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  1. Crazy because I have the exact opposite results with the MMC. I haven't tried the Apex, but the MMC's are really long for me (1-1.5 club length) compared to my CB57 gamers. They're only 2 degree stronger in most clubs, but the face has to be a lot hotter. I'm planning on bending them weak because they're creating a massive gap in the back end of my bag. I love how easy they are to hit though. Both have $ taper shafts.
  2. When your swing is off, Miura irons will make you question if golf is worth playing. When your swing is on, not much is more rewarding than flushing these irons. If you have the time to put into your swing, then you'll love playing them over the long haul. Then imagine how much better a ball striker you'll be when you eventually go back to clubs with technology in them.
  3. I've been playing the CB57's for years and have had a few sets of them. They're not forgiving at all in comparison to similar style clubs with some technology in them (MMC, JPX Pro, IBlade), but what they are is consistent. I never get flyers unless it's rough induced and my mishits all tend to be short of target instead of long. That's comforting to me when going for a green 190 yards out or with trouble long. I'm not sure how much longer I'll be playing them. The eye is starting to wander towards more forgiveness.
  4. Poll for the board: HoE or Prairie Landing? I haven't played either before. Prairie looks more dramatic from the road.
  5. I know it was 2020, but they were slammed last year at twilight. Even Friday nights were packed. Hopefully that changes. Welcome to the area, btw.
  6. I haven't been there since the remodel, but have stood in 2 inches of piss many times at Wrigley. It was a s*** hole. Worst part was the sight lines. The steel support columns blocking the batter from view and watching the game above my head on tv.
  7. Looking for an inexpensive set 3-p or 4-p. Stiff (5.5-6.0 if PX) Not a fan of DG shafts, but a lighter weight might be ok. Standard length up to + 1/2" Lie doesn't matter so long as it's not extreme in either direction greater than +/- 2 degrees.
  8. Going to take a few days away from the course. Yard work, motorcycle, and kid's softball games to keep me occupied before getting back in full force by Wednesday. BUT, if I can't correct these issues by July, I'm giving all my stuff away and buying a bass boat.
  9. this is where I am. I’ll start a backswing with my driver and stop because I forgot how to do it! Everything feels wrong. It’s like the muscle memory left me.
  10. Thanks. By no means was I a great player, but I could get around and not embarrass myself. I’m trying to have fun, but it’s getting frustrating.
  11. Has anyone ever ‘lost’ their swing? I had a nice nine holes last week, but besides that I’m playing like garbage. 2 way miss with the driver, thin irons, fat wedges, occasional hosel rocket just for laughs. I feel like Chuck Knoblauch.
  12. Yes, Tim is still there, but he told me there's a new "Super" I didn't ask anything further. I walked the front nine again today. Colder and a pretty lousy +9 score made it a little less enjoyable. I snapped a shot of the sand: edit- never mind. It's not letting me post a picture.
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