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  1. I am going to be in the Dallas area and want to get a shaft fitting for my Driver. I'm fine with my driver head (epic flash). But I want to try some of the upgraded shafts! Where I live the big box stores never have the top of the line shafts and I want to try some of the best shafts to see if I can find some extra distance, not worried if the shaft cost 3-500 Bucks I just wanna place that has lots of options and will do an extensive fitting. thanks in advance
  2. I am looking at getting one of the 500 dollar ish launch monitors? I realize These are not as accurate has the high dollar ones but I want one that can give me the most accurate information as well as most information for my dollar? What would everyone recommand, I have been looking at the Rapsodo?? thanks
  3. I recently did a putter fitting and was told I need a putter that has a toe hang of 60 degrees, I have no idea what this means. If im shopping online how do I find out what the toe hang is and could someone give me some examples of the putter im looking for. It also says for the shaft it should be single shaft?? thanks for any help
  4. I am looking to lower my ball flight with my Epic Flash subzero, can someone explain this adaptor to me. I am left handed so don't know if they make a green dot adaptor in lefty but from what I am reading I can lower the loft by 2 Degrees?? Also I have a fade so would this open the club face open more, Id love to 2 degrees lower but keep the face angle the same. Any help would be great. thanks
  5. Any solid training aids out that that can truly help with casting and early release, I have really struggled this year with casting and hitting behind the ball.
  6. Really Looking at purchasing one of these, my question is, is the upgraded putter shafts worth the money or just go with the stock shaft? Looking for anyone who has tried these putters with the upgraded shafts. thanks
  7. I have played the Alpha for the past 4 years and had great results, I recently tried the Ventus and it felt great as well. I was wondering if a shaft expert could tell me the similarities and differences in these shafts? My swing speed is right around 100, I was fitted for the alpha 4 years ago and have not been fitted since. Thank you in advance
  8. I still game this driver and have the Fubuki Alpha shaft, I hit the ball great but tend to hit it extremely high. I am looking for a shaft that would feel very close to the Alpha but bring the flight down. Thanks in advance for any help
  9. Will this shaft fit in an SLDR head? thanks
  10. I had an epic crack within the first two weeks, callaway replaced and its been fine since I got the new one
  11. The love the Orange whip to get loose on the first tee
  12. First of all I am left handed, I game a SLDR 430 10.5 driver with a Diamana whiteboard shaft. Swing speed is right around 100. I really struggle with spin as you can tel by my set up, I am really wanting to find a more forgiving head but everything I have tried just spins way to much. I have tried all the Taylormade drivers and the spin is way up. They do not make the M1 in 430 so that isn't an option. Does anyone have any ideas?? I get great distance with the sldr when hit usually round 270, but when the sweet spot isn't hit I really suffer 220-230 yards! Wanna find a driver where I
  13. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the difference between the True Temper Speedstep 85 shafts that come stock in Callaway Xhots and the true Temper XP 95. Basically which ones will launch Higher? Guessing weight is similar but anything else major difference? Would it be worth the upgrade to the XP's Thanks in advance
  14. Has anyone hit this? How does it compare to the Callway Xhot, I have had this 3 wood for a few years and hit it very good but always interested if a club can out perform the other. I realize I can go to a golfstore and test, but I don't live real close to any golf shops that carry left handed equipment for demo. Is it worth the money, I know this club is getting a lot of hype but is it worth it or just Taylormade building it up? thanks
  15. I have been gaming this shaft for three years after I was fit for this shaft with the SLDR 430 head. I love this head and don't really wanna upgrade my driver but am thinking of just upgrading the shaft. I am looking at the Fubuki J as an upgrade? Anyone compared these, would I be better off Fubuki K? I am a big fan of Fubuki shafts so any help would be great.
  16. I currently game the SLDR 430 head I like it but not in Love. I would like to find another 430cc in left hand, does anyone know any brands that make this size left handed? 430 is much better than 460 for my swing and decreasing spin!
  17. x2 Hot is the best Iron I have owned, tried all the 2015 irons nothing comes close to this beast. Launches high and is easily a club farther than my previous irons ( G20)
  18. 9* SLDR 430 Fubuki Alpha 15* X Hot 3 wood Fubuki Alpha 19* 24* Titliest 910H Diamana Kaili 6-AW X2 Hot Steel Shafts Vokey 55 & 60 Scotty X5 37 inch
  19. I really love my Winn Excel grips, problem is when it rains. I have tried rain gloves ( foot joy, nike). Neither helped at all. Has anyone had any luck with any gloves that work on excel grips in the rain??
  20. I currently game a Razr Fit with a Diamana Whiteboard 65 stiff flex, I like my driver but still goes extremely high and into the wind it gets eaten up pretty good. Would the SLDR be the ticket for me Or something else? Thanks
  21. Is the Ping G2 Driver maxed out on .COR or was this head made before all driver heads were maxed out?
  22. I bought the weight kit which I know helps with moving the ball left and right. But my question is will adding weight to either side make the ball flight go higher or lower?
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