes International--it was cheap, close to our hotel, and I thought it was a nice course--maybe not on the level of the Strantz courses but it was fun and a pretty good challenge. Thanks for all the input.
  2. so is there a group that I can play with on Sunday this weekend?
  3. Alright obviously I dont have any idea what Im doing here--I plan on being in Myrtle Beach this weekend and am looking for a game on Sunday the 24th of May. Anyone need a 4th--I was thinking of playing Caldonia--any input would be appreciated--thanks--CW
  4. I am currently living in Pinehurst NC--My wife and I are thinking about moving to Middletown area to be closer to kids in southern NJ. Looking for course membership recommendations in this area--looking at Back Creek/St Anne's. Any input would be appreciated--Thanks--CW
  5. I am not sure where to go to ask this question--At this point I am not advertising for sale but have a question. I am good friends with PGA pro Don Padgett II. He has some things that belonged to his father Don Padgett. Included are money clips from various PGA championships and Ryder Cups as well as unused umbrellas also from these events. Does anyone have any interest in purchasing any or all of these items? If so please message me and we can arrange for pics. Thanks--CW
  6. So far I am not patient enough to let any pictures download--very slow--cant see date that classified was started--doesnt seem very well organized--dont know whether I am looking at new posts or old ones--dissapointing so far for me. Will probably stop looking every day like I usually do. Been a member for a long time and dont want to stop perusing each morning but dont get the same satisfaction I used to.
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