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  1. Diamana ZF 70TX plays 45" with Taylormade tip installed, brand new tour velvet cord midsize grip - $250 shipped Tensei PO 60TX plays 45" with Taylormade tip installed, brand new tour wrap midsize grip - $180 shipped
  2. For sale are the following, prices include shipping within continental US.1) TS3 9.5 with even flow 75s Head sold, shaft available for $652) 917f2 15 degree head $703) KBS C-Taper Lite 110S pulls 4-GW (8 total) $150 These shafts were never played and came direct from Titleist, 7 and 8 irons were cut to play 37 and 36.5”, the remaining shafts are +2” from standard to allow butt trim to preferred length. Tips prepped and ready to go.4) 13 golf pride MCC+4 Midsize pulls, played approximately 5 rounds, $old
  3. Selling brand new pair of retro Nike wingtips in original box. Size 9.5 wide, but fits closer to regular. Awesome quality and feels similar to current FJ icon series. Includes both soft spikes and original metal spikes. $80 shipped
  4. Would probably look at mevo plus in that price range. SkyTrak does not have a good history of working outdoors in sunlight.
  5. MCP_2013

    Vokey SM8

    The wedge selector tool is suggesting the D grind in both 54 and 58. I currently play the 58D in SM7 and really like it, but does it make sense having both wedges in same grind and bounce?
  6. Discount Dan's is a good option, but I try to support my local pro shop to the extent I can. Worth a little extra for the high quality service.
  7. I'd second the comment of looking into the KBS C-Taper, they have a wide variety of flex options including in between R+ and S+. These would be a good option if looking to lower flight.
  8. These look nice, but will likely be unloaded at the discount chains a year from now.
  9. Got mine yesterday and really like them. Was concerned on the squeaking based on comments in this thread but found that once the cardboard was out they don’t make any noise.
  10. Easy to learn, hardest part is learning to turn down the ferrules but there are plenty of resources available on here and youtube to guide you.
  11. Is it possible to install a ferrule or longer ferrule if it already has one?
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