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  1. Gotta give the kids some love he stands on the correct side of the ball
  2. I play the Prism field made for baseball outfield. so great for seeing a white ball in the air and the grass. I like it better them the prim golf lenses light and dark. It is a a great everyday lense
  3. I said the same thing, in 09 when Watson lost the Open he deserved to win. Congrats to Cink he played very well the first two days and he played well on the weekend, but just didn't drain as many putts. Cink's little tap in routine is scary, he looks like he has the zips from 3 feet on in.
  4. Give yourself a break, he switched teachers and as good as he is, switching teachers is big,
  5. The only thing wrong with 11 is the path/clearing on the right side. They need to plant some tree's down that, you should not reward a bad miss on one side with a huge free opening to the green.
  6. Xander just can't get out of his own way. Water on 16 ug !!
  7. Spieth lamenting the triple bogey. Nobody wins the Masters with a triple bogey.
  8. How do Faldo's Squares golf shoes not make the commercial cut or the Hammer driver ?
  9. I love watching this afternoon. I think this thing is wide open. Hideki played amazing after the break and landed a lot of balls near the pin, but in the regular conditions he was only 4 under, after the delay when the greens were much slower and you could land the ball near the pin he excelled but that does not guarantee he can do that again tomorrow. Although getting Xander in the last group helps a lot, Xander is not intimidating anyone. Should be a great sunday finish.
  10. Clubber Land Dechambeau called him a paper champion and asked his women is she wanted a real man, Seriously he switched coaches during season. If he had done that in December or January nobody would have noticed. He will be fine, he just need to get the eye of the tiger back
  11. Gonna be a wild weekend with Spieth back into contention,
  12. The absolute best thing about today, was the look of relief on his wife's face.
  13. I think Jordan is trending and will compete, but Patrick Cantlay is my pick to win
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