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  1. A Pro told me that the 2019 T200 irons are more forgiving than the 2021 version, also the offset and weight shifting. He told me that the new T200 plays similar like the T100s
  2. Iron shafts! AMT Tour White R300, S300, X100 Low AMT Black R300, S300 Mid AMT Red R300, S300 High Fubuki MV IR L, A, R, S High Tensei AV Red AM2 L, A, R, S High Project X 6.0 Low Project X LZ 6.0 Low/Mid Tensei AV Blue AM2 R, S Mid/High Tensei AV White AM2 S, X Low/Mid CNCPT Custom Fit
  3. Some more.... T100/T100s Body Construction - 3i-7i spring steel. cavity back / 8i-W carbon steel, cavity back T200 Body Construction - 2i-7i hight-strength, cast body / 8i-9i two-piece cast body/face / P-W one-piece cast body7face T300 4i-7i high strenght, cast body w/max impact / 81-W one-piece cast body/face U505 stainless steel, hollow body
  4. From the Titleist Fall 2021 clubs brochure. - T100/T100s - Fully forged Dual Cavity Featured shaft - Project X LZ - T200 - Cast body/Forged Face Insert True Temper AMT Black / Tensai AV Blue AM2 - T300 - Cast body/Cast Face True Temper AMT Red / MRC Tensei AV Red AM2 - U505 - Cast body/Forged Face Insert HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX HYB 80 T400, 620CB, 620MB and the CNCPT irons are still listed in the brochure.
  5. Has anyone compared the the TSI2 Driver with 10° and 11° ? Is only the ball flight higher or do you gain more distance! My ss is about 90-95. Is the 11° more forgiving?
  6. I play a set of T200 iron 5-PW and a AP1716 4 iron. I`m thinking to replace the 4 iron into a U510 with 22° and the 5.5 regular Hzrdus smoke shaft. I know this is a driving and i have also a TS2 19° hybrid in my bag. Which one is more forgiving?
  7. The T400 iron looks very good. If you like a very forgiving iron from Titleist go with the AP1 718 or wait until T400 is on the market. Had the T300 in my hand and i can say that this one is one of the ugliest iron. I am a long time AP2 player since many years and switched to the T200. Very forgiving, a forged face and longer than all the AP2s i had.
  8. Did anyone tried the Titleist U510 Driving iron 3 or 4 with a lighter shaft? The Hzrdus smoke shaft feels harsh for me, think about a Recoil 65 for example or other lighter shaft with a mid/high launch.
  9. I had all Titleist hybrids and would say that the 818h1 and the TS2 is more forgiving, longer and hard to hook like the older hybrids.
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